Dreams Related To Beehive

Seeing a beehive

Dreaming about seeing or being near a beehive is a symbol of contentment with your present work situation. You may have a stable job that pays well and keeps you busy. You may enjoy the absolute familiarity and predictability of your everyday life. It is with this great sense of security of knowing your routine like the back of your hand and being certain that nothing could go wrong that makes life worth living.

If you dream that you are sticking your arm inside a beehive, it may serve as a reminder that you should learn to save for the rainy season. Money is hard to come by these days, but if you know how to delay your gratification or let go of your indulgences for the time being, you will find you would still get practically the same home comforts in times when others are already tight on their budget.

Bees returning to beehive

To dream about a swarm of bees returning or collectively flying back to their beehive after a long day of pollination is a sign that your home would be a hive of activity in the coming days. You and members of your family may soon have your hands full with household work as you make little changes here, small renovations there, shifting furniture, dusting cabinets, organizing cupboards, defrosting refrigerators, reformatting computers, scrubbing toilet bowls, the whole nine yards. The outcome of such activities would give you a feeling of rejuvenation and renewed hope in the belief that your worries, emotional baggage, dirty thoughts, and feelings of guilt have all gone down the drain together with the soot and soap suds. This dream vision could also mean moving to a new place for a change of environment and a shift in perspective.

An empty beehive

Dreaming that you are inspecting or looking into an empty beehive forewarns you that you could become a victim of a false accusation or allegation. This is serious business and should not be taken lightly. You might actually need a good lawyer to defend you in case it graduates into a lawsuit. There are cases where justice is not served, perhaps due to oversight or as a result of a corrupt system, so be prepared. Being the subject of a wrongful conviction and doing time for a crime you did not commit would be the last thing in your mind.

Emptying a beehive

Dreaming that you are in the process of emptying a beehive to extract honey from the honeycomb is an indication that your unscrupulous past could be catching up on you to remind you it is payback time. In your quest for a shortcut to success in the past, you might have engaged in dishonest, fraudulent and deceitful activities at the expense of others. Now you may be feeling the heat of a karmic reaction which could land you in jail or leave you penniless.

A dead rat inside a beehive

2 beehives on the roof. One is empty and the other has a rat inside, it is surrounded by bees. Reaching it with a stick to exterminate the bees and it dropped. Bees flew around me but didn't sting me.

Beehives are usually connected to your work situation and seeing two in a dream vision can indicate there are many things happening at your place of work. The empty beehive suggests a lack of work or an increase in meaningless "busy" work, robbing you of the chance to work on important projects and prove yourself to the higher-ups. The rat in the other beehive could represent a co-worker or colleague who tends to get on other people's nerves. This person may have finally gone too far and now everyone has turned against them. You could endeavor to help them, but whether that would neutralize the situation or make things worse is yet to be seen.

A beehive and older sister giving birth

There was a beehive hanging above me, someone accidentally hit the hive causing hundreds of bees to fly out. I quickly pulled a cover or blanket over me completely. I could see the bees all over the blanket but I was safe and not getting stung. I had to wait until they decided to fly off. I also dreamed of sister that is 70 yrs old and no children, had a baby girl. The doctor said the baby would never live, but she did. My sister wanted me to take care of the baby, said she didn't know how. Named her Aliceson?

Since bees are associated with being busy and industrious, a beehive similarly implies opportunities for productivity and profit. Someone in your social circle would convince you to start a business or partner up in order to pursue a potentially lucrative venture. However, you may not be receptive to this idea which is why you cover yourself with a blanket in the dream vision. The blanket refers to your sense of safety and security, this could also refer to your comfort zone. You are afraid of taking a risk, maybe because you do not want to fail. In the other dream, your sister's baby is actually a symbol of an idea or a plan. Naysayers would try to discredit this idea, saying it would never take off or succeed. The fact that the baby survives, however, means it has tremendous potential for triumph. Ultimately, both dreams are connected. Someone you know may have bright ideas and theories, but they need your wisdom and experience to successfully carry out their plans. You just need to decide whether it is worth the risk.

A beehive on the neck

I dreamed I was cleaning our bachelor's flat and complained of a weird feeling in my neck. My fiance then checked and he said it was a bee but not on the side that felt weird so I redirected him. Then he checked that side next and said with a gasp "OMG, it's a whole beehive", but in the form of a honey comb and it was so hard and formed a crust on my neck that was hiding underneath my hair all the time. We then tried to get it off but it was tricky, seemed possible till bees started going crazy buzzing and we got stung.

In this vision, cleaning the house may be a sign that you would have an unexpected visitor at your place of work or that someone important who is usually not around would show up to observe your company. The honeycomb beehive on your neck represents your concerns that your efforts and contributions to the growth and development of your company might go unrewarded. Perhaps your boss is not often around or does not usually acknowledge your efforts to improve both yourself and your workplace. However, being stung by the bees means you could soon receive a small monetary incentive or cash gift for doing a good job or making an important contribution to the work environment. So even if you feel that no one is paying attention to you at work, know that others are watching and taking note of the good work that you achieve.