Dreams Related To Beast

A beast attacking in the bush

Sometime in 2011, I found myself in the bush and a beast appeared. I could not move, I became so weak that the beast jumped on me and I woke up. A week later, I lost my job, I made effort to find another to no avail till now.

Being alone in the bush in a dream vision represents feeling alone in life, when you have no one to rely on. This is especially true when you are experiencing hardship. You may have friends who are there when times are good but are not around when times are tough. The symbol of being attacked by a beast, predicts difficulties and challenges in your life which can be overcome if you maintain a positive attitude and use these opportunities as a way to grow as a person. This means that, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wishing others were there to help, you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You are more likely to experience success if you do. If this dream mirrors past events, it is probably your subconscious mind reflecting on what has occurred, but if it is completely different from the past you have experienced, you should watch out for chances to challenge yourself and try to keep a stiff upper lip on the face of adversary.