Dreams Related To Bed linen

Changing bed linen

Changing the sheets on a bed during the course of a dream vision may predict soon becoming ill and infirm. Even though it would not last or have long-term effects, you would be completely exhausted as you recover. This fatigue would prevent you from completing all but the most basic and essential of daily tasks.

Ironing bed linen for young women

Young women who envision themselves laundering or ironing bed linens may soon walk down the aisle in reality. This dream symbol is commonly thought to predict an upcoming marriage or finding that special someone whom they wish to spend their lives with. The match is likely to make both parties extremely happy and satisfied.

Dirty bed linen

A dream vision containing the image of dirty or soiled sheets means you would soon reap what you have sowed. Similar to the idea of making you bed and laying in it, this symbol predicts either a certain someone or the universe in general getting back at you for the trouble and wrongdoings you have done in the past. There is little you can do to avoid this retribution, so it would be best to let karma get it over with so you can move on and hopefully learn from your mistakes.