Dreams Related To Bees

A wasp and a bee nest

I dreamed I happened to see a wasp nest with wasp inside it, there was also a bee nest next to the wasp nest, with bees in it. I moved away from both, and did not disturb either. Nothing happened, the wasp and bees stayed in their nests, I just moved away from them.

In the realm of dream visions, a bee nest represents contentment and satisfaction with your career, work life or daily happenings. On the other hand, a wasp nest usually predicts great distress or misfortune, suggesting things would not go well for you at your job or that something major would disrupt your daily schedule. It seems, then, that your vision is manifesting the two possible outcomes to a situation you are currently dealing with in reality. In fact, your actions in the vision could represent exactly what you should do, that is, step away from the problem and analyze it from afar. By doing this, you would remove the chance to react irrationally and perhaps save yourself some serious trouble in the future.

Bees in the hair

I had a dream last night that a swarm of flying insects (similar to bees) landed on my head and was in my hair, I then ran and jumped into a swimming pool to get them out and so that I didn't get killed by them. I then sat pulling dead bees or insects out of my hair in clumps. I managed to remove them all and had one sting me on the back of my neck. Please help me understand. Thank you.

The swarm of insects on your head and in your hair reveals the state of frenzy in your life. You are probably so busy at work and in your personal life that you are starting to get panic attacks and experiencing sleepless nights. In this context, jumping into the swimming pool means you need to take care of your mental health. Stop taking on too many projects, responsibilities and commitments if you know you can no longer handle all of them. Perhaps delegating some of the tasks to your colleagues or asking friends and family to shoulder some errands from time to time will free up some hours which you can dedicate to self-care. Finally, getting stung on your neck means being overworked is not worth it if your home life suffers, especially because you will probably not get a big bonus or overtime pay anyway for your extra efforts.

Stung by a bee

Dreaming that you are being stung by a bee symbolizes small favors. You could soon receive a negligible monetary incentive or cash gift, a minuscule reward, or a tiny profit for doing a good deed or making an investment, regardless of its magnitude. Seen in a different light, this dream could be a metaphor for your immunity from persecution, harm and injustice which your enemies or adversaries might inflict upon you to try to destroy you. For female dreamers, this vision indicates that their dream of becoming a biological mother could be coming true. They might be having a baby soon.

Alternatively, this dream could be symbolic of your naiveté and trusting nature. You grew up believing that all people are good-natured and would never go out of their way to cause you any harm. Of course, you are wrong. You may soon learn this the hard way when you finally experience how it feels to be a victim of deception and dishonesty. The truth is, it is a bad, bad world, and you must learn to accept that. At times, this dream can also be interpreted as a warning for you. You may be getting lax at work. Your output may be dismal to warrant a reprimand or a good verbal lashing from your superiors. Understandably, it may dampen your spirit a little bit. But you should take it as a challenge to do better next time.

Bees on your hand

I dreamt of bees flying around me and landing on my right hand palm, but they did not sting me. Instead, I was trying to shake them away from me but they could not fall out easily.

The bees settling on your palms symbolize your lucidity. You are hyper-aware of the events and tension around you that you may be overly sensitive to these forces. You may also be attracting these stressful situations which are represented by the buzzing bees. The fact that you are trying to shake them from your hands means you do not necessarily welcome these stressors. Perhaps you need to let other people know your limits and boundaries or else they will just keep piling on their issues. Alternatively, bees in your nocturnal state can indicate romance. You are going to see a lot of action in the romance department, so life should be pretty busy for you.

A bee circling around

Dreaming about a bee circling around or chasing you in circles is not a good prospect. You were expecting to receive good news about an important aspect of your life or hoping for something to come true, but you would be upset to get the exact opposite of what you have been praying for. On the other hand, you might discover an ugly truth about a family member, a friend or a loved one, or a disturbing pattern in your career or business which might cause you a lot of disappointment and discomfort.

House filled with bees

Dreaming about a house filled with bees is a symbol of death. It would befall any member of the family which owns or lives in the house in the dream. If you happen to own or reside in the bee-infested house, a member of your family could meet his or her demise soon. If you happen to dream about bees clinging to your hair, this could be speaking about your own passing away.

A large bumble bee

A large bumble bee is often considered a special and memorable dream symbol. It is associated with the idea of "the birds and the bees". In essence, it represents romance and the possibility of conceiving a child out of love. This may be the literal idea of a love child or more simply a child that you decide to have with your husband or romantic partner. The love and passion you feel for this individual is reflected in the size of the bumble bee.

A bee landing on you

Dreaming of a bee hovering over you and eventually landing on a part of your body is a symbol of everlasting love. Either you have found the one or you would soon find someone who would complete you and be the other source of your mutual happiness and unconditional love. You were destined to become one in body and spirit. You would promise to remain faithful and committed to each other until the end.

Bees attacking you

Dreaming that you are being attacked by bees in large droves is a typical example that one tiny speck or blot could ruin an immaculate piece of clothing. In the literal sense, one mistake could destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve. You could be leading a decent life in strict conformity with the norms of society. But then the discovery of something less than exemplary in your past could jeopardize your good standing and suddenly change people's perception about you. In one fell swoop, you could turn from a person held in high regard to that of a shunned outcast.

Bees swarming over your head

Dreaming about an army of bees swarming or hovering over your head indicates that success is looming around and is just waiting to happen. Your efforts and hard work would be finally rewarded so just hang on there for a little more time, keep the fire burning, so to speak, and maintain that steady momentum. Patience is a virtue, and the best things would come to those who wait with eager anticipation.

Bees inside the house

Man. A bee in the kitchen and a bee in the living room.

Having a bee inside your home is not a very positive omen. It could mean that you were expecting to receive some sort of pleasant news or perhaps waiting for a particular project to come to fruition, but you may soon become disappointed and forced to think about alternatives. A bee in a dream is usually a sign of discomfort and frustration and, since you mentioned it was flying around your living space, it could mean you could experience negative outcomes over something related to your domestic and family life.

Bees pollinating flowers

To dream about bees pollinating flowers is a symbol of well-deserved rewards. Because you have exhibited great diligence and perseverance in your relationship, career, project or business, you would soon obtain the very things that had given you the reason to work hard in the first place, such us a dream house, a long awaited promotion or a trophy spouse.

Interpreted differently, this dream is a sign of your creativity and talent. You will find that you have the innate ability to solve problems, or a rare skill which would make you a valuable asset to your company or to your business endeavors. If you could put this special skill to good use, you could actually expect excellent results and achieve greater success.

Bees ignoring you

Dreaming that you are being followed by a swarm of bees without being attacked by them is a reminder that trust and respect should be earned. If you want people to have faith in you or admire you, you should work hard enough to deserve it. You cannot expect people to tell you their secrets or innermost thoughts if they do not think you can keep them. In a similar manner, you should not expect to be rewarded for someone else's feat. People have the most admiration for someone who has sacrificed so much and succeeded in the end despite the enormous odds.

A dead bee

To dream of seeing or observing a dead bee predicts a slump in your financial affairs. There is a possibility that you would have a hard time earning money due to a low-paying job or minimal business or income-generating opportunities caused by the global economic crisis. On the other hand, it may have something to do with emergency spending or a failure to save for future contingencies. The same dream vision might indicate that you could be going through a complicated and trying situation which has just emerged and requires your immediate attention.

Bee sting

To dream that a bee is stinging you is an indication that a string of fortunate and pleasant events could have happened in your life lately which made you extremely happy and contented. You could have received material blessings, enjoyed an increase in sales and profit with your business or acquired new property. Not surprisingly, such a wave of successes could put you in a good mood.

Bees in a mating game

If you dream about witnessing a miracle of nature involving several male bees injecting a queen bee during a midflight mating frenzy, it hints of a stinging failure in your own life. These are tough times for your career, project or business endeavor, when you would try hard enough but nothing substantial would ever be achieved despite your best efforts. Sometimes, the proper response to this situation might be to accept it with a sigh of resignation so you could move on to a new undertaking, or to let it pass.

A crushed bee

Dreaming of finding a crushed bee, say under the sole of your foot or shoe, speaks of a painful betrayal or abandonment. Your trusting nature could do you in sooner or later. Some people might take advantage of your brazen openness and would not hesitate to betray you to save their skin. Your leniency might be used as a lame excuse by your spouse or partner to be unfaithful and cheat on you. This dream is a reminder that you should hold back a little bit and retain some of that respect for yourself.

Yellow jacket bees

Observing yellow jackets in the dreamscape generally foretells good fortune. Bees and wasps of this variety predict abundance and multiple opportunities which will keep you busy in the foreseeable future. However, aggressive behavior by bees can make this a negative dream symbol. Biblical sources associate insects with incessant problems or frustrations. You cannot have it all. While you could land the job of your dreams, for example, it will come with strings attached and issues that will make the situation far less ideal than you have envisioned.

A swarm of bees

Seeing a swarm of bees in your dream symbolizes being treated unfairly by someone else. You could meet someone who would treat you only as an object of his or her sexual desires. This person would not care about your feelings and welfare and might only be after the pleasure you could provide to him or her. Should you continue to be associated with this individual, you might become victimized by low self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment. Be forewarned when you experience this dream for it is vital to your well-being. This dream could also refer to having a possible fire in your home or place of residence.

This dream can also be interpreted in a positive way. It indicates that you, who are normally a bit of a spender, would begin to realize the importance of saving your hard-earned money. This could be the result of a bad experience in the past which taught you a painful lesson and at the same time strengthened your resolve to spend more wisely next time around. For rich people, this dream indicates the respect and admiration of the people around them who have witnessed their rise to success. For people in a relationship, the swarm of bees in the dream is a symbol of a lasting marriage and a big family that would care for each other even in old age.

Bees attacking an intruder

Dreaming about bees attacking or stinging an intruder who tried to disturb their beehive is a symbol of deep gratitude. Someone from your family or circle of friends asked you a favor in the past which proved to be a turning point that changed this person's life for the better. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, that person would return the favor to you tenfold every time you need assistance, or do the same to others as an example of paying it forward.


If you dream that you are engaged in beekeeping in your spacious backyard or in the countryside, it is about you getting the shock of your life, in a positive way, that is. You would soon receive possibly the best news you could ever hear. And to make it extra sweeter, the bearer of such news is, of all people, your loving spouse. Conversely, this dream indicates that all your hard-earned money and property have come from legitimate sources and are the result of good old hard work and honest living.

Being stung by a bee

Being stung by a bee during the course of a dream vision is a mysterious and meaningful symbol. It suggests some small benefit or luxury would be given to you. In some cases, this refers directly to receiving money or favors for performing some action. Alternatively, it can mean you would avoid some trouble or harm without having to do any extra work. Some dream interpreters have also suggested that females who see this special sign may soon become pregnant or welcome a little one into their family.

Humming bees

To dream about humming bees in the process of collecting nectar is a sign of hope and promise. This could be a favorable time for your career, project or business to flourish because you would have better opportunities and more resources at your disposal than ever before. Success could be within reach, but you would have to work harder and exert more effort to actually realize your goals. Anything less and you would fall short.

Exterminating bees

Dreaming that you are exterminating or swatting bees to death is like having a black cloud hanging over your head. You might soon enter a period of great struggle and hardship which could bring so much pain and suffering. Your life could be subjected to a series of misfortunes and bad luck from which you might find it very difficulty to recover.

Bees chasing after a child

Dreaming about a swarm of bees chasing a child is a symbol of well-being and vitality. You and the members of your entire family would all enjoy the perks and benefits of good health for years to come, all because you heeded your doctor's advice to eat right, engage in regular exercise and maintain a clean, stress-free lifestyle.

Bees on father who is sick

Hi, I would love to see if you have any answers for a dream that had really resonated with me. My father has stage four cancer, and last night I had a dream about him being in hospital and myself and my boyfriend trying to save him from dying though he wasn't letting us. The main thing I remember from the dream was that there were bees present, only a couple, and I vividly remember a couple landing on a statue of his face. Thanks so much for your time!

Dreaming of visiting a sick person in a hospital is seen as a prediction of discovering some unpleasant and potentially shocking news in the upcoming future. The nature of this news may cause you to change the way you view your present life situation, especially because it is your father who was involved. The presence of the bees on your father meant to display the love you have for your father and the deep, lasting connection you have with him. The bees landing on his face and not stinging him also indicate that you may have encountered people who sympathize with you, and seeing more than one of them suggests there are several individuals sharing these feelings.

Trying to catch a bee

Dreaming that you are trying to catch a bee is a symbol of complete command. Whereas in the past you had been listless and your life seemed to be getting nowhere, now you would finally be able to get your act together and resolve with grim determination to put order and direction into your life. You would feel satisfied, fulfilled and on top of the world knowing that you are in full control of your destiny.

What does it mean to dream about bees

A bee flying from flower to flower

Dreaming that you are observing a bee flying or flitting from flower to flower in a process called pollination is a reflection of your performance at its best. Your impeccable work ethic, unwavering dedication and hard work could have contributed significantly to the growth of the company you are working for, earning you the respect and admiration of your superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Who knows, you might even get that rightly earned incentive or well-deserved promotion as a result.

A bee on a honeycomb

Dreaming about observing a bee on a honeycomb is a form of assurance. If you are afraid that your efforts and contributions to the growth and development of your company might go unrewarded and no one would remember you when you have long gone because you think that you have not left a lasting legacy, this dream tells you otherwise. People are not deaf to a good tune or blind to a good deed. After all you have done, you can rest assured that you deserve such recognition.

Killing bees

Killing bees is considered a metaphor for having a dark cloud of negative energy hovering above you. This ominous symbol often precedes periods of hardship and distress. This could be a marked period of bad luck characterized by poor health, financial troubles or relationship problems. You would likely feel very stressed and anxious during this time.

Bees stinging you

Bee stings are usually associated with being struck or "stung" with good luck. Multiple bees stinging you could refer to either getting boosts in multiple areas or multiple boosts in the same area. Whatever the case, you are sure to feel much happiness and satisfaction knowing that things are going your way.

A honey bee in the ear

A honey bee entered in ear and was singing a song. When I looked the next day my face and body become swollen.

Both of these dream visions contain positive connotations. A humming bee is a sign of hope and promise. This could be a favorable time for your career, project, or personal endeavors to flourish because you would have better opportunities and more resources at your disposal than before. Success could be within reach, but you would have to work harder and exert more effort to actually realize your goals. Having a swollen face because of a bee is an indication that a string of fortunate and reassuring events could have happened in your life lately which made you extremely happy and pleased.

A swarm of bees out of the mouth

I had a dream that a swarm of bees came flying out of my mouth, but it was peaceful, not harmful or scary.

Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of your mouth in your dream could symbolize a sudden realization of being treated unfairly by someone else. You could be interacting with someone who treats you only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about your feelings and welfare and may only be after the pleasure you provide to him or her. Should you continue to be associated with this individual, you might become victimized by low self-esteem, humiliation, and embarrassment. With the notion of not being scared or bothered by this image, it can also be implied that you are not overly concerned with the treatment you get from this person.

Someone with bees on the head

I was a cashier and a guy was waiting patiently. He walked tiredly to a chair, I saw the bees in his head just sitting like barrettes. I didn't know how to ring up the item. I went for help. There was a church service. I was trying to get thru. A multitude going to prayer. I heard some say the way to bring Muslim and Christians together, remind that Jesus is in both the Koran and Bible. There was more. Anyway I walked back and saw the bees dead on a trail. They led up to the guy no longer tired, he was smiling healthy. Joking with me. He said I know I'm gonna get your number after waiting. He was on lunch.

This is a complicated dream with a number of symbols which warrant interpretation. The first sign is that of the bees sitting peacefully on the cashier. Bees on a person portend finding love or your soul mate, meaning someone you have a deep, lasting connection with. Finding yourself at a church service after suggests having inner peace with this realization and also feeling safe and protected. This person, though not necessarily the cashier you envisioned, is likely someone you enjoy being around, not only because they are kind and interesting, but because they take care of you. The dead bees you see leading up to the cashier at the end of the dream, however, indicate that not everything is as perfect as it seems. Dead bees represent financial problems, so either this special person may bring their debt into the relationship or you may go over budget due to dates and other related expenses.

Bees inside someone's mouth

I had a dream that my niece had a mouth full of bees and I had to dig them out, then, when I did, weird things happened.

Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of someone's mouth in this dream could symbolize your concerns in regards to her being treated unfairly by another family member or some other person from outside. She could be interacting with someone who treats her only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about her feelings and welfare and may only be associating with her for selfish reasons. The ending of this dream also reveals that you have just started noticing the signs of bad treatment she could be receiving.

Bees covering the face

I had a dream of 4 or maybe 5 bees on my face. They didn't sting me, I kept asking people to remove them for me, but they said no, eventually the bees flew away.

Bees which touch and land on you without stinging are symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Because there were multiple bees in this vision, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. You may want to be more observant of the way others interact with you so that you do not miss an opportunity to connect and form a relationship.

Bees coming out of the skin

I had a dream that bees were slowly coming out from under my skin, like a pimple popping. Four bees came out, the fifth bee was in the knuckle of the ring finger on my left hand. The skin was clear there and the bee was large, moving around but could not come out.

Bees usually represent hard work and industry. Their presence in this dream means that your life is currently buzzing with energy and activity. The bees coming out from under your skin suggest that the level of activity could slowly die down as far as the work is concerned, but you would remain immersed in planning a different endeavor, possibly an upcoming wedding or some type of engagement, for yourself or someone you know well, as depicted by the large bee embedded in the left ring finger.

Being attacked by bees and hornets

I was laying down and there was thousands of bees stinging my whole body. When I looked up, all I could see were bees and enormous hornets coming down to sting me. I tried to cover my face with my jacket, but there was too many.

Bee stings can be interpreted as painful experience or hurtful words. There is a chance that this scene is warning you against getting comfortable or complacent in your job, as you could receive a string of dressing down for under-performing or turning in sloppy work. Take this admonition to heart if you wish to continue earning your keep. Interestingly, this could also be a good omen depending on your reaction or overall disposition while dreaming. If the stinging did not hurt or you were unusually calm during the bee onslaught, busy bees and honey-makers could be infusing you with industry and perseverance resulting in incentives and profit. Again, it could go both ways, depending on the realities you face on a day-to-day basis.

Bees on relatives' names

I dreamt about bees resting on the names of my nanny and brother.

Dreaming that bees are positioned on the names of your nanny and brother while ignoring you can be considered a reminder that trust and respect is something that you have to yet earn. If you wish for people to admire and confide in you, then you should strive to become someone worthy of respect. In a similar way, you should not expect to be rewarded simply because you did the right thing at the right time.

A swarm of bees on the porch

There was a swarm of bees on my back porch. I was standing by my screen door watching this and my dog went through his doggie door and several bees landed on him. I went out and brought him inside and the bees were trying to get in through the screen door. Then I woke up.

Seeing yourself and your dog become the target of a swarm of bees in your dream could be considered a warning. It symbolizes the fact that even the best-laid plans can come crumbling down with the tiniest of mistakes. If you are working on a project or a particular endeavor, you should be very careful and pay close to attention to even the most minuscule details, you might regret it otherwise.

A bee transforming into a wasp

I can't remember too much, there were people there I just can't remember who. But one thing that stuck with me after waking up, was that a good-sized bee landed on my lips, I could even feel it. I blew it off my lips and it suddenly morphed into a wasp, it was very strange.

Bees in general tend to represent love and relationships, so the bee that lands on your lips suggests sweetness in love and a harmonious connection with someone with whom you can share multiple kisses in reality. However, seeing this bee turn into a wasp is highly ominous. It shows how easily the sweetness can turn sour in these cases. If you are about to enter into a new romantic partnership, it would be wise to be careful and take things slowly before getting too far ahead of yourself.

Bees landing on the eyes and face

I was standing in a bush and bees began to fly around me. Two landed on each of my eyes, and an older man on a bike wouldn't help me get them off. I left them there scared to move them and that I would be stung. Then two more landed on my forehead. As I stood still they began to move off of me. And I calmed down.

To dream of bees landing on your face without stinging you is symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Since your dream involved multiple bees, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. Also, be discerning about potential partners, even if it is not romantic, as you may be prone to be blinded by your feelings for them and you would end up being hurt. As in the dream, stay calm and keep your wits about you because some overly-charming individuals could be waiting to pounce when your guard is down.

Stung by bees and seeing deceased mother

I was lying in bed with my husband and I saw pretty golden lights in the air, but as they came closer to me I could hear them buzzing and realized they were bees. I tried to cover myself with the blanket but I still got stung. I could see the bee stings in my hands and arms, they were like white dots. I could also feel the presence of my deceased mother who passed away 9 years ago today, but I couldn't see her, but I knew she was there somewhere.

Being in bed with your husband, especially if the atmosphere was neutral and relaxed, suggests you have a good rhythm or pace in your life. There are some moments of stress or sadness, but overall you feel or can see aspects of your life improving with time. This is complemented by the image of the light that turns into bees that sting you. Being stung by a bee is often interpreted as a sign that you would be the recipient of a number of blessings. Given the previous part of the dream and the presence of your mother, it could be that she is sending her love and watching over your marriage.

Getting the queen bee out of the house

I had a beehive with a swarm of bees inside a house that I was not familiar with. To get the bees out I knew I had to catch and move the queen. I did so very carefully, but the queen was a very odd-looking insect which I caught gently and put it into a shoe box. I put the shoe box outside and within minutes all the bees were in the shoe box with the queen. I mentioned to somebody that I just moved the box and it was already filled with bees. I was not stung at all.

A house swarming with bees in the dream world is usually an ill omen representing loss and misfortune. Something either devastating or extremely stressful could occur in your household sending everyone in a frenzy of activities. These unfortunate circumstances are most likely due to reasons outside your control. Alternatively, the queen bee likely represents a strong female figure in the waking world, perhaps your mother, who could be the reason behind the fuss and frenzy. Both of you could soon get into arguments or disagreements, hence catching and placing the queen bee in the shoe box is akin to pacifying this female figure. Reaching an understanding is significant for you to be able to gain the freedom you have always desired.

Bees attacking dead sister

A swarm of bees was attacking my sister, who has passed away about 8 months ago. They were stinging her, and I was trying to get them off of her. I was throwing them down by the handful, and they were dead.

Envisioning bees attacking your recently departed sister may be the manifestation of some issue she faced while being alive. Aggressive bees tend to represent a black mark against a person, so seeing them on her body may reflect some trouble she was going through. With this interpretation in mind, your efforts to get the bees away from her show your dedication to preserving the memory of your sister in such a way that she is faultless and without blame. However, the notion that the bees were already dead is a reminder that her time has passed and the essence of her past life is not your responsibility. You need to accept this and find peace so that you can live your life to the fullest without being haunted by hers.

Chased and stung by a queen bee

Male. I was almost stung by two king or queen bees while out of town then, chased by maybe eight more king or queen bees then, I was awakened by my alarm clock.

Queen bees are generally thought to represent strong, independent females who you know in wake life. This includes your mother, female family members, friends, and other role models who embody the idea of a modern woman. Being stung by two queen bees suggests there are two females who are vying for your affection, perhaps by giving you small gifts or flirting with you. Being chased by other queen bees, then, reveals even more women who are potentially interested in you. You would have the luxury of choosing among any number of strong, bright women to make a good relationship with.

In a dark room with bees inside the head

I'm a female, I had a dream that I was in a dark room or space, not sure which, but I had a bee go inside my head and bees tangled up all in my hair. But the bee inside my head was trying to come out of my head through the back of my head, skull literally. I was alone, no one was there, I couldn't see any detail of anything, like I didn't know if I was around other things or people, it was completely pitch black. But I could see me, the bees and could see and hear the buzzing of the bees. I awoke scared to death.

A dark room in dreams often alludes to anxieties over uncertain outcomes. There may be aspects of your existence that are giving you a lot of stress, such as a responsibility or a complicated relationship. Similarly, the bees all tangled up in your hair and inside your head point to being busy. Perhaps you are dealing with a lot of duties and difficulties further aggravating your already anxious state. Unfortunately, your inability to manage everything on your plate may have adverse effects on your physical and mental state. Maybe your mind is telling you not to take on more than you can handle, otherwise you may experience burnout. Alternatively, this may signify your need to delegate tasks and ask for assistance instead of carrying the burden by yourself.

A bee inside a toe

What it means when you see yourself making a cut in your toe skin to release a bee crawling inside you in your dreams?

The bee crawling inside you represents some kind of bone disease or bone issue manifesting itself within you. You may soon suffer from some breakage or other problem that hurts your skeleton and causes you pain and suffering. This would obviously make your day to day life very difficult and possibly affect your mobility and comfort. However, this medical problem may not necessarily appear in your leg. You could develop this disease or injury in either your back, arms or neck instead or your legs.