Dreams Related To Boat

A boat in the open sea

Dreaming about being on a boat in the open sea could speak of endings. It is possible that you have a very good, valued, balanced and stable relationship with someone you call your friend. However, you could be about to lose their friendship and companionship. Alternatively, this could have recently happened. Thus, you picture yourself travelling alone, amidst the big wide ocean, without land in sight.

Falling out of a boat

Dreaming about falling out of a boat into the water could represent a warning. You should be careful, attentive and cautious for the period of time following this dream. Some unexpected and negative event might be about to happen. It would make you feel rejected, abandoned, lost, isolated or suddenly goalless.

Seeing a boat

Dreaming about observing or spotting a boat on the surface of the water could be a positive symbol. It could reveal the beginning of a new relationship. This would be a relationship with romantic and intimate emotions. This relationship might involve dating. In this case, it would evolve slowly and progressively. It could also have a quicker progression, and start as a sexual affair.

A sinking boat

Having a dream about observing or looking at a sinking boat often is a symbol of a significant ending. You could currently have an important love affair, romantic relationship, partnership or project. The dream foretells that such relationship or business is about to end. You might accept the fact and let it happen or you might try to prevent it from crumbling. In this case, you might start intervening and take action to save it.

In a boat with company

Dreaming about seeing yourself sailing in a boat accompanied by other people, such as friends, family or relatives, could translate fortunate events. You could be about to receive thrilling, inspiring, beneficial or favorable news. This information could have a great positive impact and change your life for the better.

Sailing in a boat

Seeing yourself sailing in a boat, for example in a river or on a lake, could be revealing of your tricky nature. It is possible that you have a tendency to quickly get bored and uninterested in the person with whom you are romantically involved. You would then resort to cheating every so often or develop feelings for someone else. Such tendency, albeit perhaps temporary, would put all your relationships at stake. In the long run, you could be unable or have difficulties sustaining a long-term relationship.

An alternative interpretation suggests that the dream symbolizes some upcoming opportunity. You could be offered a profitable and advantageous proposition or a business offer. Seizing this opportunity would be financially beneficial both for your business and your personal life. This decision could greatly improve your overall quality of life.

Building a boat

Dreaming about building a boat could be a gloomy sign. You may be going through a period during which you might be preoccupied with dark thoughts, feelings or intentions. You have the temptation and sometime act mischievously, aggressively, destructively or even demoniacally towards others and yourself. You seem to be unable to control these tendencies.

Being followed by a dead person on a boat

I'm a girl. I was in a houseboat with multiple decks with my family. When I was having a look throughout the boat, I entered one open store room, like an area on the upper deck and saw a guy lying on his stomach. When I turned him, I saw he was dead, but suddenly he opened his eyes. I covered him and came downstairs. After that, his soul kept following me saying he will make me talk with him as I didn't help him (wrote on a mirror). Later on he confesses, he loves me and shows his face in the mirror.

Dreaming about finding yourself on a boat along with your family could mean a brighter future ahead and favorable news coming your way, perhaps even some major changes for the better. However, dreaming about talking or interacting with a dead person could mean someone close to you, such as a family member or a friend, wants to reach out in order to overcome some of the hardships he or she may be facing at the moment. Similarly, the image of a strange person communicating to you through a mirror is associated with someone trying to establish a contact with you which, when initiated, could be very important to your and their well-being.

A boat in shallow water

Dreaming about being in shallow water and unable to sail a boat often translates difficult circumstances. Some external problems, dilemmas, issues or hardships may arise. You would lose control over your life. You would feel unable to find the right resources, tools or strategies that could help you deal with the situation. Such situation might dramatically affect your life.

Speed boat

In the context of a dream vision, the image of a speed boat carries an interesting interpretation. According to the works of modern dream workers, this symbol represents moving through life quickly. You might feel some drive or pressure or necessity to try and enjoy whatever life throws at you. However, your desire to "do all the things" likely comes from a fear of uncertainty or an uncomfortableness with the lack of control you have over certain aspects of your life. You use the adrenaline rush, then, to ignore those negative aspects and quickly move onto something else. However, constantly running away is not good for your soul. Spending some time relaxing and reflecting, while uncomfortable, could help you avoid issues in the future or even encourage you to make plans that give you a better sense of what the future holds.

A white boat in the sky

A dream about a white boat going up in the sky.

A white boat means you are looking forward to a new beginning. The color white signifies cleansing and a desire to free yourself of negative energy. So the combination of both the boat and the color white depicts an upcoming journey towards enlightenment and self-actualization. You are ready to face the next chapter of your life. Whether this is a good or bad phase depends on the state of the sky in your dream vision. Typically, if the sky is clear and blue, then you can expect blessings and a relatively problem-free future. Sky also symbolizes possibility which means you are headed towards a promising career and a freedom to express your creativity. You are entering a period of infinite potential, so be prepared to maximize this fortuitous moment.

Getting ashore from a boat

Dreaming about seeing yourself getting ashore from the boat you were sailing represents a symbol of happiness. You could be currently working on a project, task or activity that is very important to you. You would succeed at achieving this important life goal. This outcome would result in an overall state of satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness.

In a boat with someone

Having a dream when you see yourself sailing a boat with someone else present in the same boat could be an indication of upcoming changes. Some predicted or unexpected event or circumstance would soon occur. As a consequence, you would have the need to look for and find a new home or living location. You would begin preparing to relocate or change your place of residence in the near future.

A boat in the ocean

Dreaming of being in the ocean as a boat with an engine moves away from me. I am treading water and calling out to it, but it keeps getting further away.

Oceans are often symbolic of opportunities opening themselves up to you in the future. While this is normally a good sign, the rest of the imagery in this vision suggests that, while there may be opportunities aplenty, they may not prove to be viable options for you. Specifically, treading water as the boat that could save you moves away indicates things that are beyond your grasp, meaning that at the current moment you do not possess the experience or tools to make this situation work for you.

Dreams about boat with sail or boat in the sky meaning

A boat with a sail

Dreaming about seeing or being in a boat equipped with a sail usually is a fortunate sign. It suggests you would be able to successfully accomplish your present objectives. That is, your current projects, business ideas or undertakings would have positive, favorable and beneficial outcomes.

Boat on land

Envisioning a boat sitting on land for some reason in a dream carries a symbolic meaning of feeling burdened and out of control in your life's journey. It signifies the struggle to navigate through turbulent emotions and a sense of being stranded. To find peace, it is suggested to explore your spiritual side and seek guidance to regain control and navigate your sentiments toward a smoother path in life.

In a boat on a sunny day

Dreaming about sailing in a boat during a nice and sunny day and over calm waters usually is a very good sign. It could mean that your life at home is peaceful, satisfying and relaxed. Alternatively, such stable and positive atmosphere would surround your professional activities or exists in your relationship with someone. The dream further suggests that these favorable circumstances might be presented to you in the near future in one of these areas of your life.

Being a winner in a boat race

Dreaming about observing yourself being the winner in a boat racing competition could translate the strengthening of a love affair. The person whom you are interested in, in love with or dating will start dedicating their affection to you. They would lose interest in any other contenders or adversaries. They would be extremely attracted to you and remain loyal. The relationship would become exclusive.

Sailing in a boat against the current

Dreaming about sailing in a boat against the current, such as upstream of a river, could reveal upcoming difficulties. You may currently experience or soon go through a tough and challenging period. You would have to deal with and find your way through the situation. Your efforts and struggle may make you feel tired, drained and overstressed. These feelings would only aggravate the existing problems.

Sailing in a boat on dark water

Dreaming about being in a boat which is sailing through dark and murky waters often is a negative sign. It could translate serious difficulties, complications and problems. You would have to deal with each of these hardships in a different way. A courageous, committed and dedicated attitude would be needed for you to find some solutions.

Flying in a boat

Dreaming about observing yourself flying, rather than sailing, in a boat could symbolize unexpected, quick or extreme good fortune. It is possible that you would soon see your professional or financial situation improve at an extremely fast and unexpected rate. You could also be able to lead an amazingly carefree, luxurious and lavishing lifestyle. These situations would magnify the respect and admiration that others have for you.

Drinking wine while in a boat

Having a dream about sailing in a boat and simultaneously drinking wine could speak of forthcoming meetings. You could soon be visited by or run into a close friend or a relative whom you have not seen for a long time. Upon meeting them, you would spend some time catching up with each other and discussing your past adventures or plan for the future.

Being in a boat with your date

If you are currently dating someone, dreaming about sailing or sitting in a boat alongside this person is symbolic of an auspicious relationship. Your relationship with your loved one will make you feel happy, fulfilled and content. Mutual understanding, harmony and satisfaction would be present. It is even possible that you two would make marriage arrangements and have marital bliss.

If you happened to notice dark and rough waves on the water surface while sailing in the boat in the same dream, this is an unfavorable sign. It could reveal that the balance of your current relationship is about to be shaken. You might start having problems or disagreements. Some of these issues could be difficult to solve. However, working on the relationship might help you find a more fulfilling and happy way of living alongside each other. That is, the problems might make you, as a couple, stronger. Obviously, reaching this state of a happier relationship might take some time.

Sailing in a broken boat

There was a man near the water and me and my grandma were holding his hand while he almost fell in the dirty water and we helped him up. Then we got on a boat and went underground while other elderly people went on a boat made out of wood like you'd see in the children's program which was about to break and I had a whole boat to myself that I steered by my moving my body. And then half way through my boat became a children's water ring that they use to not sink. I've had this dream before when I was young and now again, please let me know what it means.

Water is very prominent in this vision, though the meaning differs greatly depending on the situation. Being on a boat in water implies moving through the course of your life. You do not mention any particular difficulties with this journey, suggesting things are currently calm for you, at least on the surface. Having the boat change into a water ring can be interpreted as a sign of things becoming more challenging, like having to do more work with less resources, but because you do not mention feeling troubled by this transformation in the dream, it is likely you feel confident meeting the challenges presented to you. Finally, helping the man out of the water at the beginning of your dream indicates you are a team player. This can mean you are willing to help others while making your own way, or it may suggest you are comfortable asking others for help when you need it.

A boat with a steering wheel

Having a dream about sitting in a boat and looking at its steering wheel could be a symbol of balance. Your current life situation may become stable, firmly established and predictable. Alternatively, being settled and anchored would lead you to change your life style. You would start enjoying more a quiet, peaceful, uneventful and regular daily life.

Getting on a boat

Dreaming about getting on a boat either with your friends or alone, with the intention of sailing somewhere, could symbolize successful problem resolution. You would have and show the ability and strength to endure and deal with anything that came your way. You would find solutions for and resolve any emerging problems and difficulties.

Saving others on a sinking boat

I'm at what seems like a field trip and I'm with friends from school. We're on this type of big boat. I move to the back of the boat. I see that the boat is about to sink, so I try to go and warn the adults, but then it was too late. The boat goes down underneath the water. I was able to swim to a dock right next to where we were and I was able to save some people from drowning.

Trips or vacations on a boat represent going through some changes in your life, similar to the way a ship goes up and down with each passing wave. Dreaming that the boat you are on is sinking, however, indicates rising pressure, possibly from the friends you see in your vision, symbolizing that this change may be in regards to something at your school. Your friends may be asking you to do something you are not comfortable with or have no time or interest participating in. Being able to save yourself, and some others, predicts finding a way to successfully avoid whatever has been proposed, possibly to the relief of some others who were not strong enough to speak their mind in such a situation.

Living on a boat and water snakes

A woman went roller-skating, showed off tricks then went to a movie. Then the ground split, she and others fell into dark water. Some survived. Me and a few others were condemned to living on a small boat within a gigantic mother boat. We rebelled, left for better opportunity. Then we were in a banquet hall with many others that had followed. One girl was excited to see us, I surprised her with a bag of snakes. She liked them, danced with them. They were beautiful but aggressive water snakes. Irene joined them, they were aggressive but calmed right down and slithered up her hands, became tame.

This is a fairly complicated dream with a number of symbols. This first sign which stands out is that of the splitting ground and the dark water. Watching as the ground is pulled apart by outside forces predicts receiving some message or correspondence that is out of the ordinary and from far away. The darkness of the water, however, suggests whatever you learn may displease or upset you, especially given the sudden nature of its arrival. The banquet you saw in your vision gives additional meaning of distress, indicating that the news your receive is likely in connection to a past friend or distant relative whom you have not kept in contact with, as attending a banquet is often interpreted as a sign that you have recently been putting off contact with others and focusing only on your life, not the lives of those around you. This dream may be a warning to get in touch and reconnect with your close friends or loved ones before it is too late.

Alone in a boat

Dreaming about sailing in a boat all by yourself is a symbol of isolation. Although you might perhaps be unaware of it, you could currently be distancing yourself from a significant other or a loved one. This could result from your current extreme dedication to your work, your duties and your busy schedule. You would eventually have an acute awareness of the solitude and space that had grown in-between of you two. You might regret having neglected your relationship. Thus, you might take the dream as a reminder. Try to keep connected to those you love whilst fulfilling your obligations.

A boat filled with passengers

Dreaming about looking at or seeing a boat filled with passengers could symbolize the stability of your marriage, kinship or friendships. Your marriage would be lasting, mutually satisfying and fulfilling. Alternatively, the dream could refer to the relationships you have with some of your close friends or relatives. These would also be lasting, pleasing and unbreakable.

Looking at the Sun while in a boat

Dreaming about looking at the Sun or the moon while being in a boat on the water could contain positive connotations. It could foretell a career promotion or the recognition of your quality work by your peers. You might move up the corporate ladder because of your recent accomplishments. Alternatively, you might become a greater influencer inside the organization which you are currently working for.

A similar dream of sailing in a boat and having the Sun or the moon on the horizon also is a positive sign. It could reveal forthcoming wealth and power. You would become richer and be valued, recognized and appreciated by those around you. This admiration would in turn increase your social standing.

Sailing in a boat with a stranger

Dreaming about sailing in a boat with some unfamiliar person or a stranger could mean availability or presence of support. You could soon receive the help of someone who is not necessarily one of your current acquaintances. This help would be crucial. It would allow you to re-gain your confidence, hope, optimism and self-esteem. Thereafter, you would become able to once more pursue your objectives, wishes or plans.

A boat sitting on the shore

Dreaming about seeing a boat sitting on the shore or a beach usually contains negative connotations. You could soon experience periods of hardships and struggle to keep afloat. This could even involve a temporary state of deprivation, poverty or loneliness. You could suddenly find yourself with nothing meaningful to do and unsure about the future.

A boat filled with water

Dreaming about watching or being in a boat which is filled with water, due to, for example, the existence of a leak, often is a positive sign. It could symbolize an upcoming financial improvement. You would make some profitable decisions and become wealthier. You could also become a more powerful and influential person.

Sailing in a boat for a sick person

If you are currently seriously sick of afflicted by some incurable disease, dreaming about sailing in a boat could be an omen. It could reveal that you would not recover from your illness and might soon pass away. If there is something that you still want to do while alive, you could perhaps do it straight away. This dream also serves as a warning. It recommends you not to postpone any impeding dealings or urgent matters.

Being with someone in a boat

Someone kissed my hand. I was in a boat with someone.

To dream of yourself on a boat with someone is an indication of unexpected and imminent changes. There is a possibility of moving or finding a new home, hence the need for relocation preparations in your future. This change may materialize as a result of the symbolic kiss on the hand which points to the acquisition of considerable wealth. While this all bodes well for your prospects, sailing through the waters would still be tricky, as you would have to adopt certain behavior and attitude that could hinder your success, so a re-evaluation of your approach to having more money is essential.

Being on a boat with family

Being on a boat with friends and family in a dream vision is a highly meaningful and rich symbol. The interpretation or symbolism behind this sign is closely related to the phrase "being in the same boat," that is, whatever journey you are going on in your life is connected with the paths and actions of those you associate with. Your relationship with each individual has a clear and marked effect on how your life turns out. As such, this vision suggests that if you are struggling with your spiritual connections, the best people to help you might be those who are around you. Similarly, if you notice someone else in your circle or club dealing with certain matters or issues, you might be able to solve them.

A well-equipped boat

Dreaming about sailing in a well-equipped boat is a symbol of success and accomplishment. You could currently be entertaining some plans and expectations or working on a particular project. The dream indicates that your expectations would come true and that you would accomplish your objectives.

A capsized boat

Finding yourself under or near a capsized boat in a dream is a negative sign. It is possible that your avenue will bring some major financial problems. These could affect one of your current projects, economic activities or businesses. You could be planning to make or might have made some profit. However, there is a great risk involved. Some sensitive and critical decisions would need to be made. One of these decisions could result in the aforementioned financial disaster.

Sleeping in a boat

Having a dream about lying down or sleeping in a boat usually has negative connotations. It could indicate that you are about to experience periods of great adversity and difficulty. For example, you could experience an accident or suddenly lose something which you had taken for granted. Alternatively, you might come to realization that your life is not as good as you want it to be. This observation would make you feel sad and disappointed, if not depressed.

Sailing in a boat inside your house

Dreaming about seeing yourself sailing in a boat inside your house could translate financial problems. You might currently be in a sensitive or precarious economic situation. The dream foretells that the situation, instead of improving, could become even worse. Alternatively, you could unexpectedly find yourself in a difficult financial situation. There could considerable material losses and inability to economically sustain your current lifestyle or independent business activity. You could even experience bankruptcy.

Sailing in a boat with ease

Seeing yourself smoothly and effortlessly sailing in a boat could symbolize new, slow and steady beginnings. You might be currently considering setting up some new project, business, activity or starting a relationship. The dream foretells that these plans would have a perfect start. You might have also just begun a new endeavor. In this case, the dream indicates that it would slowly and gradually grow, develop, expand, evolve or improve.

Dreams about boats, ships, cruise ships or tall ships

A frail or wrecked boat

Dreaming about observing a wrecked or frail boat or about trying to get into one is an unfavorable sign. You might be currently working on some projects, activities or business goals. However, you could be overestimating and inflating their success, importance or profitability. That is, you might underachieve, underperform and even fail at your current goals. Such negative result could be consequent of your egotistic, narcissistic or self-absorbed behavior.

This dream could also translate some upcoming relationship-related mistake. You could be involved in a love relationship or dating someone and feel attracted to or interested in this person. However, at some point, you might express an inadequate, unjustifiable or bold opinion or start acting in an unforgivable way. Such behavior would infuriate, frustrate, disappoint or sadden the individual with whom you are currently involved.

Sailing in a boat in a fast current

Dreaming about observing yourself sailing a boat through a fast current, such as on a mountain river or rapids, is an unfavorable sign. It could represent the absence of assistance. You may be experiencing some life difficulties, problems or dilemmas. Moreover, your friends seem unavailable to help, comfort and support you throughout this period. Such absence of help would only add up to the existing hardships.

Passing under a bridge in a boat

Dreaming about observing yourself sailing in a boat and passing underneath a bridge could be a symbol of good fortune and joy. You would be steadily moving towards the fulfillment of your desires and goals. During this period, you would experience personal happiness and complete satisfaction with your life.

Helping someone to steer a boat

Dreaming about helping someone to steer a boat, while sailing it, often is a positive sign. It could speak of upcoming career promotions or encouraging professional news. Such news would positively affect your life. Alternatively, the announcement could be related to one of your current pro-bono, voluntary or leisure activities.

Shining light on a boat

Dreaming about a shining light while in a boat, for example with a torch or flashlight you are holding in your hand, is a symbol of pleasant surprise. It could suggest that you are about to be delighted or astonished by some event or circumstance. You would be pleased, if not thrilled and utterly excited, with your recent life developments or changes.

Looking at flowers from a boat

Dreaming about looking at flowers surrounding you, while sailing in a boat, symbolizes impending invitations. You could soon be invited or recently have received an invitation to a party, celebration or social function. There would be many people attending this event. Food and drinks would be freely available and in large quantities. Everyone would be enjoying themselves. The dream further suggests you would not regret attending this event and feel happy amongst the crowd and be pleased with the overall festive and friendly atmosphere.

Using a boat to cross a wide river

Dreaming about observing yourself using a boat as means to cross a very wide river usually is a good sign. It could symbolize an upcoming thrilling and long international trip. You would be tremendously entertained throughout the trip. Alternatively, the dream reveals that you would find suitable means to achieve some particular goal.

A rescue boat

Dreaming about observing or being onboard of a rescue boat is symbolic of your resourcefulness. You could suddenly come across a difficult, feared or threatening situation. It could involve being the target of other people’s lack of respect, hate or hostility. The dream suggests that you would find a clever and sensible solution to your predicament.

A sinking rescue boat

Dreaming about observing or being in a sinking rescue boat usually is a sign of existing or looming adversity. If you have a circle of intimate and close friends, one of these individuals could soon start causing you great grief and disappointment. Thus, the dream could serve as a forewarning. Although you might be needing their support and friendship, you could still benefit from re-evaluating your relationship with each of them and try to learn more about their true feelings and intentions.

Dreaming about getting lost at sea while being in a rescue boat could still be an auspicious symbol. You could show great interpersonal skills. For example, you would know how to respond to other people’s sometimes unexpected, odd or offensive remarks or behavior. You could also be able to establish a successful and advantageous social network. It would include connecting and dealing with even the most unwelcoming or formidable individuals.

Getting across a body of water in a boat

Dreaming about observing yourself trying to traverse or getting across a body of water, such as a big lake or a river, in a boat could indicate successful conflict resolution abilities. You have sufficient interpersonal skills to deal with some existing or unfolding disagreement, dispute or divergence. The conflict would involve at least two parties, one of which would be yourself.

An empty boat

Dreaming about seeing an empty boat, especially from a distance, could contain a gloomy omen. You or someone close to you could fall ill. This disease would be a serious clinical health condition. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from. It could even lead to death.

In a sinking boat

I was in a boat and it got a hole in it. I had to swim to the shore. The water was calm, I could see my feet in the water. But I was tired of paddling and trying to keep the boat from sinking.

Having a dream about being in a sinking boat often is a symbol of a significant ending. You could currently have an important love affair, romantic relationship, partnership or project. The dream foretells that such a relationship or business is about to end. You might accept the fact and let it happen or you might try to prevent it from crumbling. In this case, you might start intervening and take action to save it. However, based on the ending of the dream you had, you may be feeling that you can no longer control the situation and want to find your way out as soon as you possibly can.

In a boat with someone complaining

In a boat with my partner who has cancer. It is inflatable and I believe a paddle boat. Waters are rough. We keep going toward the rock edge which is a cliff to a larger body of water. So high, deadly if we went off. He keeps bitching. I get frustrated, jump out of the boat and swim the boat to safety. There are other boats around, but they don't help.

Being inside a boat during a dream vision represents conflict and tension in your life, especially because you perceived these waters to be choppy and rough. The stress of your partner's situation could be the cause of this, making it difficult for you to say what you mean or to have the sense of peace you yearn for. Your vision also contains the sign of pulling the boat to safety by your power, which predicts finding a way through your difficult times, though how you manage this and how long it takes are unclear.

Being in a boat and then chased by a dog

My dream starts in a boat with me, my 2 brothers and some random person and everyone around us in the other boats are dead. Then we get to a house and they put us to hide in a bathtub. Then we come out of the tub and we see a dog and we go outside and it starts to chase us. While running, I hold on to my brothers and the dog was getting close. I think the dog was a husky.

This vision seems to be the manifestation of the opposition you face in wake life on your journey to find out who you are, where you come from, and where you are meant to go. The first symbol, being in a boat, suggests you are looking for answers to life's most important and meaningful questions, but have yet to learn the answers to the questions you seek. Hiding in a bathtub, however, suggests you have had no luck in your endeavors, most likely because the people you need to ask are not around or the sources of knowledge you need are unattainable. This is followed by the image of the dog chasing you which, unfortunately, seems to predict further opposition should you continue searching. You may have to be extremely persistent, diligent and creative to get to the bottom of this situation.

An uncontrollable boat

I was on a beautiful boat with friends and family. Suddenly the boat evolved from the water and went out of control through the waterways avoiding smaller boats before it eventually crashed. No one was hurt I was worried about not being able to swim if needed and asked my son to be sure he helped me out in case we were plunged in. We were not, the water was calm but the boat was ruined.

A boat crashing or getting wrecked in a dream is a forewarning of bad times ahead. You could be headed into a tough period at work or even at home, as you were with friends and family in the dream. The water represents your emotional state and the boat is your way of navigating your emotions. As such, the ruined boat alludes to a tendency to let emotions get the better of you during stressful situations. Your dream vision seems to convey the calm after the storm, that is, you may achieve emotional stability only after a huge emotional outburst. It is both a reminder and a warning of the consequences you could face if you let emotions overrule reason in times of trouble.

On a boat in the stormy ocean

I was on a ship sailing in the ocean. There were many people on deck. Sides/walls were surrounding the deck so no one could see the surrounding ocean. There was a large pole with a small platform at the top. I climbed almost to the top and as I climbed, I saw very large waves. I was scared. I was also scared of falling if I climbed and stood on the top platform, but wanted the adulation if I was successful. I also didn't want to be ridiculed if I fell and injured myself. I didn't climb to the top.

Getting recognition for your hard work and accomplishments can trigger certain fears and apprehensions in the subconscious. This dream of sailing in the ocean suggests a big journey you are about to take or a significant change in your current reality. This big change could be related to your work, perhaps in the form of a promotion or a greater responsibility. In connection to this, the deck in the vision represents your awareness of the attention being given to you, possibly associated with the big change that is about to happen. Along with this upcoming personal or professional advancement comes the responsibility of performing your duties well. This is where the apprehensions come in, as symbolized by climbing the pole on the ship's deck. This position of power entails eyes of scrutiny which perhaps you are not ready to face yet. The attention, plus the threat of the waves signifying errors, failures and challenges in general, is making you second-guess your resolve to climb the corporate ladder or assume a leadership position. This dream vision wants you to carefully consider what is at stake as you welcome this big opportunity. Certainly, courage and determination are necessary for this new chapter should you decide to take up the challenge.

A grandchild vanishing from a boat

I dreamt I was on a small boat with my grandbaby and then she disappeared.

Dreaming that you are on a small boat with someone who suddenly disappears can be interpreted as a sign of good fortune that would quickly vanish. You may win something only to lose it soon after or make a new friend and later find out that he or she was not all that nice, to begin with. Treasure what you already have and do not let yourself be fooled easily by things and people that come and go.

Watching a boat with people sink

Watching boats just off shore, biggest boat came in, got caught on rip, went under fast. When boat was brought up, all people were in the same position frozen in time, all dead.

Witnessing a boat sink or capsize in a dream refers to a significant ending. A crisis could be looming which would cause the end of a personal or professional endeavor. The water and the rip tide alludes to inner turmoil. The whole matter may be an emotional one for you and your outbursts of anger or rage could influence the outcome of the situation. Maybe you are holding on to the past and refuse to go in the direction your life is heading. The vision may also be showing you that clinging to the past would put you at a standstill.

Boats being blocked by sandbars

I dreamt I was looking out the picture window of the house where I grew up at the lake. Boats were trying to cross, but sandbars kept popping up blocking them. I went to the shore and waded in the water watching the boats and growing sandbars, but could not do anything to get the board through. The boats were red. Water blue. Sandbars white.

Dreams where you look out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to push others away from you, especially family members or your significant other. In your mind, this helps you keep the relationship intact by avoiding conflict and bad energy. However, it is likely that the opposite is true, meaning others can feel the growing distance and are hurt by your lack of trust. The boats being blocked by sandbars predict this situation coming to a head in the near future. Those close to you may confront you over issues that they feel you should be sharing with them. Wading in the water at the end of the vision brings this situation to a positive ending, suggesting that, with your deepened bonds, the future looks bright and your opportunities are endless.

Saving animals by taking them on a boat

It was a normal day in my dream when God told me to gather 2 of all kinds of animals and take them onto some boat-like structure. I gathered the animals, not even knowing where they came from and led them onto the boat. In the boat was God, but I didn't see him, I just knew he was there, because I was talking to him. It was time for me and the animals to sleep, so I asked God, aren't you tired? When are you going to sleep? And he laughed and said, I never sleep with a calm voice. That's all.

Dreaming of being called by God to accomplish the same task as the events in Noah's Ark reveals your deeply religious nature. Perhaps your consciousness is troubled by all the violent and seemingly senseless tragedies in the world. Specifically, the ark in your dream symbolizes salvation and rebirth. It marks the end of suffering and the beginning of peace. The animals you gathered and led into the ark refer to what is left of humanity's innate goodness. In a sense, God in the dream is asking you to see the goodness of humankind and let that be your guiding light in how you view the world. This would be your saving grace. It is a hopeful message reminding you to remain kind and extend a helping hand to those in need no matter how jaded and pessimistic others may be.

Riding a boat in the sea

Seeing yourself riding a boat and sailing in the sea represents embarking on an adventurous journey filled with emotions. It signifies a willingness to explore the depths of your feelings and navigate through life's challenges with resilience. Overall, this is all about embracing new experiences and going with the flow, allowing the sea of sentiments to guide you toward personal growth and fulfillment.

Fishing boat

In the dream realm, the interpretation of a fishing boat often derives from the Judeo-Christian tradition of dream theory. The fishing boat is often seen as an allegory for a spiritual journey, often one with great promise and potential for your future. In this case, the scenery and water indicates the severity of the trials ahead, with calm seas suggesting deep, emotional encounters and wild ones revealing a mixture of bewildering experiences and various temptations to give up. However, whether you are on this boat alone or are working together with others, successfully making it away from your port of origin to your destination reveals that the possibilities for your future happiness, wealth and satisfaction are boundless.

Boat as a house

Dreaming of a boat as a house signifies a journey of stability and adaptability. This dream symbolizes your ability to navigate life's challenges and find comfort even in unconventional situations. It reflects your resourcefulness and capacity to make the most of your surroundings. The boat-house fusion suggests the integration of movement and stability, reminding you of the importance of flexibility and resilience in your life journey. Embrace this dream as a message to find solace and security within yourself, regardless of external circumstances. Just as a boat-house serves dual purposes, you are encouraged to blend your strengths and adapt to various aspects of life with grace and ingenuity.