Dreams Related To Blonde

Having a child with a blonde stranger

I am a single male, 41 years old with no children. I dreamt that a blonde faceless woman was pregnant with my child. A daughter to be exact. She was very kind and sweet to me. She didn't tell me about being pregnant because she didn't want to burden me. We ran into each other while out. I was so happy to find out the news and and asked to be in the child's life as much as she will allow me. I held the pregnant woman, we had affection and love but were not together. I felt such love and was happy.

In dream analysis, getting someone pregnant represents an inconvenience. Something will happen which will disrupt your current routine. Fortunately, the other symbols in the dream suggest this disruption will be a welcome change of pace. The unborn daughter, which you do not have in reality, symbolizes a developing idea or an emerging plan. This could be a new investment opportunity, a business venture, or even a blossoming romance. The process of implementing your plans will be full of challenges and require a lot of your time and energy. The joy you felt at the end of the dream reveals your enthusiasm about this upcoming project. If you are feeling rudderless and dejected lately, then expect things to improve because you will find a sense of fulfillment soon enough.

A blonde man by the bed

I opened my eyes from sleeping and saw a very blonde-haired man with a light blue T-shirt and tan or khaki pants standing beside my bed just looking at me. I screamed and blinked my eyes and he was gone.

While it is certainly strange to see an unfamiliar face visiting you in the dream world, this visitor seems to come with happy tidings. Blonde, fair-haired strangers are often thought to predict taking up a new hobby or trying a new activity in reality. This is combined with the blue T-shirt, a color symbolically tied to the idea of dreams coming true. It is possible, then, that this pastime is something you have wanted to take part in for some time but maybe did not have the time, money or energy to invest before. Now may be the time to explore and pursue those dreams and see where they take you.