Dreams Related To Birth

Your own birth

Witnessing your own birth during a dream vision sheds light on an upcoming opportunity to reinvent yourself or start life with a clean slate. However, your plans to start afresh may backfire or not lead to as much happiness as you would have hoped. In some cases, this dream symbol means you would overcome some anxiety or concern that has been weighing you down by coming up with a new plan to deal with the problem.

Birth of a child for elderly

For elderly people or older men and women, the birth of a child represents having worries or concerns about the current state of your affairs. Perhaps your health is not where you want it, or maybe you are having trouble with younger relatives in reality. Alternatively, this same symbol can be associated with a decline in health and well-being. You may soon have trouble with your lower intestines, urinary organs or incontinence.

Birth of a child for young women

For young women, the birth of a child is a highly auspicious symbol. It is indicative of an upcoming joyous occasion, like a party or celebration. Similarly, this symbol has also been linked to experiences and occurrences that reaffirm your faith in humanity, like watching a good deed by others or volunteering for a meaningful cause.

Birth of a child for ambitious dreamers

For those with big dreams and many ambitions, the birth of a child represents reaping the benefits of your hard work. You may soon turn an unexpected profit, garner the respect and admiration of your peers or find yourself on the precipice of getting everything you have ever wanted. This would cause you to feel both extremely excited at your future prospects and humbled by how far you have come.

Birth of a child for single women

For single and unmarried women, the birth of a child holds special meaning. It predicts soon walking down the aisle or finding a life partner with whom you would build a happy and prosperous life. All of your combined efforts would yield amazing results, and you would be blessed by good luck and fortune.

Birth of a sick of dead baby

The birth of a sick baby or a stillborn baby carries an ominous connotation in the realm of night visions. It is a harbinger of doom and misfortune for any goal you have recently made for yourself or a task that you have been assigned. No matter how much effort you put into it or how much research and planning you undertake, the result would be a resounding failure, causing you much disappointment and frustration.

Birth as a result of unwanted pregnancy

Going through with a birth even though the pregnancy was unwanted during a dream vision may reflect you current worries and suspicions in wake life. In essence, most of your negative emotions would be centered on topics that do not actually matter. You would do better to shift your thoughts toward more productive endeavors, as this would both be a better use of time and a more surefire method of improving your mood.

Unwanted babies may also represent an upcoming situation or series of events where you would be the victim of slander, gossip or rude, disrespectful behavior. In some cases you could be completely innocent of the charges laid against you, but in some situations you would be culpable for all those misdeeds and more. You would only be able to maintain your moral high ground, however, in the first scenario.

Birth of a son for men

For men or those who identify as male, the birth of a son or male heir is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It is associated with beneficial developments related to your work situation or career path. Just as a newborn child reflects rejuvenation and fresh blood, so is this symbol linked with the idea of injecting fresh energy and enthusiasm into your business and financial matters. You may get a raise, find a better position than you currently occupy or gain a good reputation in your field after witnessing this dream symbol.

Birth of a child for expecting mothers

For expecting mothers, the birth of a child in the dream world is an auspicious symbol for her own upcoming birth. It suggests she would have an uncomplicated and generally mild labor, and it also means her baby would be healthy and energetic.

Birth of twins or triplets for couples

For married couples or those in a committed relationship, the birth of twins or triplets during a dream vision reflects improvements taking place within the household. You may soon see an improvement in your household finances, increased revenue from a home business or better overall relations among family members.

Birth of a baby for unexpecting women

An unexpected birth for a woman during a dream vision portends that she would have an uncomplicated, easy birth in the future. The child is also likely to be healthy and energetic.

Complications during birth of existing child

Experiencing complications during the birth of an already existing child, such as going through the birth of your son or daughter again during a dream, may reveal that you need to pay more attention to them in reality. Your subconscious is picking up on their internal distress, leading you to relive the love and affection you have had for them since the moment of their birth, despite the pain and discomfort. During their hardship, you may need to offer advice, step in to protect them or simply be willing to listen while they work through things on their own.

Your own children giving birth

The interpretation of this vision depends on the exact combination you perceived in the vision. For example, if you saw your daughter giving birth to a son, it may shed light on upcoming happiness in her family life or finding a kind, generous man with whom to share her life. Alternatively, dreaming that your son has become a parent to a male child means his career is about to take off or that he may soon accomplish one of his professional goals soon. In either case, you would feel much happiness and satisfaction knowing that your children are cared for and successful.

Birth of kittens

Envisioning the birth of kittens in the context of a dream vision represents soon feeling fear or having anxiety, which would make it difficult to think rationally or make good decisions for yourself. A larger litter may point toward multiple unreasonable causes for worry, while a smaller litter may mean there would be fewer concerns on your mind, but they would be more important to you or last longer. It may be wise to ask for outside opinions or sit down in a calm, quiet place to find a good solution to your problems.

A cat giving birth to kittens

Envisioning a cat in the middle of giving birth means you would soon be betrayed or lied to in reality. You would be stabbed in the back by someone you once considered a good friend or someone you have spent time and energy mentoring in the past. Their lack of loyalty would cut you deep and cause much sadness.

Witnessing birth of fluffy kittens

Seeing the birth of particularly fluffy, fuzzy kittens means that the man or woman you are currently dating may not be all they represent themselves to be. They may only be with you in order to advance their selfish desires rather than because they like you. If you do not know much about your significant other's past or plans for the future, you may want to learn more before you commit fully to the relationship.

Color of the kittens during their birth

The birth of kittens can be interpreted different ways depending on their color. For example, white kittens suggest that some difficulty you are currently having would be overcome soon, while black kittens mean sickness, death or misfortune would be on your doorstep. Red kittens represent upcoming changes or friction for your current romantic relationship, meaning you could soon have a fight or go through an event that would change the dynamics you were used to. Alternatively, for married women, red kittens could reveal that she would soon have a romantic liaison with a much younger man.

Very quick and painless birth

Watching someone give birth and noticing that it was quick and relatively painless means you may soon receive an inheritance that you were not expecting or some other monetary gift. Alternatively, you could also find that you have better luck than normal or that you have surrounded yourself with individuals who would make your life rich and fulfilling.

Witnessing someone's birth

Witnessing the birth of a child denotes a life-changing moment. Your long-time feud with someone will finally get resolved or a cancer-stricken friend will soon be in remission. This could also refer to personal growth, such as quitting smoking for good, becoming vegan or volunteering in your community. It will not be an overnight change. It will take work and time, but at least you know that all the investment will pay off for everyone involved.

Birth of something unusual

Birthing or witnessing a birth of something unusual, such as an alien or a strange object, means you will enter a period of intense creativity. Inspiration will strike at any time, so make sure you have a phone or paper with you to record your ideas. By associative method, this imagery also refers to unconventional behavior. You are open to experiencing new things and trying out risky activities. This is a period of rebirth in which every imagery in your dream may trigger new ideas, so keep a dream journal and pursue creative hobbies to channel your vivid thoughts.

Giving birth with blood

In the Biblical sense, giving birth with blood signifies a misfortune falling upon your family. A loved one will fall into bad vices and destroy their good life. It is up to you to intervene or if the person is beyond your capacity to assist, then seek professional help. Alternatively, this is also a bad omen when it comes to your own safety. Thieves and petty criminals could cross you randomly leading to injury from a scuffle.