Dreams Related To Bike

Riding a bike

Riding a bicycle signifies freedom. Your life is only going to get more exciting and full of adventures. A bike is a metaphor for social mobility as well as independence, so expect improvements in your career and social skills. Your confidence is at an all-time high which will make you more effective in networking and establishing useful social connections for personal and professional growth. Meanwhile, Freud associates bike riding with sexual desire. You are actively looking for a partner to satisfy your sexual needs.

Items inside the house replaced with bikes

While I was sleeping a friend and some other people (I don't know them) sneaked inside my house and stole my stuff and replaced it with lots of bikes that were his. They couldn't understand why I was so upset.

This vision contains two opposing symbols which could affect your interpersonal relations in the near future. First, the thieving friends who entered your house and stole your possessions represent a conflict or possible betrayal by someone you feel close to. From your current standpoint, their actions or words would probably seem like a slap in the face after all you have been through together, making you ache for the trust you once had in each other. However, you should carefully examine both their actions and their intentions, as the second symbol suggests not all is as it seems. Specifically, filling your house with many bikes refers to success in either romantic or business endeavors. As such, it seems likely that your friends' supposed betrayal is more likely an attempt to help you out. It may be wise to cut those around you a little slack and accept help and direction from those who mean well.

Your bike stolen

Using the associative method, it is possible to connect having your bike stolen in the dream world with being left out of important conversations in reality. In a literal sense, a stolen bike would limit your mobility, especially when it is your main source of transportation. As such, when your bike is stolen during REM sleep, it suggests that your subconscious is picking up on queues that your wake mind is not aware of. Friends may be talking behind your back about something fairly innocuous, but it it also possible that you are being left out of important decision-making conversations, including those affecting someone's future.

Your existing bike

Seeing your existing bicycle while you are in REM sleep may be a reflection of your current projects, plans or to-do list. Therefore, the state or condition of your bicycle in this dream would play a role in its analysis. For instance, if your bicycle appeared to be in better or worse condition than normal, it could reflect good or bad outcomes for your endeavors. A bicycle that seems to be exactly the same as the real one you have may mean that you perceive your tasks as usual, regular or unavoidable.

Getting into an accident on a bike

I have seen that I am driving my bike very fast, but suddenly I got crashed by another bike, my bike is totally broken and the guy on another bike got a heavy injury, but I am safe. I got up and took my bike and gone from that place. Nobody stopped me for that accident. What is the meaning?

Going very quickly on a bike represents your impatience or desire to quickly know the results of something important to you, like a test or competition. It also suggests that there are likely to be delays in getting the information you want, though not because of anything you have or have not done, meaning it is beyond your control. Being uninjured after the crash and fleeing from the scene of the accident both indicate avoiding confrontation unscathed. This may be related to the first symbol, which means there is probably someone else interested in the same information as you are. While you may not face any difficulties as a consequence, you may be inconvenienced by the extra time needed to get the answers you seek.

Buying a new bike

Buying a shiny new bike is generally considered a good omen to perceive while dreaming. If you bought it for yourself, it portends an upcoming project or task you would have to undertake, likely outside of the house. This could include anything from renovating a part of your yard to starting a new business. Alternatively, buying the bike for someone else, like your child, could reflect guiding or helping someone as they take on different and more complicated tasks that you are already a master of.

Unable to find your bike

The inability to find your bike in a dream vision may refer to a dead-end job or a stagnating relationship. Your life is not progressing as you hoped it would, so you are desperate to find new ways to get things back on track. One remedy would be to communicate your expectations with your partner, whether or not you have the same goals in mind, so that you can take action instead of wallowing in your frustrations. In Hinduism, it is believed that karma dictates the good and bad things that happen in your life. Perhaps in your past life you have been plagued with similar situations of inaction, so this is just an opportunity for you to be proactive instead of complaining about your unhappy existence.

A motorbike landing on top of a truck

I saw a motorbike which landed on a big truck, the person was safely rescued by a colleague.

The image of a motorcycle landing on a large truck suggests you are on the verge of giving up in reality. Jungian philosophy says that motorbikes are the manifestation of our own sense of adventure and motivation, while trucks and other large vehicles are representatives of the plans or paths of others. In a sense, you are trading happiness, creativity and novel experiences for the boring, clear-cut path already tried and tested by others. There are two possible reasons for seeing this vision. Perhaps the rescue by your colleague means you were getting too far off the beaten path and were in danger of ruining yourself. Alternatively, it may mean that you are in danger of falling into a rut and need a boost of creative energy to keep going. Consider your situation carefully and act accordingly.

Breaking your bike

A dream vision in which your bike breaks down should be considered an ill omen. This vivid, memorable imagery serves as a warning that one of your current projects is fated to fall apart at the seams. Depending on the other symbols present, you may be lucky in that it would not be of major consequence. For example, you might completely fail at building IKEA furniture and have to do it all over again. Basically, the stakes for this failure would be low. However, if this broken bike symbol is combined with other negative images, it is possible you could be in for a major life upheaval. You could lose your job over a mistake or seriously damage a relationship with someone you were hoping to network with in the future.

Riding a bike with someone in love with

I was with my two female friends on a bike. One of my friends were riding the bike. My other friend was behind her, and I was in the last (we three were on bike). The rider, whom I love secretly said, I am not interested in long-term relationships. ME: Really? What about short-term relationships. She remained silent. I don't know what does this mean. Thanks, waiting for you kind response.

A dream about riding a bike predicts sexual encounters which are going to be different from those you typically engage into, adding to this analysis the friend(s) you saw on the bike in the same dream may be an indication of their involvement or participation (even indirect) resulting in these activities. Talking about committing to a short-term relationship with your friend can also signify considerable but destined to be unproductive attempts to create a relationship with this person, according to another source.

Biking while on a date

In my dream, I went on a date with a girl I've never seen before. We were biking around. I saw a lot of my friends. Then we started biking on the highway. I think I went up a ramp. I was falling towards the traffic. Then the scene changed into a desert with a white light. Then I woke up.

A dream about riding a bike predicts sexual encounters which are going to be different from those you typically engage in. This dream vision depicts spontaneity in your approach during these future encounters. You intentions are merely to have fun with no serious thoughts or commitments. In addition, the friend you saw on the bike in the same dream may be an indication of their involvement or participation, even indirect, resulting in these activities.