Dreams Related To Bedroom

Someone is in your bedroom

Bedrooms are highly personal spaces, so envisioning someone else in your bedroom with you can be a reflection of your discomfort with intrusion into your inner sanctuary. This could refer to literal invasions of privacy, like a parent logging into your social media accounts or a friend snooping around on your phone. However, this can also take on a more figurative level. For instance, maybe someone creepy who gives you a weird vibe is trying to get close to you in wake life. You should listen to your instincts and find ways to protect your privacy.

Your existing bedroom

Seeing your bedroom appear in a dream just as it looks in real life suggests you are about to go on a journey to find yourself. You may have recently become interested in improving your daily habits or developing mindfulness. As you travel this path of self-discovery, it is very likely that you would have an epiphany and some form of enlightenment either about your past, present or future. Use what you learn to make the most out of the life you have been given.

Bedroom that looks unfamiliar

Being in a completely unfamiliar or strange room carries many implications in the dream realm. Some sources of dream analysis suggest that a room you do not recognize means there is a part of yourself that you are unable to fully accept. Perhaps you are not comfortable in your own skin or are overly concerned with something you perceive as a flaw in your personality. Alternatively, this symbol may also allude to deep-seated secrets hidden in your unconscious mind. Perhaps some memories from when you were a very young child are beginning to resurface.

A stranger in my bedroom

Finding a stranger in your bedroom is a projection of your fear of succumbing to worldly desires. You are probably the type of person who is disciplined in all aspects of your life. However, you will soon be challenged with the appearance of unfamiliar feeling such as getting drawn towards an unlikely romantic prospect or becoming attracted to the same sex. Alternatively, your unconscious mind could be warning you about an invasive person who likes to breach your personal boundaries by asking personal questions or touching you inappropriately.

Stuck in your bedroom

Dreaming of being stuck in your bedroom refers to repressed sexual desires. According to Sigmund Freud, childhood trauma may contribute to your psycho-social development, including your sexuality. You are feeling trapped or stifled because of the expectations of your loved ones or society in general. As a result, you find it hard to express your true self or embrace your gender identity. This imagery means you need to slowly come out of your shell and find the courage to live your life to the fullest.

Bedroom being re-organized and animals

My master bedroom is being modified under observation of my deceased mother in law. She has become very fat and with changed style. She is scolding me. Suddenly an extra bed came there with a monkey who killed and ate white snake which came from inside the bedroom.

The presence of your deceased mother-in-law in your dream means she left behind unfinished business which continues to affect your life. Her weight is associated with wealth, so the ongoing issue has something to with an inheritance or assets she left behind. Although it could also symbolize the weight that is causing a lot of strain in your marriage or family life. Nevertheless, her passing had probably created a whole new conflict, as indicated by the new bed. Oftentimes an extra bed means dishonesty or adultery. This is further elucidated by the monkey and the white snake which are both associated with betrayal. Look out for a third party carrying troublesome information that could threaten your marriage and overall peaceful existence.

Being raped in your bedroom

Getting raped in your own bedroom refers to a breach of privacy. This dream symbol is a prediction that a trusted friend or family member will betray your trust due to jealousy or pure hate. There will be a memorable encounter between the two of you which will uncover their motivation for sabotaging your romantic relationship or even your career. This can also allude to unwanted thoughts in your head which is negatively affecting your mental health. You are probably assuming that your colleagues are talking about you behind your back, so you tend to be defensive during your interactions.

A strange woman in the bedroom

Walked in my bedroom and another woman was standing in the room while counting money and she refused to leave and I grabbed her arm to make her leave and I woke up.

Finding another woman in your bedroom could refer to some female presence in your life that you find overbearing or annoying. For example, you may love your mother, but she tends to drive you a little crazy with her expectations or unwanted advice. Alternatively, you may be unconsciously thinking about a friend or co-worker who is annoying you or getting in your way in wake life. The counting of money in this vision may refer to monetary issues. You might be having trouble saving because someone is always inviting you out even when you tell them you do not have the cash to spare. This vision reflects both the problems you are having in reality and the frustration it is causing you.

Animals and insects in the bedroom

Surrounded by rats, ferrets and spiders in the spare bedroom, and in my bedroom they were everywhere! I was putting them back in cages however. Please try to help find the meaning of this dream.

Finding all these creatures in a bedroom indicates the discovery of sensitive issues. Specifically, the rats suggest a threat to your health because of your fatalistic lifestyle. Combined with the bedroom, this dream symbol represents sexual or reproductive health issues possibly due to multiple partners or risque and pleasure-seeking behavior. The ferrets similarly allude to being in a compromising position in the romantic department. Unfortunately, the presence of spiders indicates you have enemies who are digging up dirt on you. If they find out about your intimate relations, they could spread this in your social network and effectively tarnish your reputation. Your struggle to contain this explosive and private information is illustrated in your efforts at catching and putting them in cages.

Destroying the bedroom

I had a dream that I destroyed my entire bedroom. I used an ax to destroy all of the furniture in my room, make holes in the walls, and break the windows. I also got a lighter and set all of my clothes on fire.

Destroying your bedroom in a dream usually indicates breaking free. You are tired of pretending to be someone else just to be accepted by your friends, family and society in general. A bedroom usually signifies sexuality and intimacy which means your secret is a crucial part of your identity. You could be contemplating coming out in order to live a full, authentic life. The axe represents the difficulty you would have to go through in expressing your true self. You could hurt certain people in your life and burn bridges along the way. Finally, setting your clothes on fire denotes a full transformation. After the struggle, you will emerge as the person you have always wanted to be.

Someone trying to get into a bedroom window

The vision of someone trying to enter a bedroom through the window in a dream represents a highly immoral activity that is about to take place around you. If you were the one entering the room, it could be that you would put aside your morals to do something truly heinous and cold-blooded. On the other hand, if you perceived that someone else was entering into your or a friend's room through the window, you may be the victim of such a terrible attack.

In someone's bedroom

This symbol can have multiple interpretations depending on the context. If you are in the bedroom of someone you know from reality, like your parents, this symbol may reflect learning some new information about them that sheds light on their current personality. You may come to understand that the strictness or harshness you perceived as a child was really their way of showing you love. On the other hand, if you did not know the person whose room you were in, it could reveal soon learning a secret that would shock or disappoint you.

Refurnishing your bedroom

The act of refurnishing your bedroom, such as replacing your bed or decorating the walls, means you are opening yourself up to new experiences. You probably feel restricted by your traditional upbringing, so you have not experimented a lot on your looks as well as your lifestyle. Now that you are an adult or close to adulthood, you will have the freedom to meet new people and try out new activities. Without the pressure from your parents and elders to act a certain way, you will become more self-aware and find out who you really are outside of your family's expectations.

Water in bedroom

The meaning of water in the bedroom can have different interpretations depending on the source of the flow and type of water. For instance, clean water pouring in through the roof or ceiling may be a sign of success and prosperity literally raining down on your household. In this case, happiness and good fortune is sure to come your way. However, polluted, murky water slowly rising and flooding your living space could reveal that dirty life secrets would leave you in a compromising position, either financially or morally. Whatever the results are would depend on your actions from here on out.