Dreams Related To Blisters

Boils and blisters on the feet

A painful dream! I have blisters in my feet and my feet were getting disfigured, big boils.

A dream in which your feet appear to be disfigured and full of blisters could represent certain subconscious desires. You may secretly wish to achieve a level of financial or material wealth but refuse to admit it, perhaps even to yourself. Your current financial situation could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.

Painful blisters

I don't remember much but I had blisters all over my body and I felt them, they burned! I remember just lying down and couldn't move thinking the blisters were improving.

Dreaming about having blisters on your body is a manifestation of your desire to achieve greater wealth and success in your waking life. It's an indication that you would like your financial situation to improve, so you could accomplish your goals. However, the fact that you were in pain reveals that you are doing all that is in your power to turn the situation in your favor. Your thoughts regarding possible improvement in your condition could be the silver lining which may portend that things would eventually start to get better.

Having blisters and baby teeth

I dreamed I had a fever blister on my lip, then later, I had second fever blisters on my lip. Later in the dream, there were tiny baby teeth along the gums inside of my mouth, not near my teeth, but down along the gums.

Finding blisters on your lips means you will encounter communication problems in reality. Your might say the wrong thing at the wrong time which will cause conflict in your relationships. For example, you could inadvertently insult your superior who would retaliate by giving you more workload. In addition, the baby teeth indicate health issues. The pain you have been ignoring or a minor discomfort could indicate a more serious disease which requires long-term treatment. The earlier you seek a physician's help, the faster your recovery will be. Alternatively, the strange issues with your mouth could also refer to poor oral hygiene. You need to take care of your body more to avoid expenses on easily preventable health concerns.