Dreams Related To Betta fish

A Betta fish in rainwater

I dreamed I was outside walking around the yard. There was a large pool of water from the rain in the yard. My husband and I were walking, seemed to be tadpoles. Then a black Betta (fancy long fins) fish jumped up, out of water, I was surprised to see a fish in the rainwater. The water was several feet deep, like a big rainstorm left it. Just one fish.

Walking through a yard or garden usually means you are a careful, fastidious individual who plans meticulously for success. Despite your best efforts, however, you have yet to answer some important questions that have plagued you for some time. The image of the black fighting fish suggests your troubles are related to rain or took place during a rainy period of time. This is also supported by your feeling that the rainstorm left the pool of water. Perhaps some self-reflection or conversations with others who know more about the situation would yield the answers you seek.