Dreams Related To Beating

Beating someone up

To beat up someone reveals anger management issues. You probably tend to suppress your emotions to show everyone that you are in control. However, without any outlet to blow off some steam, all the aggression builds up and would eventually lead to a violent outburst. This vivid imagery also suggests a need to control other people and impose your values and beliefs on them. Violent dreams often signal a troubled mind and a short fuse, so perhaps you need to find a way to channel those energies into something more productive.

Beating own children

It's been 2 nights already that I'm dreaming of yelling at my 8-year-old daughter but ending up beating so hard my 2-year-old son. I have 4 kids, need an explanation about it because it's really weird after that when I'm waking up I'm feeling so bad for them ending up hugging and kissing them while they are asleep.

Beating up your son in the dream, while disturbing, does not necessarily mean that you have a violent nature nor does it suggest rage towards your children. Instead, the violence and anger directed at them likely point to your need for control. Like any parent, you may be becoming too strict and authoritative towards your children in an attempt to discipline them and keep them safe from harm. In addition, the recurring aspect of this dream may have something to do with the stress and anxieties you are experiencing in the real world. The chaos and possibly never-ending problems may have been projected by your subconscious onto your children, as they are the ones with whom you can exercise authority and control.

Someone getting beat up

Seeing someone else being beat or roughed up in a dream is often indicative of underlying anger management issues. Because you were not an active participant in the fight, it suggests that you have some hold on your impulses. However, this could also be a sign that you have a vivid imagination when it comes to what you would do to those who have wronged you if given the chance. Perhaps finding an outlet for your aggression, like a journal or meditation, would help you keep these fantasies from becoming a reality.

Someone beating me up

Envisioning that you are being beat up by someone while in the midst of REM sleep is often interpreted by modern dream scientists to represent hopelessness. You may be feeling repressed or pushed down, unable to express your true feelings or act on your true ambitions. If you were able to escape or defeat the individual attacking you, it could mean you would find a way to assert yourself or find freedom. On the other hand, being unable to escape your attacker could reveal you would continue to suffer for a period of time.

Being beaten up by an obese person

I saw that a fat person was beating me and my son in an unknown place and no other person was there around us, he kept on beating us and we were crying and bleeding.

The fat person in your dream symbolizes a rich person or a powerful individual. Being beaten by this person suggests repression or hopelessness. Your family may undergo trials and tribulations wherein you could be overcome by a sense of being powerless. The person of power could also be an institution and trying to deal with this organization or agency may sometimes seem futile. When faced with challenges, you have the option of succumbing to the powers that be or fighting back to defend your rights as a human being.

Getting beaten by teachers

I had a dream in the morning, 6:30 AM, of getting beaten by two school teachers in front of the whole class and after that, I was expelled from school.

You do not mention whether you are currently enrolled in school or not, but, in general, being in a school suggests you are going through a difficult, stressful time in your life. If you are in school, this might mean you have many tests or a lot of homework due. If you are not in school though, this may indicate you have a lot of tedious, time-consuming errands to run, either for personal reasons or for work. Being beaten by teachers in front of the class predicts a recent or upcoming situation in which you embarrass yourself, most likely in regards to saying something without knowing all the facts first. It might be wise, despite your current levels of stress, to think before you speak and not jump to conclusions hastily.

Deceased father beating you up

Dreaming of your deceased father beating you up might symbolize an internal struggle with your superego, representing societal and moral values you have struggled with in the past. According to the works of Freud, our father's actions can reflect the self-criticism and harsh judgment you impose on yourself. This dream suggests a need for self-compassion and a shift toward self-kindness. It is an opportunity to reevaluate your inner dialogue, giving yourself the credit and understanding you deserve. Embrace this dream as a call to balance your self-expectations, allowing space for self-love and acceptance to flourish, and ultimately fostering personal growth and emotional well-being.

Beaten up and standing on knees

I'm female. My friend has been having this dream for two weeks straight. He hasn't told me all of what happened. This is what I know. His friends and I are on our knees with our jaws cut off and our eyes black and dripping blood. He said we are telling him to stay away from the cave or coven. I'm really worried about him at this point. Please help explain why he would be having this dream.

This recurring dream of your friend may be related to his anxieties about the future. For instance, black eyes and cut-off jaws suggest the absence of ambition or direction. Perhaps he is unsure about how to proceed with his personal journey or career. This lack of foresight and indecision may be empowering others to make the decisions for him. Your friend may be a bit lost but he still wants to retain control over his decisions and this is where his anxieties lie. As for the other symbols, a cave usually alludes to the subconscious or a place of refuge, while a coven can mean relationships or social connections, usually family or a circle of close friends. In the context of your friend's dream, he is likely yearning to assert himself yet is afraid to disappoint or perhaps rebel against authority figures or family expectations. Your presence in his dream probably means that he feels you are in the same predicament.

Beating someone to death

The act of beating someone to death in the dream realm indicates a number of things with your personality and mental state in wake life. In essence, lashing out at someone physically can have multiple meanings in the context of emotion, such as anger, frustration, uncertainty or discontentment. It also is suggestive of a missing safe space to redirect negative emotions in a positive manner. This symbol also denotes spiritual challenges, particularly surrounding the ideas of guilt or regret over certain actions.

Beating someone you don't know

Envisioning yourself beating someone you don't know denotes a need to assert yourself or take control of a situation in your waking life. The person you are beating in the dream represents something or someone that is causing you stress or anxiety. Moreover, getting the upper hand over someone in a dream usually indicates a sense of power and victory, however, it also shows that you are not dealing with people and persons close to you in a constructive way. In essence, the dream is probably a reminder to focus on self-improvement and self-discovery to achieve inner peace.

Beating someone you know

Getting into a fight or beating someone you know indicates that you may resent or have contrary opinions to the person you were attacking. In a sense, this physical altercation is a metaphor for a clashing of spiritual beliefs or personalities. If you were largely unharmed in this dream scene, the interpretation of this symbol points towards having a slightly overbearing, holier-than-thou attitude that would mar your reputation. However, if you were also beaten or injured in the fight, it means that even though you might have hard feelings for the other party, no person is completely right.

Beating a woman

For men, beating up a woman at some point in a dream signifies some troubled feelings or ideas about women and families in general. Perhaps you had a rough upbringing or a strained relationship with someone you wanted to be close to. The actual interpretation of this symbol does not mean you are interested in hitting women or children physically. Rather it is a metaphor for a subconscious aversion against being hurt by the actions or attitude of another person. However, you cannot keep pushing people away and expect to have a peaceful, grounded experience in your relationships. You need to attempt to open up and deal with whatever has driven you to this point.