Dreams Related To Blue

What does it mean to dream of objects colored blue

Light blue color

A light blue color, like powder blue, sky blue or baby blue, has a very lucky dream meaning behind it. It could be the color of someone's eyes in your dream or the shallow parts of the ocean. This particular color means you would be blessed with successful projects and endeavors. So if you are still hesitating to pursue your passions or grab opportunities for fear of failure, now would be a good time to take a leap of faith while fortune is on your side. This is you mind assuring you of a good payoff for your efforts.

A dark blue color

A dark blue color, like navy blue or a shade of blue that is almost black, spells bad news in reality. This midnight blue color could appear in these dreams as the dominant color of your surroundings, featured prominently in your clothes or perhaps a wall of blue. All those dream scenarios are actually your mind warning you about the big troubles ahead. Moreover, it also represents your dark mood and possible depression that would take over because of the stress and emotional turmoil those problems and difficulties would bring.

A man with blue eyes

A man with cotton cap and blue eyes.

This dream can be viewed as a reflection of your own behavior and personality. In this context, blue eye are indicative of not being able to succeed or failing to achieve a goal because of your own excessively timid nature and indecisiveness. The cotton cap signifies your inability to focus on what could be really important, procrastination, or your tendency to concentrate on things which will not help you succeed.

Blue birds perched on branches in the field possible meaning if in dreams

A blue bird

A blue bird, perched on a tree branch or seen flying overhead, exemplifies your soul and your dormant skills and powers. There may still be parts of you that you have not yet uncovered which means you are not using your full potential. If the blue bird is just perching somewhere, like a branch or your shoulder, then you may be unaware of the full range of your capabilities. However, if you see the blue bird flying in the sky, then you would soon unlock latent talents and gifts, in relation to your career or even a whole new skill set.

Light blue clothes

Seeing pieces of clothes that are light blue or sky blue in color is a projection of the good news and success coming your way. If you are planning to venture into a new business or hobby, this is a sign that favorable results await you. Similarly, if you have dreams that you want to achieve, this dream is a go-signal for you to act on them, for a positive outcome is expected.

Focusing on something blue

Focusing on something blue, whether it is a blue clothing, light or piece of an object, means you are inherently good and noble. Despite facing numerous hardships or experiencing the ugly side of human nature, you are still capable of kindness and generosity towards others. This untarnished integrity and respected reputation mean you have a lot of people who may see you as a role model, especially your peers and even older individuals who may have become jaded through the years.

Trying to catch a blue butterfly

In my dream I kept trying to catch a blue butterfly. Every time I would catch it, it would eventually slip through my fingers. I kept trying to catch it and every time I did, it would get away.

Catching a butterfly within a dream usually is a good sign for your intimate life and is a favorable omen regarding your romantic involvement with someone. However, the act of trying to catch one and failing multiple times could easily mean the opposite. The color blue often represents ideas and connects to our ability to convey them. If you find yourself thinking about someone in a romantic way, it might be best to not actively pursue this person, as there is a possibility it would not end favorably for you.

Blue car

A car by itself can convey a multitude of meanings in the dream world depending on its characteristics. In esoteric groups, blue car dream meaning is very auspicious. It means you are headed towards financial freedom and prosperity, provided the car is in good condition. A blue vehicle can also be a metaphor for peace and spirituality. Perhaps you are tired of the daily grind and ready to turn your back on worldly matters in favor of soul-fulfilling pursuits.

Crystal clear blue water

The crystal clear blue water of your dream signals clarity of mind or purpose. It also denotes a sense of calm that comes from knowing your purpose or the next steps in your plan. Seeing this symbol in your dreams is very fortunate, as the emotions and events it surrounds are likely to be extremely good for you. This is especially true if you were swimming in a sea of crystal blue water or floating on it.

Lilac and plants blue in color

I dreamt of a lilac and light blue suede plant.

Dreaming of plants and flowers is often associated with peace and tranquility. The cooler blue and purple tones have been associated with romance, meaning if you have felt agitated about your feelings for someone, these emotions are likely to find an outlet quickly or whatever situation which has been causing you worry is soon to be resolved. This symbol portends achieving inner peace once your worries have been assuaged.

Blue rays

Blue rays, like emissions of light or blue-colored glimmers and radiation emanating from stained glass or reflective surfaces, is a harbinger of lurking danger and threats. There is a possibility that you could walk into a dangerous incident or predicament due to your trusting nature. Maybe you just choose to see the good in people and would completely ignore the warning signs. As such, this is your subconscious trying to strengthen your perceptions and keen intuition so you would avoid those sticky situations.

Royal blue

A rich shade of royal blue in the dream realm, be it on a piece of fabric, a work of art or out in nature, represents strength and wealth. This strong color is associated with peace of mind from knowing that you have everything you need. In some cases this refers directly to physical needs, like having enough food, money or clothes to feel like a literal prince or princess. In other situations, however, it takes on a more figurative meaning, suggesting you have the tools and knowhow to get through whatever challenges life throws your way.

Drawing a picture of blue ocean

I had a dream that I was drawing the sea with blue-color waves, sunshine and also with a boat. What is the meaning of it?

Drawing the image of a boat sailing the sea with the sun shining points to your optimistic nature. Even though the depiction of this scene contains blue waves, meaning disturbance or change, the sunshine reveals your hopeful view that no matter what happens, it would still be a smooth sailing journey overall. Alternatively, this could be a reflection of your yearning for a calm and peaceful existence. Perhaps your reality is a little problematic and you are drawing this ideal scene in the dream to represent your desire to have less complicated proceedings in the real world. Nevertheless, both possibilities still have nuances of optimistic thinking, which may help you weather the challenges ahead.

Blue fish in the shower attacking

I was in the bathroom and poured water into the tub. When I looked back, I saw the most beautiful blue fish, when I went to examine it there were more than one... One on top of another, and the one at the top was trying to get out, so I tried to push it back... Then it jumped out and I ran to the door and before I could close the door... it was trying to attack me!

Pouring water in the bathtub in your dream means you have been hankering for some rest and relaxation. You may be under a lot of stress and your mind is muddled by concerns at work and at home. Hence, the blue fish trying to attack you represents emotional turbulence such as anger and frustration. These negative energies that are growing out of your overworked mind and body could end up damaging your health and well-being. Perhaps you need to take a step back and have a bit of time to pamper yourself.

Blue gemstone

Seeing a particular color of gemstones in your dream holds an interpretation significant to your waking world. For instance, a blue gemstone symbolizes a new attitude in life. It also represents healing and a boost in your self-esteem. Moreover, this vision is also related to fortunate events that are coming your way. Your efforts will be rewarded. You will also start achieving some of your goals in life. Just be careful not to let materialism work toward you, for this will highly affect the outcome of your hard work.

Blue snakes blocking way out

I dreamed I was in a building, with 3 entrances. Each entrance had a blue snake blocking my way out. One blue snake was huge, other two long but thinner. Someone near me pushed the smaller one back with something, and I got out. The snakes were light blue.

The building itself represents you and your state of mind. In that context, the doors or entrances are your choices for a major decision you have to make. Since you are trying to get out of the building, perhaps those entrances symbolize an escape from your own insecurities and doubts. The snakes similarly symbolize your fears and uncertainties especially when it comes to your skills and abilities. You could be planning to strike out on your own, become more independent and self-sufficient yet your fears are holding you back. The three snakes likely represent specific reservations or apprehensions you have, some are crippling you more than others, but it would only take a bit more courage or encouragement for you to start pursuing your goals.

A swarm of blue butterflies

I had one blue butterfly appear and slowly more and more, until I was completely overwhelmed and choking on blue butterflies.

Dreaming of butterflies covering your body and completely overwhelming you is surprisingly enough an auspicious sign. It represents good fortune for you in the near future. You may inherit wealth or receive a coveted promotion at work. This dream can also be interpreted as a sign of speedy recovery. If you or someone close to you suffers from an illness or affliction, it may soon be the time of receiving good and encouraging news.

A girl in a blue dress on a sunny day

I'm a male that has been talking to a girl. I had a dream that I saw her, she was walking, I was watching her from a moving car. She was wearing a blue dress and it was sunny.

Seeing a girl in a blue dress reveals your yearning to achieve some semblance of success and achievement. She represents your dreams and ambitions, hence the sunny weather reflects your idea of what your life would be if you reached your aspirations. Perhaps your situation in reality does not meet your expectations and you are wondering about taking a different path in life.

Dying hair blue

Many books suggest that the meaning behind a change in hair color in a vision is usually attributed to a person's mindset. The color blue, in particular, refers to positive thinking patterns. You have a calm demeanor to any adversities you face. You are an optimistic person who always looks at the bright side of every situation and gives the benefit of the doubt to any people or mysteries around you. However, this mentality is not always beneficial, for you can easily get deceived by people who like to take advantage of you.

A woman wearing blue and lighting a candle

A woman in blue panties and a candle that was not lit, and somebody walking to go light it.

Both of these symbolic visions speak of existing sexual desires or anticipated encounters. Lighting a candle predicts receiving sexual pleasure, particularly in a way that you have thought about or wanted for some time. This dream also indicates that, should you wish for this to happen, you need to act proactively and communicate it clearly with the object of your desire. Similarly, seeing clothes blue in color in this dream refers to having your dreams or wants come true. You will be able to realize your intentions some time in the future and this will give you much satisfaction.

A blue and a red birds together

Hi, so I had a dream of a red bird and a blue bird and they were sitting together cuddling up. And my boyfriend likes the color blue and me pink and red and seeing those birds made me think of him. So what does it mean to see two birds leaning next to each other?

Visions of birds highlight the dreamer's hopes and aspirations. They can also be interpreted as symbols of freedom. The red and blue birds in your dream allude to different ideals. The blue bird carries messages of reconciliation and conflict resolution, while the red one is a symbol of fiery tempers and aggression. Perhaps the point of the dream is to illustrate your and your boyfriend's complementary characteristics. You balance each other's energies in order to achieve harmony and bring out the best in each other.

A coyote, a kitten, blue nail polish and shorts

A small gray coyote came inside house, following me around, I didn't want it in, so got it out, it found its way back in. It wasn't aggressive. Also, looking at nail polish, liked the blue color. Thinking of buying the blue. My shorts were too big on me, I was showing an old friend how much too big they were. Small white kitten, had something wrong with it, wound on its back. It wanted me to keep it, but I couldn't. It jumped off the chair, and seemed to hurt, needed medical. I let it go.

The coyote following you around at the beginning of the vision refers to untrustworthy people circling you in reality. Perhaps some event in your life has made you easy prey for less scrupulous individuals. The blue nail polish you saw, however, means you have a lucky charm or a guardian angel nearby. This situation is supported by the clothes that appear too large for you, as it is indicative of a large change in your life. It may be the same one that preceded the opportunistic coyote at the beginning of the vision, or it may be the result of your actions in response to this situation. Finally, the wounded white kitten is actually a symbolic representation of "a wolf in sheep's clothing." It suggests that you may be tempted to share your circumstances with someone who is a more recent addition to you circle. However, be advised that this person may be one of those who are looking for weakness or a chance to take advantage of your good heart.

Interiors of blue color

Being inside a room with blue interiors, like mostly blue furniture or various shades of blue as the overall theme of the interior design, means your plans could fall through or ultimately lead to failure. Perhaps a lack of preparation is the problem or your inability to rally your colleagues to cooperate or believe in your vision. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also point to possible family conflict and quarrels because of your self-destructive behavior, recklessness or a cheating incident.

A blue frog jumping into the sky

I dreamed that I put a blue frog inside my bag, but it got away. Then I saw it jump so high, it also took a wedding veil as it jumped. When it fell down, a man tried to catch it and gave me the frog. But again the frog got away and leaped again. It fell down on the grass where a black pig also was there.

This vision about trying to catch an elusive frog represents the journey you are on in order to fulfill your goals and desires. Blue is often the color of dreams you wish to have granted, so trying to catch this frog suggests that what you yearn for is always just beyond your grasp. These goals may include marriage (as seen in the wedding veil) or an opportunity to improve your situation (the man who tried to give you the frog). However, your pursuits are likely to be in vain, the time and effort you put into this path only distract you from taking care of yourself in the here and now, meaning that you should be paying more attention to your health and daily tasks rather than investing in some improbable future.

A blue angel losing wings

What does a skeleton blue angel losing its wings mean?

The image of a skeleton mixed with an angel is a highly ominous sign. It predicts the seed of a major conflict being sewn between you and someone you considered a close friend and ally once in your waking life. The loss of the wings further supports this interpretation, showing a literal "falling out of favor" in each other's eyes.