Dreams Related To Body

Dismembered body

Dreaming about seeing a dismembered body often is a negative sign. It could reveal some impendent unfortunate or unfavorable event or circumstance. The situation would be very upsetting and disturbing. It could make you feel that you had lost something that was very important for you, such as a person, a material possession or a dream. You would stay distressed and anxious for a considerable amount of time.

Body sweating

Dreaming about observing yourself sweat and your body becoming soaked in transpiration could reveal misfortune. You may be fighting against powerful, negative and prejudicial circumstances, people or forces. It would be very demanding and difficult to lead your life in the presence of such interferences.

A wounded body

Dreaming about watching your own or someone else's wounded body could symbolize a pessimistic attitude. It is possible that you see yourself and others as physically flawed and imperfect. This judgement would not accurately translate the actual physical aspect of the world. That is, you tend to undervalue your own or others’ physical appearance. You could be seeing the worst in people first, whether or not that was a truthfull personal evaluation of yourself and others.

Bandaged body

Dreaming about seeing your own or someone else's body bandaged or tied up in ropes bears truly positive connotations. It suggests that the person in the dream would be blessed with longevity, good fortune, health and prosperity.

Rotting body parts

The vivid imagery of rotting body parts or a decaying corpse reveals that you are having trouble putting a label on a certain emotion you are experiencing in wake life. Whatever situation you are in is probably emotionally charged, but you may not have a clear reading on what you are feeling. The only way to get to the bottom of this situation is to take a step back and really meditate on each of your thoughts and feelings until something comes to the surface of your conscious mind.

Body gaining weight

Dreaming about observing or feeling your body getting fatter could be a symbol of upcoming wealth. You could be about to experience a significant improvement in your financial situation. This especially applies to non-excessive fat. On the other hand, the dream would bear a negative or unfavorable meaning if it involved becoming obese or too fat to easily move yourself about. In this case, the dream could represent a detrimental obsession. You would be excessively focusing your efforts, attention, expectations or desires upon some person, project or circumstance. To your disadvantage, you would disregard everything but this aspect of your life.

Body covered with insects

Dreaming about seeing your body covered with insects could symbolize unexpected wealth. It is possible that you would soon inherit a significant amount of money or receive a financial subsidy or bonus from an unforeseen source. An alternative interpretation suggests that the dream symbolizes a quick health recovery. That is, if you were recently sick or suffer from some ailment, you would soon be healed and healthy.

Washing your body

Dreaming of seeing yourself washing your body or its parts usually could translate an auspicious ability for problem-solving. It reveals that you most likely will get rid of or find adequate and successful solutions for your current worries, problems and hazards. This would enable you to move forward with your life.

Scars on the body

Dreaming about seeing scars, especially healed ones, on your body could translate some emotional trauma or shock. You could have been emotionally and deeply hurt by some event or person. The dream suggests that you have not overcome this gloomy and painful memory and it still disturbs you. It is also possible that you have been forced to re-live such trauma due to some recent event. By resolving the impact of this incident upon you, you might become able to move on.

Body bowing or kneeling

Dreaming about bowing or kneeling before someone, or observing yourself doing so, commonly is an auspicious symbol. This especially applies if the other person was an elder. It could translate upcoming happiness, luck, health, success or prosperity. In the dream, you would be thanking your good fortune.

Body losing weight

Dreaming about seeing yourself lose some body weight could be a forewarning. You could be about to experience some difficulties and problems. These issues would result from your frugal nature. In particular, your frugality would manifest itself in your interpersonal relationships. You would tend to treat others in a thrifty and stingy manner. Retaliations and discontent could follow. For women, this dream could reveal upcoming and unfounded meanness, aggressiveness or blaming. These unfair actions would be committed by people who are very close to you.

A floating dead body and snakes

I have seen a human body floating (maybe dead) in a water body and a long white snake goes through that body and gone. Then many snakes of different sizes and colors suddenly appear.

The snakes in the water reveal your dissatisfaction about the current flow of your existence. Perhaps you dream of a better circumstance or lifestyle that you could be living and this makes your deeply disappointed. Unfortunately, the body floating in the water represents your passivity. You may not be doing anything proactive to change your situation. As such, your attitude and lack of initiative would further contribute to the dissatisfaction and stagnation you could be feeling at the moment.

Body filling up with water

I had a dream that my body was filling up with water feet to my head.

Water in dreams is closely related to emotions as well as consciousness in general. Seeing your body filling up with water in your dream likely predicts a possible emotional breakdown. You may be suppressing a lot of negative emotions and a lack of outlet is making all those feelings pile up inside of you. It could reach a point when you could become completely overwhelmed resulting in an outburst. You may need to calm yourself down and reduce the stress in your day-to-day life in order to avoid making regrettable decisions.

Body covered with white clothes

Dreaming of seeing your body covered with or draped in white clothes could be a sign of treason. It is possible that someone is conjuring a plot against you, behind you back. This is not necessarily someone you know. Their conspiracy would have significant negative consequences upon you and your life. Thus, the dream acts as a warning. You should prevent the unfolding of any intrigue, lie or deceitful action as soon as you spot them.

Insects crawling out of the body

Dreaming about being able to see swarms of insects crawling out of your body could reveal the start of a new project or job. This especially applies if you knew in this dream that the body was stricken with illness. This novel activity would be linked to the transportation business. Alternatively, it could involve frequent traveling for long periods of time.

Changes in body for better

Dreaming about desired and favoring improvements of your physical appearance, such as growing hair when you are bold, has positive connotations. It could reveal that you are currently undergoing a positive stage in your life. Some life-changing events would take place and bring you considerable advantages and benefits. These changes could affect any aspect of your life, such as physical, emotional, professional and material. For example, your quality of life could improve immensely. Alternatively, it could symbolize upcoming success, balance and satisfaction.

Body enormous in size

Dreaming about seeing a gigantic, outsized or enormous body could translate upcoming improvements. For example, you could be about to be promoted or receive a prize or social recognition for some past achievement. You could also find some better-paid position, a more profitable business or an unexpectedly successful project.

Body in shackles

Dreaming about having or seeing your or someone else's body in shackles or chained is an unfavorable presage. It is often associated with the notions of illness, poor health, disorders of various sorts and consequent suffering and low quality of life. This predicament could affect you or someone close to you.

Missing a body part

Missing a body part in the dream realm often refers to loss in reality. In most cases, it sheds light on the loss of a loved one whose presence was once an integral part of your existence. Perhaps the missing limb is a metaphor for the feeling of missing this individual and wishing they were here. All you can do is reflect on the good times you shared together and tell others about their legacy so their story never dies.

Body being taken over by some force

It was like something was taking over my body and I couldn't breathe.

Dreaming about or experiencing a feeling of being unable to breathe is related to being limited in abilities, feeling overwhelmed or depressed in waking life, which could result from a particular situation or a relationship with someone. If you could not breathe or felt breathless while dreaming, it could also mean that you are lacking something or someone important or in a great need of its or their presence.

Unusual body transformations

I coughed blood and out of it came to my heart, still pumping. A scorpion bursts out from it and chopped off my head with its claws, and later a lion's head grew back to replace mine and my heart was replaced by fire.

Scorpions represent vengeance and betrayal. Thus, dreaming about a scorpion bursting out of the heart you coughed out likely predicts betrayal from a loved one, possibly a romantic partner. After this two-faced individual gains your trust and affection, he or she would leave you in a state of devastation. Fortunately, you are a resilient individual with the courage of a lion and a fiery heart. You would emerge stronger and wiser after such a traumatic experience.

Your own body

Dreaming about observing your own body is a positive symbol. It can foretell an upcoming marriage or engagement. Such relationship would be harmonious, fulfilling and satisfactory. Alternatively, the dream could reveal existing worries and anxieties about your relationship with your family or household members. This particularly applies to dreams that involve observing your own internal organs, and anatomical or physiological constitution.

Detached body parts

The image of detached body parts may seem rather gruesome or disturbing, but it actually has a rather positive meaning according to the analysis of Jung. In general, it is considered a lucky or happy sign, however, the exact body parts you envisioned could provide a more precise interpretation.

Swapping bodies with someone

I was a soldier in the future with a female teammate. We both entered this machine that allowed us to have an out of body experience and fight an unknown alien force (never saw what they looked like)in that form somehow. When we were done we returned back to the bodies, but I was stuck in her body and she was stuck in mine. I then had 2 seizures before recovering. Then the alien force we were fighting came back and was burning the city down while I was running around in her body fighting the enemy off. I then woke up screaming thinking I still had a weapon.

Dreaming about being among or one of military people like soldiers or troops could symbolize upcoming news. In the dream, you had a teammate and were fighting an alien - an unknown, strange enemy. This could suggest that the news is about an upcoming struggle with some unfamiliar force, problem or influence. The out-of-the-body experience could reveal the need for extraordinary strength to overcome these difficulties you could be facing. Yet, you may be supported during your battle, given the presence of your friend in the dream. The return of the alien force and the seizures you had are the signs of exhaustion when first attempting to deal with the problems, but your friend or friends would encourage and support you to continue your pursuit. The symbol of fire is often very positive, speaking of transformation, renewal and new beginnings. Overall, this suggests that there exists some impeding or current difficult issue to overcome, which will leave you emotionally drained. The outcome will probably be some significant and favorable change or transformation, one which may be related to yourself, your present life or issues you could be facing at the moment or are about to experience.

Having a colonoscopy

I had a dream the other night that I had to get a colonoscopy and I had no anesthesiology and was totally awake for it. I do have stomach issues and have had a colonoscopy before btw.

Dreaming of medical exams or procedures typically reflects the dreamer's real-world anxieties about their well-being. Perhaps your fears and concerns about your digestive issues are bleeding into your subconscious and exacerbating your apprehensions. Sometimes, too, it can be your mind's way of allowing you to confront your fears in a safe environment to give you the courage to face it in the real world. Maybe you have been ignoring or neglecting your health lately and your subconscious is reminding you to take preventive action to avoid further complications.

Unable to move the body

My body is very heavy. I can't move my body, but my mind is fully awake and aware of what is going on around me.

Dreaming that your body is too heavy to move even while your mind is alert and active suggests you currently hold two ideas or beliefs that are opposed to each other. In a sense, your body is weighed down by the irrational, opposing thoughts that cloud your mind. This type of vision is commonly seen when someone thinks a certain action is fine for them but not for everyone else. For example, if you drive over the speed limit because you are late for an event it is justifiable, but if someone else is speeding then they are a bad driver. This vision should be taken as a sign that you need to re-evaluate some of your notions and maintain a more rational, open-minded point of view.

Changes in body for worse

Dreaming about observing yourself undergoing some undesired or disadvantageous body changes, such as becoming out of shape or discovering new imperfections, often is a negative sign. It could translate an unsuccessful and unhappy life stage. It could also reveal the occurrence of unpleasant, undermining and unfavorable events. These would create obstacles and difficulties in some domain of your life, such as professional, economic, emotional or personal affairs.

Negative comments about body weight

I have two dreams. I cannot remember the whole, but some parts of the dreams. I have been working on losing weight for some years now. When I lost about 35 pounds at first from 175lbs to 145lbs, my friends and family called and said all kinds of diminishing things like, you look ugly, you look like someone whose husband refused him food, etc. I gained 20lbs, which I am working on losing now. In my dream, one of the people commented on how thin I am, and I said "I don't care" and walked away.

In a dream vision, when other people comment on your weight, especially in the case of weight loss, it tends to predict difficulty with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. This seems to manifest itself literally in the vision, as you brush off other people's comments and walk away from the conversation. It may be the hostility you feel from your family concerning your weight, which brings out these feelings.

Having a first period

My dream was about having my first period and I didn't tell anyone.

Having your period in the dream world is often associated with worries or concerns that have manifested in waking life. Because this was your first period, it seems likely that this is a new issue that has only come about recently. Your reticence to tell anyone reflects much the same in reality, namely that you either do not like to rely on others or you are afraid of bothering those around you. It may be helpful, however, to allow others to share their experiences and knowledge with you so that you do not repeat their mistakes.

Body covered with scratches

Dreaming about seeing your body covered with scratches and bruises could be a wealth-related positive symbol. It is possible that you could soon become richer or have a significant improvement of your quality of life. Alternatively, it could translate financial wisdom. In this case, you would be able to move your funds about and find economic solutions for your living. In the end, such know-how would allow you to experience no financial difficulties whatsoever.

Injuring your body

Dreaming about injuring your body or physically hurting yourself could be a forewarning. Some nerve-wracking, dangerous or menacing situation could be unfolding. Alternatively, you could run into those circumstances by accident. Either way, you should expect it to negatively affect you, your life and your general well-being.

Worms and jewelry coming out of the body

I was with my eldest brother and my son, worms started coming up out of my arm. I was pulling them out. Then a while later more worms came out, they came from my bottom and the base of my spine. I also found some silver chain and locket pendants from inside my body. But the worms kept coming out of my lower arm and bottom area. I was putting them into plastic bags. One I put in a clear box, sellotaped up to show the doctor. Then I woke up.

Dreaming that worms are coming out from different orifices of the body reveals suppressed feelings and buried issues. Perhaps you have been holding in some secrets or neglecting to address certain issues, so your subconscious mind is looking for catharsis. In addition, pulling out worms from your rear or bottom points to the possibility of alienating your loved ones because of your control issues. You may tend to put on a wall between you and others in an attempt to keep your secrets safe. However, there is no shame in being vulnerable as long as it is with someone you trust.

Someone's body

Dreaming about someone else's body bears favorable connotations. You could currently or soon face a menacing and difficult situation. You would manage to escape, avoid or prevent the negative impact that such circumstance might have upon your life.

Body without limbs

Dreaming about your own or someone else’s mutilated body, that is lacking one or more limbs or other body parts, is a negative sign. It could reveal increasingly more demanding and difficult situations and hazards. These problematic and arduous circumstances would take a great amount of time and effort to be resolved or surpassed.

Biting on parts of a body

Seeing yourself biting parts of someone’s body could symbolize relationship longevity. This especially applies to the case of sinking your teeth into the body of someone with whom you have an intimate relationship, such as your spouse or partner. You could be engaged or become engaged in close relationship that will be stable, secure and long-lasting. You would stand by that person’s side, if not forever, then for a very long period of time.

Extraordinary changes of body

Dreaming about observing your own body going through some extraordinary and incredible changes or metamorphosis, such as becoming capable of passing through walls or extremely flexible, could be a symbol of discoveries about yourself. You may become aware of your physical limitations. You could also realize that you have some difficult obstacles in your path or while accomplishing your goals. In both cases, the resolution of these problems would call for very creative and out-of-the-box approaches.

Hiding a dead body

Freudian analysis of this symbol suggests that hiding a dead body is a metaphor for trying to hide a certain aspect of your personality or thoughts from others. You may be attempting to keep a calm and cool exterior when you are in fact extremely stressed and agitated. It also has the connotation of meaning you could be hurt or inconvenienced if someone was aware of your true feelings. For instance, a spouse could become defensive about the amount of housework they do, or your boss at work may think you are not able to handle your current position yet alone a promotion.

Body parts being cut off

Body parts being cut or hacked off is a highly vivid and disturbing image to perceive in the dream realm. Biblical interpretations of this symbol link it with difficulties in relationships or a possible falling out with someone. In a sense, the removing of a piece of the body represents a very physical or visceral experience under these circumstances, meaning you may be quite hurt or disappointed in the loss of this relationship.

Decaying body

To see a decomposing corpse in your dreams is an ill omen about upcoming strife. Your life of comfort and ease will be snatched from you, replaced by a period of difficulty brought about by your own self-sabotaging ways. According to Carl Jung shadow concept, a negative aspect of your personality can often surface in stressful conditions. Fortunately, this also means that with proper self-examination, you are also capable of getting yourself out of this tough situation.

Losing weight and getting compliments

I had lost a lot of weight in the upcoming year, and many people had complimented me. I had talked to a boy over the phone who was in college and said he couldn't come home for my birthday. Suddenly, I go to my school office and find flowers from him. I walk to my car and find him there and we hugged for a long time.

Dreaming about losing weight is reflective of a frugal nature. While being strict with finances is usually a good idea, this vision suggests things may have gone too far, and your actions regarding finances may be putting a strain on your relationships. Your friends may be trying to get you to hang out more than you responsibly can, which is also supported by talking to a boy on the phone. This means you may want to spend more time on your own doing activities which suit your budget-minded lifestyle. The image of receiving flowers and being affectionate with the boy predicts that, despite your wishes for privacy, several men could be interested in you at the moment. Depending on your situation and feelings, you might consider getting to know one of these people better.

Seeing body through someone's eyes

I was looking out to the horizon over the ocean and as my gaze lowered, I saw the sand and feet which were not mine. The view I had was through the eyes of a friend.

Dreaming about having an out-of-body experience is an ominous sign associated with being rejected by friends or those in your group of peers. You may be a bit of an "odd duck" who has trouble fitting in or getting along with others, making it difficult to form and maintain long-term friendships. This coincides with looking out onto the horizon over the ocean. Oceans often represent opportunities for personal growth, but only watching the ocean could point to your lack of motivation to go forth and make those changes. Unless you put in the time and effort to get along with others, you may always find it challenging to forge those types of bonds.

Face and body decomposed

I saw myself looking in the mirror finding my face and limbs completely decomposed with decomposer insects all over my body.

Both your decomposing body and the maggots on and in it suggest that you are about to go through a difficult, uncomfortable period of time. The maggots in particular predict that the source of your troubles is within you, such as a negative feeling you have not been able to let go of. It would be wise, then, to analyze your current emotional state and try to seek a solution, so that you can move on and find happiness again.

Body parts shipped for eating

I dreamt that I and another person had body parts shipped in and we were going to eat them. Suddenly the hand started moving. I woke up in horror.

A dream about cannibalism often reveals the dreamer's obsessions about coveting something or someone. In your dream, the identity of the owner of the body parts is unclear. As such, it may point to your general tendency to compare yourself to others and thereby succumb to bouts of envy. It could be anything from material possessions to career status. Perhaps you often find yourself checking out profiles of individuals whose lives or lifestyles you want for yourself. The movement of the hand in the dream is your subconscious mind telling you to be more proactive in going after your goals instead of dwelling on what you lack at the moment.

A river flowing through body

I had a dream that a calm peaceful floating river was flowing through me, also washing someone else away. It looked like pretty light blue water but didn't feel like it, it just felt peaceful. Like a major problem was washing away. Male.

In general, clear and calm rivers in dreams denote a laid-back attitude or even passivity. You could be content to go with the flow of things and not let every little setback get on your nerves. Serene and tranquil rivers are also indicative of the good aura which would emanate from you as a result of your positive worldview. The imagery of the river washing away someone in this vision could mean that you are willing to let bygones be bygones. This new outlook you have probably makes it easier for you to forgive some individuals who may have wronged you in the past. Alternatively, this vision also shows that you are loosening up. Perhaps you prefer being in control and being a perfectionist, so something could trigger a realization in you that you cannot control everything and that in certain instances you just have to adapt according to the situation.

A decapitated body during bungee jumping

I am a female. My dream began in NYC. I was with a good friend of mine who is like a maternal figure to me. We went to the Empire State Building, because my friend had heard that people were going to be jumping down on bungee cords from the center of the building. There was a cylinder cut through the middle of the building, so people could jump from top to bottom year round without going outdoors. There was a reputable company hooking people up in harnesses. My friend and I watched one person attach his harness, ascend to the top of the building, out of site. I climbed a few stairs to get a better look of the cylinder and to watch him jump down. Suddenly a lifeless and headless body landed by my feet. "He's decapitated! Someone call 911!" I screamed, and blacked out. When I came to, my friend was urging me to grab the headless man and take him to the hospital ourselves because the ambulance wasn't coming fast enough. In the time it took for me to come to, someone else had stitched his head poorly back on and he was a little conscious. She put the man in the back of her SUV, I sat in front and she drove furiously. We got to the hospital and I screamed that we needed a stretcher so a nurse calmly helped us bring him inside. He was taken into an ICU, so my friend and I waited in the waiting room. She was doing word puzzles and I was feeling sleepy so I laid my head on her shoulder and composed a note to her on a chalkboard in my mind that said "I thank my lucky stars that you're in my life." She got up to go to the bathroom or get some food so I worked on the word puzzles. I was surprised she hadn't finished one, because it seemed so easy. It required me to find the words "higher" and "end" in a block of text like a word search. When she came back I asked how the man had been decapitated. She said that the harness was so tight that it constricted his vessels. He threw up in the air and then his head popped clean off. I said that I was glad we hadn't tried to go jumping there. Note: I am a student who just returned to school for nursing.

Skyscrapers, like the Empire State Building in your dream vision, usually refers to ambition. You likely have big dreams and big plans for your professional advancement which is why you went back to school. Pursuing your passions can sometimes push you to take a leap of faith and this is represented by the bungee jumping scenario which symbolizes taking risks and being resilient. You would have to face your fears and be placed in situations when you have to act fast using your stock knowledge. You would make mistakes, but the challenge is to bounce back and learn from those mistakes instead of giving up. Perhaps this also reveals your fears about messing up, especially in your chosen field of healthcare industry when you are placed in situations when your actions can either extend or further endanger a person's life. This fear is further illustrated by the headless or decapitated body. It signifies negative consequences of poor judgment. So while risk-taking can pay off, it can also backfire if you are too reckless or too hasty. As such, your subconscious may be telling you to take calculated risks, weigh the pros and cons before making crucial decisions. Your ability to make level-headed decisions under pressure could propel you to success. Finally, the presence of your good friend likely reveals your implicit trust in her. She may be short-sighted sometimes or you may have some disagreements, but at the end of the day whenever you need someone to lean on, she gives you the support and enables you to believe in yourself when the going gets tough. The part about the puzzles could indicate your different point of views and personalities. You may be the more ambitious one and she is the more cautious between the two of you. You balance each other out especially when one of you becomes irrational or is not thinking straight.

Body on top and dragged out of bed

I feel a body lying on top of me then I feel I am getting dragged out of bed.

Experiencing a vision that someone's body is on top of you in a dream is indicative of stagnation. You are probably feeling an overwhelming burden or you would go through a difficult to handle circumstance shortly. Fortunately, you would overcome or avoid any adverse consequences that such events could create for you. The symbol of feeling dragged out from your bed means that you need to leave behind things or people that do not fit in your lifestyle any longer. The sense that someone or something is dragging you out of your bed is connected to your realization about your real values and beliefs. Until now, you may have been ignoring and excluding them from your everyday life.

Your body rotting

The image of your own body as a rotting corpse is both a good and bad symbol. While it is considered a warning, it is fortunate that time has not completely run out for you yet. This symbol suggests that there are important parts or aspects of your life that need immediate attention, such as your relationships or your work-life balance. While you may be feeling overwhelmed by the idea that change is necessary, rest assured that you have some time to make the necessary alterations.

Something coming out of body

Dreaming of something coming out of your body, such as a part of yourself or your soul leaving, represents a feeling of failure or losing a part of yourself in some way. It also means that you are leaving something behind or letting go of something in your life. Additionally, the thing that is coming out of your body also symbolizes aspects of your physical or emotional health, which may be nasty and unpleasant, and you want to get rid of it. In a nutshell, such a situation could be a fortunate or positive omen, representing the release or shedding of something that has been holding you back, allowing you to move forward in your life.

Rash on body

Envisioning a rash on your body in the dream realm represents an allergy or ailment that you are currently experiencing or a situation that is causing discomfort in your waking life. It may be a reflection of a skin problem or a reaction to something in your environment. There is something wrong with your physical or emotional health, and your subconscious is trying to alert you. Furthermore, the rash could also signify a need for support from others or an indication that you need to understand your own needs better. Overall, this dream is an omen that you should pay attention to your body and seek help if necessary.

Body disfigurement

Having a glimpse of someone in a dream with body disfigurement can be a disturbing experience. The impaired area or aspect of the body represents something in your waking life that you feel is a permanent flaw or misfortune. In some cases, it reflects a memory of a person or event that has left a negative and lasting impression on you. In a nutshell, you are being too hard on yourself and need to embrace your imperfections and focus on your personal growth.

Something trying to enter my body

In a dream, witnessing something trying to enter your body, like a demon or spirit, represents a struggle for control or a feeling of being invaded by negative influences. You need to protect your spiritual and mental health from external forces that could harm you. Consider seeking guidance from spiritual sources to address any worries that arise from these vivid nightmares, and remember that sometimes miracles happen when we actively work on self-care and strengthen our inner soul.