Dreams Related To Blackout

Scary people during a blackout

I've had recurring dreams of blackouts in my house right after the sun sets. Grey skinny people with no clothes with reflective eyes and no mouths come out of the walls in the darkest areas of my house and they swarm towards my family and I, but only I could see them. A week after the dream, the power went out and while I stumbled around for a flashlight I found myself in the same place turning the same way as I was in the dream. I've been trying to figure out what the "people" are and why they were present.

Dream visions about blackouts or power outages could be an allusion to feelings of being lost or ignored. You may be experiencing these dreams whenever you are about to enter a period of uncertainty, possibly new work or new responsibilities. During these periods of adjustment, you feel as though you are stumbling in the dark while trying to find your way around. Consequently, the people without mouths likely symbolize passivity and powerlessness. In relation to the period of uncertainty, you could feel helpless about the situation, which could push you to become more passive and just going with the flow without much control. Perhaps your mind is telling you to resist feelings of inadequacy and thoughtless compliance. This vision shows you the power of the mind, that your line of thought can affect your ability to succeed.