Dreams Related To Blood

Blood from a wound

Seeing blood oozing from a wound in your dream represents cycles of illness or periods of extreme worries. It can also be a sign of your inability to make the right decisions in order to bring your current endeavors to completion.

Blood in water

Having a dream where you discover there is blood in the water is a sign of bad luck. It signifies misfortune will enter your life or in the lives of your loved ones. Expect this situation to continue until you develop the strength to repent of your sins and find personal salvation.

Blood dripping

Dreaming of seeing blood dripping on the ground or floor from up high is a good sign. It means long awaited happiness and benefits to take advantage of with events working out in your favor coming your way in the near future.

Traces of blood

Seeing yourself following tracks or traces of blood means you have an opportunity to take your time while pursuing your goal. Try relaxing and wait a while to see how the situation unfolds, it may end up turning into a very beneficial opportunity for you.

Blood on the body

Dreaming of seeing blood on your body is a sign that you are getting ready to receive some important and unexpected news from one of your family members or someone else who is close to you.

Blood on clothing

Dreaming of seeing blood on your clothing or blood splattered all over the place is a warning that those who are trying to compete with you will take it upon themselves to go the extra mile to make sure they undermine all the plans or projects you are currently pursuing.

After having this dream, you need to reexamine the relationship you have with your latest acquaintances or friends, and you need to exercise caution and wisdom when allowing yourself to welcome new people into your inner circle.

Swimming in blood

Dreaming of seeing yourself swimming in a pool of blood means you are about to encounter some incredible events or extraordinary situations that will surprise you because you were not expecting these type of occurrences to ever happen in your life.

Blood coming from the chest

I was with the guy I am very casually hooking up with in a park and I was sucking his dick. Then all of a sudden there was blood and we had to stop and I thought I had accidentally bit him but the blood was coming from his chest. I had to go see my parents but we were gonna meet back up quickly afterward. It took a while to get back to him and in that time I thought he was blowing me off, but then I found him with his family and friends and we sat down with them and he started to get affectionate.

Performing oral sex means you probably want to experiment with your current sexual partner or perhaps find a younger, more adventurous alternative. Drawing blood during oral sex suggests the discovery of something surprising about this person, although it could also be a cry for help. He could be suffering from a broken heart and meeting you has helped him heal from the emotional pain. It could also suggest fragility. Unlike you, he tends to get emotionally attached and you are afraid you might hurt him. In addition, since the blood was from his chest, then it means he may have developed feelings for you and perhaps you share this feeling since because you managed to enter his personal circle of family and friends in your vision. Maybe a part of you wants to learn more about him.

Blood in tap water and toilet

Opened a tap to get water, after went to use the toilet. The water came mixed with blood and my hands became blood stained.

A dream where you see blood in water is a bad omen. It points to upcoming misfortune about to fall on your household. Blood is also related to family, so the coming obstacle could be directly linked to familial bonds and conflict with loved ones. You may have been ignoring the signs of trouble for a while now and the cracks of conflict are starting to show due to neglect. Perhaps one way to avoid further problems is to confront the issue head on. You may need to develop the strength to recognize your own flaws and failures in order to obtain clarity in finding a resolution.

Animal blood

Dreaming of seeing an animal losing its blood or blood originated from an animal means that all those things you have been dreaming about and would like to happen have a high probability of coming to fruition.

Blood on hands

Dreaming of seeing blood on your hands is a warning to focus more of your attention on your own personal welfare and the things you are currently working on. If you do not, then you are opening yourself up to the possibility of having bad luck and an inability to do well in life.

Blood from the nose

Dreaming of seeing blood coming from your nose may indeed indicate upcoming financial setbacks or a streak of bad luck in financial matters. This dream serves as a warning to be cautious and prudent with your finances in the near future. It's a signal to take measures to protect your financial stability and consider making wise investments or savings to mitigate potential setbacks.

Spotting blood on the body

Dreaming of locating or spotting traces of blood on the body is a warning about suffering from shame or degradation that comes from your current behavior or antics. This can also be a sign of a long recovery from injuring yourself.

Blood on the floor

The vivid image of blood pooled on the floor can have negative connotations according to traditional sources. It means you could soon make a choice or reveal a part of yourself that would disappoint or hurt those around you, specifically your family or close friends. For instance, you may decide to pursue a career path your parents do not approve of or maybe your life choices would be frowned upon in your culture or religious community. If there were any items near or in the puddle of blood, perhaps it could give more clarity to the situation you would be dealing with.

Someone losing a lot of blood

Dreaming about someone losing a lot of blood means that the relationship you have with him or her will eventually grow sour or end altogether because of your own selfishness and refusal to be more supportive toward this person.

Drinking blood

Dreams of drinking blood symbolize a sense of empowerment or gaining strength. Your perspective emphasizes the idea of hope and dreams coming true, signifying a positive turn in your life. It can be seen as an encouraging dream that points to a period of optimism and the realization of your desires and goals.

Spitting blood

Dreaming of seeing yourself or someone else spitting up blood is a sign that you are about to undergo a period of minor sickness or extreme tiredness because of the extended hours of overtime you are investing into your current projects or endeavors.

Blood on other people

Dreaming of seeing blood on other people's clothes or bodies can be interpreted as a warning about potential health concerns affecting a family member or close relative. The presence of blood in the dream may symbolize illness or a minor disease that could compromise their well-being. It encourages a cautious approach to the health of those around you and suggests being attentive to any signs of potential health issues.

Blood mixed with saliva

Dreaming of being exposed to blood mixed with saliva is a warning about someone in your family passing away or the potential passing of someone in your immediate family. If this dream has left you feeling distressed, exploring your emotions and concerns in a supportive environment can be helpful. Seeking comfort from loved ones or professional advice may provide perspective on the underlying fears or anxieties connected to the dream.

Someone covered with blood

Encountering someone covered in blood in your dream may be indicative of a potential disagreement or argument on the horizon. This conflict could involve a close friend, roommate, or acquaintance who is currently part of your social circle. The vivid imagery of blood suggests that emotions may run high during this altercation, and it's advisable to be prepared for potential confrontations or differences of opinion with those around you.

Blood stained clothes

Seeing blood-stained clothing in your dreams is traditionally considered a harbinger of sadness and misfortune. This vivid image is supposed to figuratively imitate reality, meaning your enemies would do whatever it takes to make sure your plans go awry. Unless you take drastic measures to protect your work, you could face several major setbacks.

Splattered blood

Seeing splattered blood all around you in your dream is a sign of exhaustion and may be caused by either your physical, emotional, or financial state. It can also be a sign of facing degradation, damages to your character or finances, or even death.

Blood coming from the head

Dreaming of seeing blood coming from your head means you are much too busy spending excessive time on dealing with your personal issues or family problems that may not have a chance to be resolved any time soon.

Ruby-red blood

Dreaming of seeing ruby-red blood can be a disconcerting sign, often associated with negative events. This dream may suggest the impending loss of a family member, potentially an immediate family member. The vivid and intense red color of the blood symbolizes the severity of the situation, indicating that the upcoming event could be emotionally challenging and impactful.

Tears of blood

Dreaming of seeing yourself crying tears of blood is a bad sign. It means you are about to get yourself entangled in a highly controversial and scandalous situation, which will have a very negative effect on your self-esteem and cause you to doubt yourself.

Trying to stop blood

Dreaming about trying to stop blood from an open wound or a bad cut represents your longing to be around someone who has recently passed away, and it represents the grief you feel about this person who is no longer present in your life.

Blood as a result of a hit

Seeing blood oozing out as a result of you hitting someone in your dream is a sign to avoid getting involved in any way in a conflict or dispute between two people who are close to you. If you intervene in their conflict, you may suffer negative consequences for doing so.

Ground covered with blood

Seeing the ground covered with blood in your dream is a sign of conflicts and casualties occurring among family and friends. It also means you will soon be experiencing extreme hardships in your life.

Thickened blood

Dreaming of thickened blood that has crusted over can be interpreted as a potential health concerns or the gradual decline of well-being. The thickened and crusted blood may symbolize stagnation or a lack of vitality, suggesting that your health may be at risk. The dream serves as a metaphorical warning, encouraging you to pay attention to your physical well-being and take preventive measures. It may prompt you to adopt healthier lifestyle choices, seek medical advice, or undergo regular health check-ups to address potential health issues before they escalate.

People covered with blood

Dreaming of seeing people nearby covered with blood is a bad sign. It could represent the onset of a lingering illness or some other unpleasant health issue that will affect one of your loved ones.

House filled with blood

Having a dream and seeing a house filled with blood all over the place is a good sign. It means you are about to get an additional member to the family who will grow up to be a very successful, prosperous, or famous person whose lifestyle and social status will change the perception people have about your family.

A gush of blood

My dream was a literal loop in which I would stand up off a couch, my IUD came out, followed by a gush of blood, and then the actions repeated.

Blood gushing out of your body suggests you are struggling to keep your emotions in check. You are probably exhausted from all your personal and work-related obligations that you are craving for some time off in order to recuperate and regain balance. Furthermore, the IUD means source of your stress could be predominantly related to your partner or significant other. You think you are being pressured to be this domesticated, motherly figure, when you have a different view of who you are. On the other hand, an IUD can also reveal fears of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe you are worried about certain physical symptoms, so you may want to get yourself checked out just to be sure.

Giving your blood for blood work

Dreaming of giving your blood in order for it to be medically tested is a sign that you will have to be involved in a lot of trivial but aggravating events that will need to be dealt with quickly.

After having this dream, you need to evaluate your circumstance and put things in the right perspective, making it a goal to make those things that need to be done soon a top priority. Prioritizing is the only way to get these tasks done since you have already wasted too much time and effort trying to do them without having a strategy.

Being covered with blood

Someone had a vision of me being covered in blood.

If someone had a vision of you being covered in blood, it means they are about to learn something about you that you were trying to hide from them. It could be a good intention on your part, when you did not want to hurt them emotionally or cause a stirrup while trying to help them achieve their goals, or it could be something more sinister, perhaps things related to being jealous of their quick success or things that bother you to a point when you feel it is necessary to interfere to prove them wrong.

Urinating blood

To urinate blood or to find blood in your urine symbolizes catharsis. Dream analysis associates blood with passion, while urination implies release. Together these symbols indicate letting go of your painful emotional baggage. Furthermore, spirituality interprets blood in the dreamscape as love. After suffering through a heartbreak or rejection, you will finally find the strength to pull yourself together and build up your self-esteem.

Blood being taken

Having your blood being drawn in the dream realm, especially in a hospital or clinic context, is a strong and highly significant symbol to perceive. According to the works of John Paul Jackson, this portent reveals that recently you have been struggling due to a feeling of being overwhelmed. Much like the slow dripping of blood into the vial, you probably feel like your energy is being zapped away. This situation is a test of your endurance and fortitude. If you can make it through, you would have even more confidence in your abilities and determination to get the job done.

Drawing your own blood

Seeing yourself inserting a needle into your veins and drawing your own blood in your dream means you will soon experience some loss in your life, or you will experience extreme fatigue from doing very demanding and challenging work or activities.

Falling in a puddle of blood

Dreaming about slipping and falling in a puddle of blood is a good sign. It means you are going to achieve tremendous wealth, and your newly found prosperity will cause your life to be filled with much happiness and peace.

Losing large amounts of blood

Dreams of losing significant amounts of blood or bleeding to death can symbolize feelings of loneliness and the recurring episodes of depression that may arise due to a lack of companionship. It's essential to address these emotions and consider seeking social connections or support from friends and family. Understanding the root causes of these feelings and finding ways to alleviate them, such as through social interaction, therapy, or activities that bring joy, can be essential in promoting mental well-being and reducing the impact of isolation and sadness on your life.

Shedding someone's blood

Dreaming of seeing yourself attacking someone and shedding his or her blood means you lack the motivation and determination to solve a problem or an issue. If you develop more confidence and gain a positive image of yourself, you will be able to deal with these problems.

Trying to wash off traces of blood

Dreaming of watching yourself trying to wash off traces of blood on your skin or clothes means you have the potential to make yourself vulnerable by following other people's advice without questioning the rationale of their opinions or considering your own thoughts on the matter.

This dream is warning you to start relying on your own way of thinking in situations where your opinions will work to your advantage and help you succeed. This means it's time to stop being so dependent upon others and start having confidence in yourself in order to be more successful in life.

Licking blood off

Seeing yourself licking the blood off of an object is a sign of potential trouble while driving. It is mainly due to your carelessness, and this inability to pay attention to your surroundings may cause you to experience some negative consequences you may regret later on after they occur.

Blood gushing out very quickly

Witnessing a lot of blood gushing out very quickly from your body in a dream represents you acting or behaving in such a manner that will be either displeasing, embarrassing, or unacceptable to the people who are in your inner social circle.

Being flooded with blood

Dreaming of seeing yourself or your house being flooded with blood coming out of nowhere is a good sign. It means the current plans or projects that you are putting your time and energy into are bound to become a success and will bring you a lot of happiness when they are completed.

Cold blood

Dreaming about seeing and sensing cold blood represents the weak unity found within your current relationship with someone, and it could mean an eventual breakup from this person or a temporary separation.

Unable to stop blood

Dreaming of being unable to stop blood from flowing from a wound or body opening may suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed or experiencing a sense of helplessness in your waking life. It means you may become a victim of severe headaches and migraines in the near future. Consider taking steps to address any sources of stress or pressure in your life to regain a sense of control and well-being. Additionally, if you frequently experience headaches or migraines, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and guidance.

Someone unable to stop blood

In the realm of dreams, observing someone grappling with uncontrollable external bleeding could symbolize their forthcoming receipt of a modest financial bonus, a distinctive monetary benefit, or an exclusive economic incentive. This vision hints at potential financial gains or unexpected rewards in the waking world.

Getting stained with someone's blood

Seeing yourself getting your clothes stained with someone's blood means this person may become romantically involved with you and become your soul mate, and your relationship with this person will bring you much joy and satisfaction.

Drinking your own blood

Seeing yourself drinking your own blood in a dream means you are obsessing over yourself and being too self-centered while neglecting to consider and take care of the needs and desires of people who are seeking you out for help.

Coughing up blood

A bloody cough in dreamscape indicates health issues or anxiety about your health. There could be an epidemic going around and you are deathly afraid of catching the virus. Alternatively, finding blood on your cough can be an allusion to an accidental confession. You could reveal damaging information about someone while your guards are down or when you are inebriated. Or perhaps during a bad day you could say hurtful things to your significant other which will damage your relationship for good.

Blood on your pad

Period blood is often considered an allusion to a transformation process, especially in older or traditional religions. Therefore, seeing blood on your menstrual pad during the course of a dream vision may be a sign of harnessing the power of your change for your benefit. For instance, going through a heartbreak could give you the experience and strength to stick up for yourself in the future. Alternatively, physical transformations, like adopting a healthier lifestyle may empower you to make other positive changes in your life.

A woman spitting blood in the face

I am a fitness instructor. I dreamt about a woman in my class who was new, running up to me and spitting blood out in my face. What does that mean?

This dream, though both disturbing and gory, could indicate the presence of some psychic sensitivities on your part. Blood pouring from the face is often associated with the idea of death and tragedy. The fact that this blood was coming from another person suggests that they are the ones who may suffer, though this person from your fitness class could just be a stand-in for someone else you know. In either case, while you may not be directly affected by this loss, you are likely to feel sympathy and sadness for the difficult time this individual must go through.

Forced to drink blood mixed urine

What does it mean to dream about someone drinking your blood mixed with urine for the person to be an unrighteous person and to want more of the mixture. And for you to be running errands it seemed to get the blood? What does it mean to dream of this person first trying to captivate and doing so, then spending time with that person and all of this taking place afterwards for that person to act disgusted with you?

Dreaming that someone is drinking a mixture of your blood and urine alludes to opening yourself up to someone intimately. It could be an individual in the waking world who expressed a desire to get to know you on a deeper level, with your flaws and weaknesses. Blood represents your drive and passion, while urine represents the more unsavory aspects of your personality. The vision cautions you from putting your guard down for someone who promises loyalty and understanding, yet ends up running away when you allow yourself to become vulnerable after revealing your weaker sides.

A blood clot traveling through body

I was stuck by a needle in my right leg, it then turned into a blood clot traveling from my leg to my head. I feared that I would die when the clot got to my brain.

Your legs help you achieve your goals and arrive at your preferred destination. As such, the needle piercing your leg and causing a blood clot likely points to personal issues and impediments stunting your personal progress and undermining your confidence. There could have been an event in the past or recently that caused lasting emotional and psychological pain. It may even make you doubt your capabilities, transforming you into someone riddled with insecurities. You can always choose to rise from this incident instead of being defined by it.

Blood on hands after scratching head

Dreamed of my head being itching and scratching it and when looking at my hand I had bits of chunky blood on my hands but none on my head. Started to vomit blood in a crack in the concrete outside. Mom and aunt were worried.

An itchy head could be a metaphor for unfinished business or unrealized dreams. You are therefore itching to pursue certain ideas or goals, yet something in your waking world is stopping you. Similarly, since blood can symbolize passion, vomiting blood in this dream could allude to your waning motivation and enthusiasm. Perhaps you have been feeling uninspired lately and you are just going through the motions of doing your work despite the fact that you have not felt fulfilled or satisfied for quite a while.

Unable to see someone's blood

Someone's nose is bleeding, but I can't see the blood.

Dreaming about a bleeding nose could signal a possible future loss of money or other kinds of personal possessions, possibly relating to projects you are initiating now. You may, therefore, be at risk of a financial failure. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take a closer look at your budget, since nose bleeding related dream visions reflect an unlucky relationship with money and finances. However, since you could not see the blood, this situation may not be imminent, but worth taking care of.

A red fish in a river of blood

I was in a boat floating down a river of blood. The flow of the blood river seemed to be steady. I was with a male companion. While I couldn't see his face I sensed he was male. He reached his hand into the blood river and caught a red fish with bulging eyes. The fish was naturally red in color and still seemed to be alive. I was in awe because the fish was naturally camouflaged by the blood and I didn't know how this man was able to find the fish. He held it in his hand. Then the dream ended.

Sailing on a river of blood denotes your hunger for success. You are willing to risk a lot and work with everything you have in order to make your dreams materialize. However, the journey to realizing your ultimate goals is one that you cannot make on your own, just like your journey through the bloody river. As such, the male companion is someone you would meet in reality who would help you navigate your way to success and prosperity. The red fish represents passion, ambition and energy required to pursue your dreams. This person has the uncanny ability to recognize lucrative opportunities which together you can pursue and excel at. You may have already met this person who shares your interests and has the same drive as you.

Trying to wash blood away

I saw someone with an open wound to the abdomen and blood was gushing quickly. However we managed to stop it from bleeding and he didn't die. I then found myself in that bathroom washing the blood clots away. I was pouring water on the tiles but the more I washed the more blood I kept seeing. Thick ruby red clot blood.

Seeing someone bleeding from their abdomen portends soon going through a very difficult period of time characterized by loss and misfortune. Your attempts to stop the bleeding and eventual success reveal that it is unlikely that anyone close to you would perish, but it does seem that a friend or close family member could become injured or quite ill. The blood on your hands represents your personal grief. Not being able to wash this blood away, then, could allude to deep trauma caused by this situation. You would need to take care of yourself mentally or spiritually.