Dreams Related To Betrayal

Being betrayed by family

Dreaming of being betrayed by family members may symbolize feelings of disappointment, deception, or being let down in your personal life. In Jungian psychology, family members in dreams often represent different aspects of your own psyche. For instance, your mother may symbolize nurturing and unconditional love, while grandparents could represent your connection to cultural wisdom. This dream suggests internal conflicts or the need to address feelings of betrayal within yourself. It is an invitation to explore your emotions, acknowledge any disappointments, and work towards healing and self-acceptance. By recognizing these inner dynamics, you can foster personal growth and build more harmonious relationships with both yourself and your external family.

Betrayed in a swimming pool

I had a friend who betrayed me in a swimming pool.

Finding yourself in a swimming pool during a dream vision is often synonymous with passionate, romantic love. This suggests that there may have been a misunderstanding between you and your friend in wake life regarding your relationship to each other or affection for someone else. In either case, your friend's betrayal in the vision has the opposite meaning in reality, as being betrayed during a dream predicts an improved relationship with this individual in the future. You would likely come to a mutually beneficial understanding and be able to forgive and forget any past wrongdoings.

Betrayal by the husband while drowning

My husband, me and my kids were vacationing. The kids were in the house and my husband and I were outside on this dock, and I grabbed a bag of food to feed the fish. I started to throw some in the water and the fish came, I told my husband to get a fishing pole, he said no, I turned to ask why and I slipped and slid into the water and reached my hand up to have my husband help and he didn't. He just stared as the fish were eating me and my spirit left my body, my husband told cops and kids I fell into the water and there was nothing he could do.

The main two symbols that stand out in this dream vision are wanting to feed fish with the goal of catching it later and your husband ignoring you which leads to your death. The first symbol speaks of your tendency to literally tolerate performing tasks or responsibilities which are not very appealing to you, perhaps within your household or related to family obligations. It could equally mean being involved in tedious or time-consuming activities which start out being boring and monotonous, but bring a lot of happiness and satisfaction upon completion. The imagery of your husband leaving you to be eaten alive by the fish in this dream could indicate possible temporary separation from him, but which would eventually make you both feel glad it had happened.