Dreams Related To Beetle

A beetle turning into a crow

I observed a shiny beautiful beetle crawl into a tulip. The flower closed then opened up and the beetle was transformed inside into a crow that spoke to me. It simply said "I am your grandmother" and flew off. I never knew my grandparents in real life. Thanks!

Dreaming of a beetle crawling into a flower means you are probably getting fed up with troublesome incidents or persistent problems and you just want a fresh start. However, by turning over a new leaf, you may be overlooking some unfinished business or refusing to learn a valuable lesson. As such, the beetle's transformation into a crow signifies your tendency to fall back into unhealthy old patterns and repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps the vision is telling you to reflect on your actions in order to find the root of your problems. After all, grandparents symbolize wisdom from experience, so your subconscious could be telling you to take a cue from this symbol.

Golden beetles in the shower

I had a dream that a fairly big gold beetle crawled off my leg and went into my daughters' bedroom where my daughters were sleeping. I told my husband to get the beetle and he kept saying it was OK, he will get it later that it won't hurt them. I then saw my husband staring blankly at our bathroom wall tile and he said to watch with him, so we both stood calmly watching the tile and out popped another baby beetle that was brownish or gold in color. I woke up shortly after but wondering what this means?

Beetles are often thought to be the manifestation of our worst fears or situations that cause us distress. This is coupled with the gold and brownish-gold colors of the beetles in your vision, a color often associated with the idea of deception and the phrase "not all that glitters in gold." In this way, you vision seems to show your fear of someone taking advantage of either your children directly or someone using your children to take advantage of you. These types of situations can be difficult to avoid depending on the skill of the con-artist or manipulator, so it would be wise to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family.

Beetles with strange color

I saw a brown beetle walking slowly. I thought how interesting, at that point I saw another beetle walking slowly in color that had an American flag as its color on its back.

Beetles as dream symbols represent threats in your life. These beetles may be people, situations or institutions increasingly making you feel unsafe. Your calm demeanor upon observing the beetles reveals a level of detachment. Although you harbor some fear towards certain people or events, your instinct is usually to think before you act. On the other hand, beetles can also represent aspects of your personality which are often associated with aloofness. Specifically, the brown beetle alludes to grit, while the star-spangled beetle represents nationalism. Your inclination to impose these values on others may create conflict in your life. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to be a little less calculating and a little more sympathetic.