Dreams Related To Beauty

Yourself being beautiful

Perceiving yourself as beautiful within a dream is a very positive sign. Being or becoming pretty or more handsome is a signal that suggests you are to soon experience some happy events that you should embrace and enjoy. This could be the receiving of some wonderful news or some situation which greatly benefits you. Seeing yourself as being attractive and good-looking in a dream vision may also mean meeting some person who would completely change your life for the better. Another interpretation of a vision where you see yourself as especially good looking may be a sign of being too self-absorbed or narcissistic. This behavior may be off-putting or annoying for others, so you may want to reflect on your words and actions more. On the other hand, seeing other people as more beautiful than they really are in real life can be interpreted as a sign that they trust you and think highly of you.

A beautiful woman

Seeing a beautiful woman in a dream vision is a very lucky sign which portends experiencing joyous, exciting, or emotionally touching events in the near future. Your participation in or witnessing these occasions is likely to bring great joy and comfort to your heart. Meeting a beautiful woman in a dream can also be interpreted as a sign of success and good results in some ongoing project or course of action you have recently adopted.

A beautiful view

Envisioning yourself looking at a beautiful view laid out before your eyes is a positive image to see in a dream vision. In general, observing a beautiful scene or scenery predicts overall happiness and satisfaction with life. In particular, though, this might mean prosperity and success in monetary matters, the achievement of long-term goals, or overall health and well-being. This is likely to extend beyond yourself, allowing you to share with and provide for family and close friends as well.

An exotic and beautiful view

Observing a beautiful view that is somehow exotic or unusual to you is an auspicious sign meaning that your hopes and dreams are soon to be realized. In particular, dreaming of some foreign or tropical scenery pleasing to the eye indicates that not only is your goal about to be accomplished, but its accomplishment is likely to be extraordinary and amazing, possibly including the involvement of or help coming from some very interesting characters.

A beautiful view of a city

Envisioning a beautiful cityscape, particularly of a place you have never been to or seen before, is an ill omen often interpreted as a sign that others are soon to discover your true nature. Images of the city skyline predict that some secret or private information that you have been trying to conceal from others is to become common knowledge among those around you, especially people you work with and see on a regular basis.

A beautiful painting

Dreaming about a beautiful painting that portrays a landscape or some other eye-pleasing image of nature is a lucky symbol that usually means your biggest dreams and deepest desires are soon to come true. Specifically, seeing or observing a beautiful scene on a painted canvas points to some goal you have had for a long time being finally accomplished or some improbable hope actually becoming reality. This is likely to bring many positive moments to your life in multiple ways as well as joy and satisfaction as result.

Dating a beauty queen

Being in a dream where you are dating a beauty queen or model indicates the presence of some annoying, complicated problem that currently exists in your life. This vision forewarns having to spend extraordinary amounts of time, money, and energy trying to figure out the issue and then, after it is determined, having the added task of trying to solve it.

A beautiful child

Meeting a beautiful child within a dream is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with familial relationships. In particular, this dream carries the meaning that you are likely to feel great peace and love with those closest to you. If you have been experiencing some difficulties within your own family, this vision suggests the possibility of resolving of these issues. This dream maintains this interpretation no matter who the child is or belongs to.

Excessive beauty

Seeing yourself become increasingly beautiful within a dream is an ominous sign indicative of experiencing health problems in the near future. In particular, this condition is likely to cause lethargy and may alter your looks drastically, though not for the better. This could be a warning sign to take care of yourself and be on the lookout for any suspicious symptoms. Additionally, if you see another person becoming more and more good-looking within you dream vision, it can be interpreted the same way, meaning they may fall seriously ill without intervention. If this other person becomes incredibly beautiful, it may predict their untimely demise.

Something beautiful

Finding yourself in a dream where you come across something, like a picture, a building, or a small object, that appears or is perceived as beautiful, is usually interpreted as a positive sign. It is associated with both joy and tranquility, predicting a period of time in your life that would be filled with happiness. You may also experience peace of mind as your burdens ease. Seeing something particularly beautiful in a dream, while a positive sign for you, may also benefit those close to you as well.

A beauty queen

Meeting or encountering a beauty queen within a dream vision is normally interpreted as a somewhat negative symbol. It means you are likely to experience some small inconvenience or annoyance, like bad weather or a late train, which causes some dissatisfaction or unhappiness for a short period of time in your waking life. After this situation unfolds, everything is predicted to return to normal.

Having a dream where you are introduced to or talk with a beauty queen or fashion model may be a sign that you should be careful to value inner beauty more than outer appearance. You may consider this important or care too much about the looks, making it hard not to *judge books by their covers*. Meeting with a beauty queen may also mean you are about to experience a short period of time that is very lucky and propitious for you.

Beautiful people

Having a dream about meeting with or being surrounded by people you perceived as particularly beautiful reflects the goodness present in your relationships. This dream vision reflects the warmth and trust that you hold for others and that they have for you, amplifying your mutual love and respect for each other. Having this ability to foster caring relationships is instrumental in the success and stability of these relationships. Additionally, seeing beautiful people may be a special sign for those who are currently unmarried, since it may represents the possibility of upcoming nuptials.

Being pregnant and unattractive

I am a female aged 22, dreamt that I am a pregnant (a surrogate for my friend Judith), then the next dream I was with my mother and my step brother came to visit (I had an affair with him few months ago), I realized he was engaged through his WhatsApp profile picture, my mother then told me I need a little doing, so I should ask my step brother to drop me at the salon, then she told me "Did you think that your step brother was going to be your happy ending?", I went to my room and busted into tears...

Having a dream vision about becoming pregnant for your friend could be a sign that she is about to meet someone new and start a new relationship with this person. You could be the link or a point of connection for these two people. Being told to visit a salon in this same dream could predict starting to live a very busy and hectic life either because you would be meeting a lot of people or because someone will introduce you to such eventful life. Bursting into tears after hearing your mother's words reveals your hidden emotions still remaining in you towards the person you were dating not so long ago, and you need to find a way to release these feelings by sharing them with someone.

A bird's-eye beautiful view

Finding yourself in a dream vision where you can observe a beautiful scene from a bird's-eye view, such as from the window of an airplane or the top of some high mountain, points toward coming to the realization that you have not fully utilized your talents or that you may have some yet to be discovered or developed ability. This dream may be a sign to try different hobbies or spend some time improving your current gifts.

If, while looking out and over a beautiful landscape from above in a dream, you feel some uneasy, uncomfortable emotion or become upset looking out at the view, it could carry the notion that you are likely unable to explore and grow these latent abilities despite your best efforts. This may be because the tools or teachers you need are not available to you, or it may be because there are too many other demands on your time and energy, making it impossible for you to practice and apply your skills.

Fading beauty

Having a dream about seeing an object that starts out as beautiful but slowly becomes dull and ugly is normally interpreted as a symbol that represents being insecure or having low self-esteem. In particular, this dream vision means that there are objects and people in your life that you truly value and care about. However, you worry that you are not strong, sure or brave enough to hold on and care for those people and things, and you are particularly fearful of some unrealistic, unlikely event that could cause the loss of all that you cherish. Seeing beauty fade from an object, therefore, does not point to any negative event occurring, it only shows the concern or doubts in your own heart.

A praying beauty queen

Having a dream where you meet or see a beauty queen who is praying is a negative sign meaning having difficulties with relationships. For those who are single, this vision’s interpretation includes having trouble meeting suitable people or connecting with someone whom you can get along with. More generally, this dream also predicts troubles within friendships or not being able to make new friends easily.

Your lover as a beautiful person

Dreaming about someone you love and care about becoming more and more beautiful predicts upcoming nuptials between you and this person. This might be a wedding ceremony, but also includes engagements and promises. In addition, seeing this person increasingly attractive also means your relationship with this person is likely to remain strong, while being peaceful, respectful, and loving for many years into your married life.

Being labeled unattractive

Alone in my apt that was completely empty. I walk up to a wall and find a video tape taped to the wall. It is labeled "Ugly Girl". I knew someone was watching me and had filmed me, and was in my house. I ran out of the house trying to make it to my apartment office. As I run there are men sitting on my path and I ask them what the quickest way there is, they point and I keep running. I am very scared (p.s. this is very cool! thanks for taking the time to do interpret!).

This dream could be an indication of your recent attempts or plans to initiate contact with a certain person in your life or network with a group of people who interest you in a significant way. This interest could be originating from your desire to acquire more friends or to succeed, either by improving your interpersonal skills or by matching your behavior with that of peers who surround you in everyday life. However, you could have experienced some downfalls or disappointments, and the main reason for such outcomes could be exposing your weaker side, such as trusting others too much or letting them take advantage of your gullible nature. The dream also reveals that you could be trying to find shortcuts and fastest ways possible to solve potential problems while communicating with others in your social circle, and such "sorting machine" approach could hamper your efforts in finding true and long-lasting connections.

Being called beautiful

Being called beautiful or cute by a guy in the dream realm reflects positive or fortunate developments taking place in reality. You may soon get some new opportunities or catch a streak of luck that brings you feelings of happiness and satisfaction.