Dreams Related To Belongings

Belongings being destroyed

In my dream I was in a big house with people I didn't know. They destroyed all of my stuff and this one woman ran over my laptop on her motorbike. I screamed and shouted at them, but it was like it wasn't there. I then went into another room and screamed and broke down.

Dreaming of having a house (or its contents) being partially or completely destroyed can be a sign of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce. The notion of you breaking down in the dream could also mean it might take some time for you to recover from these losses or unexpected changes.

Selling belongings

Selling all my belongings.

Selling all of your belongings in the dream world could have two possible interpretations, depending on your circumstances. In some cases, selling what you own can be a sign that the dreamer has been letting go of important relationships, either by ignoring their friends or not keeping promises they have made. Alternatively, selling off your worldly possessions may mean you are letting go of something that has been holding you back. Perhaps you are even ready to move to a new place in your life, either physically or emotionally. In either case, you may need to spend more time reflecting on who you are and where you are going. Blindly casting off others or simply letting things be at peace should be a conscious decision, not an accident.

Gathering belongings

Within a dream realm seeing your house set on fire, while you are running around the unharmed areas of the house and trying to collect your precious belongings and possessions symbolizes that you are trying to evade an undesirable outcome of your own actions. This not only packs your subconscious with such scattered thoughts but you will also feel the effects in your wake life. Thus, a thorough introspection of your actions and habits is recommended so that you can change the outcome while you still can.