Dreams Related To Billboard

Reading billboard

If you are reading a billboard or being attentive to one in your dream, you will soon receive some delightful news. You will be totally surprised by it and it will be very joyous for you.

Looking at billboard

Looking at a billboard tells you that you tend to expose yourself too much to other people. You show your feelings and thoughts even though you just met the person. This is not advisable, especially when it comes to starting a friendship or an intimate relationship because you are putting yourself in a perilous position.

The best solution would be to exercise discreetness when dealing with other people. Also try to listen more than talk. By doing this, you will be able to develop more meaningful, lasting relationships with friends as well as family members.

Billboard with too much text

Passing by or seeing a billboard with too much text is a sign that you will receive some news soon. However, this piece of news will not be helpful or beneficial to you, so just brush it off. It is not worth your time or energy.

Brightly colored billboard

Seeing a brightly colored billboard or passing by one in your dream is a warning that you are about to receive some useless news. This may affect you when you hear it, but since it will not have any impact in your life in anyway, you should just ignore this information.

Dark billboard

Seeing a dark, unreadable, shaded billboard is a symbol of grief. You are about to face sudden sorrow or sadness for whatever cause or reason.