Dreams Related To Bicycle

Riding a bicycle

A dream in which you see yourself riding a bicycle, regardless of the specific details of the vehicle, is a vision which could be predicting that in the upcoming future you could get involved in projects, events or other undertakings which may show to not be worth your time and efforts in the end. Perhaps, these endeavors could look promising and rewarding but it is likely that you would later regret pursuing them due to the minuscule profit at the end. Alternatively, the described dream could be foretelling that you could partake in sexual interactions that may be unusual or unnatural to you.

Trying to ride a bicycle with no wheels

I tried to ride a bicycle over and over again, but it had no wheels or pedals.

When you dream about riding a bicycle, it means you could end up getting involved in affairs or matters that will not add anything of value to your life and therefore are not worthy of your time. Since you mentioned the bicycle had no wheels or pedals, it could allude to rushing towards something that may prove useless, so perhaps you should seriously think about it and try to come up with ways to properly control the situation in order to avoid any negative outcomes in the future.

A bicycle in general

A dream in which a bicycle strikes you as an important detail, regardless of its details or what you have been doing with the vehicle, is an auspicious sign indicating your success in overtaking your competitors and adversaries. This interpretation could be related to your current projects, a personal business, your work in general or even just your life as a whole. If you are a young woman, dreaming of a bicycle could also be foretelling soon getting married either to your current partner in love or to someone new and unexpected entering your life. Keep in mind that both of these interpretations are especially precise if you actually have a bicycle in waking life and know how to ride it.

A bicycle moving toward you

A dream in which you happen to see someone riding a bike straight towards you is usually interpreted as an alarming sign. It could be a vision foretelling that in the upcoming future you could be intimidated, threatened or even physically harmed by an individual or group of people who would appear shady or even criminal. Regardless of whether it is a colleague or business partner who would try to persuade you into taking part in an unlawful project, a street robber demanding you to hand over your wallet or any other similar individual, be aware that they would be determined to take advantage of you for the sake of their own goals. It is recommended to pay close attention to everything currently happening in your closest surroundings in order to protect yourself from any possible violations of your dignity, safety and health.

Falling into water while bicycling

I was cycling down the road when the road ended and I fell into water where I had to swim to get out, then I woke up.

Cycling or riding a bike in this dream represents your efforts to balance your personal and professional life. Hence, falling into the water portends emotional breakdown, possibly from sheer exhaustion. Fortunately, you still had the ability to swim and reach safety within the dream, which means that your current ventures, projects and other work-related responsibilities would be completed through determination and perseverance.

Falling in a ditch from a bicycle

Dream about falling in a ditch hole with a bicycle where I am carrying two little children.

A bicycle in a dream generally represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic and youthful. It also symbolizes the yearning to achieve balance with work, leisure and personal obligations. As such, falling into a ditch while riding the bicycle likely reveals your inability to balance your responsibilities in the waking world. The hole, naturally, refers to difficulties and problems that would arise should you remain unable to set your priorities straight. The trouble is, your shortcomings do not only spell trouble for you, but could also impact others who depend on you.

A broken bicycle

Regardless of whether you own a bike in waking life, a dream in which you happen to ride a bicycle which starts falling apart along the way, as well as if any of its parts suddenly breaks or goes out of control, is usually interpreted as a quite literal warning. This vision could be foretelling that in the upcoming future you could get into an accident involving all sorts of vehicles including cars, personal or public transportation means and even commercial vehicles. Alternatively, such a dream could be a reflection of some risks accompanying your current position in life. It is likely that you could lose everything you have achieved and seized so far as a result of your indifferent and unconcerned attitude.

Falling from a bicycle

Dreaming of yourself in the process of riding a bicycle and eventually falling from it to the ground could be a symbol of some recent disappointments and failures related to the sexual aspect of your relationship with another person. For example, you could have been rigidly criticized for your performance, lack or excess of passion, as well as any other reason whatsoever, factual or not. These unpleasant emotional interactions have recently stained the simplicity and pleasure of your sexual life, thus need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent future deterioration.

A bicycle with three wheels

Dreaming of yourself in the process of riding a three-wheeled bicycle is usually interpreted as a reflection of your punctuality and reliability either in general, as a personal trait, or in relation to a specific undertaking currently being worked on. If at the time of seeing this dream you are working on a certain project or task, either individual or collective, consider it to be an auspicious sign foretelling that this project would be successfully finished on time and fully meeting the expectations of any related people, if not exceeding them by a mile.

A car accident caused by a bicyclist

In my dream I am with my child and we almost collide with a guy on a bicycle which makes us fall onto the road and almost get hit by two passing cars, one is red about to hit us head on but goes around us and one is blue from behind which just passes us. I am lying in the middle of the road protecting my child with the feeling of passing out and thinking that was close.

A dream wherein you have a close encounter with a stranger during a road accident portends a period of difficulties in your life. You may have to face a series of challenges. The colors of the cars you noticed in this dream are quite telling, pointing to the issues which could involve rage (the red car) and passivity or indifference (the blue car). At the same time, the notion of you trying to save your child is a manifestation of your protective feelings for the ones you love. Try and remain strong, your willpower and fortitude will help you overcome any misfortunes coming your way.

On a bike with a decapitated friend

With my friend, who definitely likes me. He has helped me through very tough times recently. He's male. I'm female. We are riding a bike and I was on his handlebars. We started jumping these huge gaps and when I looked back he was decapitated. It was horrifying.

Riding a bicycle with someone in the dream world represents the kind of bond you share with this person. It is likely characterized by spontaneity, fun with a bit of risk involved. Perhaps you also like being with your friend precisely because you share an adventurous and lively side. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. The outcome of the scenario in your dream, however, reveals your cautious side. Decapitation represents poor judgment. Maybe you feel like being with him could get you into serious trouble and vice versa. You could be enabling each other's bad habits and this does not bode well for the both of you in the long run.

Riding on an old bicycle

Riding an old bicycle.

Bicycles are often symbolic of youthfulness or vitality in dream visions, so seeing one is generally a good omen. However, the old and possibly dilapidated condition of the bicycle you rode could reflect inner aging, meaning you may feel older than you look or find yourself with less and less energy and passion than you used to. It may be high time to take inventory of your life's goals and maybe take up a new hobby just to shake things up and make life more interesting.

A mountain bicycle

If you happen to see yourself in a dream riding a mountain bike, know that this is an exceptionally favorable omen. This vision could be a prediction of outstanding success and luck in your current projects and undertakings which would allow you to achieve all the set goals and exceed the wildest expectations related to the outcomes of said projects. It is impossible to foretell whether these victories would have any long-lasting effects or be just fleeting episodes of a favorable destiny, so it could be wise to take the most out of them while possible.

A bicycle with one wheel

A dream in which you see yourself in the process of riding a one-wheeled bicycle, also known as a unicycle, is a vision reflecting the tasks and responsibilities of which you take care as part of your everyday routine. It is very likely that you are the only person who is able to perform such a huge amount of said duties timely and effectively, and this personal trait allows you to successfully progress in your career, romantic relationships, personal projects or any other endeavor that requires a meticulous and focused attitude from the performer.

This interpretation, however, is slightly different if you have experienced significant difficulties riding the unicycle in your dream. Such a vision could be suggesting that your current way of handling your everyday tasks and responsibilities is going through a rather challenging period and could benefit from a careful reevaluation. For example, you could try analyzing your schedule, working priorities, as well as the energy and time needed for the successful completion of each of your usual duties. By improving your time-management skills and organizational approach in general, it is very likely that you could reach a fundamentally new level of effectiveness and overall success.

Riding down a hill on a bicycle

If you are a young woman, know that seeing a dream of yourself running downhill on a bicycle is usually interpreted as a warning sign. Such a vision recommends being more modest and moderate, as well as paying close attention to your behavior. It is very likely that by indulging in some unreasoned, immature or impulsive recent deeds, you have sparked a lot of shaming and criticizing behind your back. Such a vision could serve as a recommendation to reevaluate your current position and behavior in order to prevent the further emergence and spreading of rumors that could compromise your status and future success.

Buying a bicycle

Dreaming of yourself purchasing a bicycle, regardless of whether this was done at a physical shop or maybe through an online order, is a vision that could be foretelling a vacation trip in the upcoming future. It could be, for example, a trip to the seaside or countryside, a tour through the country or a tropical cruise. Whatever the destination may be, most likely, this journey would be a pleasant and leisurely one, a long-awaited opportunity to finally relax and have some rest. Enjoy this time with your family and friends, and use it to restore your inner energy and stamina before getting back into the crazy rush of the routine.

Stealing a bicycle

A dream in which you envision yourself in the process of stealing a bicycle, regardless of whether you manage to successfully do it or get caught before riding away, is a symbol that could be foretelling secretly seeing someone in the upcoming future. The nature of these meetings would not necessarily be romantic or sexual, but they would have to be kept a secret either because one of you would feel uneasy and embarrassed by this connection or due to the peculiar lifestyle adopted by you or the person in question.

On a bicycle and seeing flood

I had a dream I was going alone on my bicycle. Suddenly I saw some gold rings which I took with me, at the time there were two ladies they ignored the gold. I was going home and suddenly flood-like water came, I stood on a rock and after a few seconds the water disappeared and I went safely home.

Riding a bicycle during the course of a dream vision is often thought to represent the dreamer's personality. In this case, it suggests you are still a kid at heart despite some of the trials you may have been through. On the one hand, it shows vivacity and youthfulness. On the other hand, however, it can point towards episodes of childishness and selfishness. Gold rings, by themselves, are usually considered the manifestation of help in time of need, so taking the rings without permission could show that you rely on others too much, possibly during situations which you could easily handle on your own. The sudden flood, then, predicts that you could find yourself in hot water if you do not learn to take care of things on your own.

Riding a bicycle and forgetting about a wedding

My wife dreamed of riding a bicycle full of fruit bags and a servant carrying watermelon on his head for her. On the way, she met her assumed brother. She suddenly realized she has a wedding tomorrow with me and I am coming to India today from the USA. She realized she haven't done her wedding preparations. She has to do a lot of things, like makeup and hair. She started riding a bicycle fast way back home. She met her brother on the way and told him everyone was worried about her as she didn't show up.

Your wife's dream of riding a bicycle could mean she craves freedom and independence. The fruits symbolize rewards and achievements in her life. Perhaps she feels as if a certain degree of freedom can help her realize her potential. Missing the wedding also has something to do with her preoccupation with chasing her dreams. The domesticated life may be preventing her from challenging herself and exploring what else she can offer to the world.