Dreams Related To Bell

Fixing a tower bell

I was fixing a tower bell. It wouldn't ring. I checked inside the bell and found the tongue (ringer, striker) had rubbish around it which I removed. The bells rang after that. It was a chapel. The next moment I was dividing up a piece of land. From there it hopped to an indoor scene where a blonde woman sat on a couch stimulating herself while she watched an erotic movie.

Although we think the scenes experienced in this dream are not directly related or sequential, there are some points worth bringing forward. Being unable to make the tower bell sound and trying to fix it means that something is preventing you from sharing important information or news with someone who needs to hear or learn about it. Dividing the land points to selfish reasons or personal interests which you may have and which prevent you from making this piece of information available to the person or people in need. Finally, the last scene can be interpreted as a big surprise or even shock on your part, which means that this situation cannot go on like this for much longer and may reach its culmination point in a short period of time, whether you like what's to follow or not.