Dreams Related To Beard

Beard growing significantly

I am 17 years, a male. My dream was my beard was officially grown to 2 inches from the jaw line to the front of my chin.

Dreaming that your beard has grown alludes to wealth and financial gain. This is a very auspicious dream symbol because this entails much success and luck combined to give you good fortune and abundance for a long time. Your diligence and exemplary performance will finally bear fruit and soon it would be time for you to reap the rewards. Fortunately, your financial savvy will help you further grow your assets and wealth to help you continuously benefit from your earnings and profits. Stay on course and your future will be bright.

Your existing beard disappearing

To dream that your existing beard is disappearing, such that when you look at yourself in the mirror and see that your once well-maintained and long beard is shorter and uneven, could indicate severing or cutting ties with someone special or important in your life. You may want to look at your current relationships and see where the falling out or drifting apart could be prevented and mend it immediately. The vision could also signify unexpected material losses or losing respect in the eyes of those around you for some undefined reason. Stay true to your character to be able to keep your reputation untainted.

Shaving your beard

To have a dream that you are shaving your beard when you have it in real life, for instance when you feel a sudden itch on your chin and you go to the bathroom sink to shave your long and unruly beard, could pertain to big losses in your personal life. These misfortunes could range from severing or cutting ties with certain people, divorcing your spouse or unwanted financial losses. Alternatively, the dream could also be referring that you are ashamed of your hobbies or interests. This should not be the case as your personal interests molded you to be the person that you are today and you would not be the same without them.

Grey beard

Seeing a grey beard in a dream, such that when you see a man reading a newspaper sporting a grey, long beard while you are eating in a restaurant with friends, could be associated to upcoming conflicts and struggles with those around you in reality. These could potentially result in unwanted misfortunes and losses that might hurt your businesses, finances and relationships in the process. It would be best to keep your activities and networks in order to prevent such conflicts from actually manifesting and possibly ruining your good standing.

Dream about beard growing on my face what is meaning

Starting to grow a beard

To dream that you are starting to grow a beard, for example when you wake up and you see a tinge of newly grown beard or stubble growing on your face after days of no shaving at all, could be a sign of great prosperity in your life that is long overdue. This good fortune could be in the form of increase in material wealth, income or some sort of financial boost in your side projects or businesses, if any. You should rejoice and maintain this positive turn in the financial aspects of your life.

Trimming your beard

Trimming your beard in a dream when you have it in real life, for example when you feel that your beard is already out of shape and you go to the bathroom sink to trim it with scissors, could refer to great improvements to your general life situation. These may be in the areas of your current projects, work aspirations or major goals in life that you are trying to achieve. If you are still young, then the dream might be referring to you getting involved or be in active participation in different interesting activities or events where you could learn a lot of things.

Admiring your own beard

Dreaming that you are admiring your own beard, for example when you conceitedly check out your well-kept beard in the gleaming mirror of the building while focusing intently only on your reflection, could mean potentially losing your close friends in reality. The dream may be telling you that you may be neglecting your friends while becoming too self-absorbed in the process. You could examine yourself if some sort of narcissism is hindering you from forming a deeper relationship to those close to you and address that before it is too late.

Having a beard when it does not exist

Dreaming of having a beard when it does not exist in reality, for example when you suddenly wake up and to your surprise there is already a beard firmly planted on your chin, could allude to an inclination to get involved in certain activities or behaviors uncharacteristic of your true age in reality. The dream may be telling you that you could be experiencing a life crisis and want things not to change and stay as is when you could be already moving forward. It may also be that you have been acting uncharacteristically without realizing it due to a traumatic past life experience which you cannot get rid of yet.

A bearded lady

To see an unusual image of a bearded lady in a dream, for instance when you do a double take upon encountering a bearded woman mural painting while going around a gallery exhibition of an eccentric artist, could refer to unpleasant encounters in real life. These negative experiences may range from unfulfilled wishes to health issues such as prolonged sickness. You could take the time to digest and internalize these encounters and see if you could find hidden lessons somewhere that you need to learn from.

Grooming your beard

To dream that you are grooming your beard, for instance when you check yourself in front of a mirror and start combing and styling the beard to your liking, could indicate a growing income or financial wealth in reality. This could be coupled with alienation from and ostracization by old friends, relatives or family members because of the newly acquired status in life. Stand your ground and celebrate your success as the right people would be in your life soon enough to support you without envy or jealousy.

Seeing a beard

To dream of seeing a beard, for instance when you encounter a serious-looking and heavily-bearded man walking past you while crossing a crowded street, could symbolize your future interaction with a person who is a total opposite of you as an individual. This may cause a clash of wills and personalities in dealing with each other. You may perhaps be contesting your authority or dominance over the other person that you could eventually lose at the end. You could try to be a little more diplomatic and collaborative instead to create a win-win situation.

The dream could also be interpreted differently with several meanings depending on your current status and situation. If you are a young woman seeing a beard in a dream, this could pertain to a hasty marriage or living with someone without being officially married. If, however, you are a married woman having this vision, this could symbolize losing your husband or becoming a widow unexpectedly. On the other hand, if you are a widow having this dream, there could be a possibility of you marrying someone again soon. If you are pregnant and you are having this dream, it could mean giving birth to a son. Lastly, if you are a child seeing a beard in a dream, this could signify an unforeseen death in the family that could cause serious repercussions.

Plucking your beard

Dreaming that you are plucking your beard, such that when you feel that your beard whiskers are causing you too much trouble and you start to pluck them one by one carefully in front of a mirror, could be hinting to pay attention to your creditors who lent you money back when you needed it. The dream may be telling you to pay the debt rather sooner than expected, if applicable to your situation. You may check with your creditors in real life if there is anything amiss in the payments and settle with them as needed.

Alternatively, dreaming that you are plucking your beard could pertain to your dreams and desires finally coming true in reality. The vision could also mean that you would benefit from meeting a powerful individual in your path or after an enlightening conversation with an older or more experienced individual. This person would share his or her life experiences, lessons and wisdom with you which you should absorb and learn from.

A black beard

To dream of a black beard, for example when you see an obscure or mysterious man having this midnight black beard while walking down an unknown pathway or alley, could be an indication or validation of your excellent overall health in reality. This could mean that you could be in greater physical shape than before and may be projecting mental and emotional well-being to those who know you. You should ensure to maintain this positive state so that you may be able to tackle anything that you encounter in life later on. As the old adage says, health is wealth.

Combing a beard

If you dream of combing a beard, for instance when you see yourself holding a fine comb and going through your beard's strands with it or you are combing a friend's beard as weird as it may look like, could pertain to upcoming romantic affairs, dating or trying to start a relationship with a special someone in reality. The dream could be referring to grooming and bonding behaviors with this person at the subconscious level. Be mindful and always feel and look your best to sustain this attraction and move it forward if that is your intention.

Growing a beard for women

If you are a single woman and you are growing a beard, such that when you suddenly face the mirror for a brief moment and you are aghast to see that a beard is forming around your once smooth and unblemished face, it could be symbolizing a possibility of pending marriage and having several children. If, on the other hand, you are married and dreamt of having a beard, it may portend a possibility of taking on the role as the head of household for some unknown reason. Furthermore, if you are pregnant and you have this vision, it could allude to you giving birth to a son in the near future.

A baby with a beard

To dream of a baby with a beard, for instance when you see an oddly bearded baby for a costume in a trick or treat setting and you are curious what halloween character it is representing, could be symbolic of either a special mission in life for this baby or worse its early and sad demise. The unlikely dream may be telling you that this baby may be in some sort of journey to either of the two extreme poles of achievement or disaster. Either way, you could make your interactions with this baby special if you personally know him or her in real life.

Your beard shorter than normal

To dream that your beard is shorter than normal, such that when you check yourself in the mirror and you have this feeling that your beard is a few inches shorter than its normal length, could be a nagging realization about the lack of respect you are getting from people around you manifesting at the subconscious level. This could also allude to your growing dissatisfaction with your current position in life that you need to address sooner than later. You may be looking for growth and learning and you could start by looking into opportunities that are being presented to you daily in reality.

Your beard turning completely white

Dreaming that your beard is turning completely white, for example when you take a look at your reflection in the car mirror one day and you see that your beard has turned white, could indicate a growing respect or prominence for you in the eyes of other people surrounding you in waking life. You may be doing good deeds and getting a positive feedback from those that you have been dealing with recently. Maintain this great aura and you would be able to achieve your dreams and goals in no time.

A beard shedding hairs

To see a beard shedding hairs in a dream, such that when you see a very old man appear in a surreal movie and his beard starts to shed and fall to the ground one by one or when your own beard starts to shed while you are preparing to go to work, could symbolize an upcoming period of grieving, sadness or even depression in the beginning stages. Take heed and look into taking care more of your mental health to maintain overall positive well-being. You could start by weeding out negative thoughts and focus only on those that serve you well.

A young lady with a bearded man

To dream of a young lady accompanied by an elderly bearded man, such that when you see a bubbly young lady talking animatedly to a curious-looking man with certain hand gestures, could pertain to betrayal, adultery or eventually losing your romantic partner in reality. The vision could also signify a possibility of your dating gone wrong at some level which would leave you disappointed. Additionally, someone could be also divulging your deepest, darkest secrets to others or there may be some unpleasant conversation with your partner or lover that would make you feel hurt and betrayed in the process.

A young boy with a beard

To dream of a young boy with a beard, for instance when you see a a family walking past you in a store and surprisingly their son has a beard already which is unlikely for his young age, could refer to unexpected news such as unwanted illness that may change the course of your life unfavorably. You may want to check in with your doctor to see if there are health issues that you may be unaware of. If you have a child and you had this dream, it could be letting you know that he or she may commit something that would alter other people's perception about them in a negative way. Do provide proper guidance as a parent so that they would not stray from the right path they are supposed to take.

A curly beard

Dreaming of a curly beard, such that when you go and watch a play with your friends and see a theater actor wearing a curly beard for a wig while acting on stage, could indicate upcoming conflicts or disagreements with your relatives or extended family members. The vision could be telling you that this could cause a considerable strain in your close relationships and should be prevented as much as possible. You may watch for any signs in real life that could lead to these misunderstandings and see to it that they do not happen or are resolved immediately.

A beard with a blue hue

To dream of a beard with a blue hue, for instance when your beard catches the rays of sunlight and it glinted a hint of bluish hue or color of the normal black it usually is, could pertain to existing feelings of jealousy towards a partner or spouse in reality. These could be just baseless suspicions that you need to catch before they blow out of proportion. The dream could also be symbolic of getting involved with someone who will spark your interest at some level. Be careful though as the encounter could leave you with a possible heartbreak and sadness.

Someone with a wide and curly beard

Dreaming that someone has a wide and curly beard, for example when you see a foreign-looking man wearing a unique headdress and a wide curly beard framing his face, coud allude that your current partner or lover is a good choice or decision you have made in life. It could be that you have found a great match in this person that you would have never dreamed of at first. In addition, the dream could be symbolic of getting prosperous together and having a neverending harmonious relationship as it progresses helping you both navigate life.

A very thick beard

Dreaming of a very thick beard which belongs to you or someone else, for example when you see that you can already hide an item behind the thickness of your beard or a friend's beard effortlessly without a person knowing it, could pertain to receiving big profits or multiplying your existing wealth or material assets in life. This return of investments may be a sign that you would be reaping enormous amounts from what you have diligently sowed in the past. Keep right on this path and you can share your blessings on the way to success as a way of giving back.

Being pulled by your beard

Dreaming that you are being pulled by your beard, such that when you see yourself playing with your niece and she mischievously tugged at your already grown beard to retaliate, could be telling of a possibility of getting in some risky or hazardous situations unless you let go of some of your material property or assets. However, if you are seeing someone else being pulled by his beard in a dream during a fight, it could allude to guilty feelings about something you have done in the past that you cannot get over with. The vision could also pertain to anticipation of some conflict or misunderstanding brewing between you and your significant other based on recent events.

Touching someone's beard for young women

If you are a young woman and you are touching someone's beard in a dream, for example when you are amazed to see that your friend's beard has grown smooth and long like of an enlightened guru and you touch it with awe, it could refer to concerns about a possibility of an unfortunate marriage. This could also pertain to your thoughts about marrying someone who does not deserve your true love and devotion. You could take a step back and see your current relationship for what it is worth and gauge whether that special someone should deserve an important spot in your life.

Shaving someone's beard

Having a dream that you are shaving someone's beard, for example when you see yourself working as a barber in a shop and you are shaving a customer's beard whom you know personally, could signify conflicts and disagreements either with this person or someone else who is close to you. The conflict could arise from a possibility of committing some retaliations against someone leading instead to guilt and suffering. You might want to examine and let go of any negative feelings you are harboring as these could cause you stress and poison you internally in the process.

A red beard

Dreaming that you have a red beard, for instance when you see yourself attending a costume event and you are wearing a bright red beard prosthetic while milling along a crowd wearing elaborate masks, could be symbolic of malicious plans or plots coming from your supposedly closest friends or people you trusted immensely in real life. The dream could be warning about and preparing you for a pending betrayal at the subconscious level. Be watchful of your relationships and you should be able to tell which ones would remain by your side or turn away from you.

Watching your beard grow

To dream that you are watching your beard grow whether you have it or not, for example when you see your newly grown beard grow further inch by inch until it reaches your neck line, much like in a time lapse movie, could symbolize increasing wealth, property and multiplying assets. Rejoice as good fortune would be favoring you soon and ensure that this abundance lasts for a long time. It could be that the vision is telling you that all your hard work would finally pay off and you would finally reap what you diligently sowed in the past.

A very long beard

Seeing a very long beard in a dream, for instance when you are watching a parade and this mascot shows a very long beard almost touching the ground as part of his outrageous costume, could signify that you are surrounded by true friends and people who would always defend you or lend you a helping hand if you need support. Bask in this thought as the vision may be telling you that you are in a great place in your life with these caring people who have your back. On the other hand, the dream could be a possibility of you crossing paths with someone with more experience and he or she may share with you a life's worth of wisdom to your great advantage.

An old bearded man dancing

Seeing an old bearded man dancing in a dream, for example when you attend a wedding reception and a jolly old bearded man starts dancing awkwardly to the music, could pertain to some frivolous or careless act on your part which could prove damaging to others. This could mean empty promises you made to others or doing something you do not really like performing in the first place which could put you in a precarious situation. Always strive to be authentic and sincere in whatever it is you do and whoever it is you are dealing with as the truth always comes out in the end.

Someone's beard being cut

Dreaming that someone's beard is being cut, for instance when you happen to pass by a barber shop and a customer's beard is being meticulously and vigorously trimmed by the barber in charge, could allude to soon being publicly humiliated. The dream could be signifying deep emotional turmoil or some unfortunate event which would cause you inner imbalance and create havoc in your everyday existence. Stay strong and keep calm as no one can make you feel inferior or nervous without your consent.

Someone letting to shave his beard

When you see a person letting someone shave his beard in a dream, for example when you see your neighbor trying to let his kid shave his beard as part of their bonding activities while you are looking out from your window, it could symbolize big financial losses or spendings in reality. You may consider being extra mindful when it comes to controlling your expenses to prevent this from happening. The dream could also hint that you may cause some grief to others because of your thoughtless actions and ignorance, creating a rift in your relationships with them.

Dying your beard

Dreaming that you are dying your beard, such that when you and your friends are on the beach and a local artist offered to dye your beard with colorful palettes and you agreed to it, could allude to success and respect in things you are presently trying to accomplish in reality. This imagery could be a way of telling you that you are open to big changes that have high impact on you and the lives of others in a positive way. Rejoice in this good fortune and do continue maintaining your great status quo so you can move ahead in life effortlessly.

Being beardless

I am a bearded person. I saw that I was without a beard.

Beards in dreams often symbolize a hidden aspect of yourself or represent shyness. In this case, being without your normal facial hair may represent revealing a side of yourself to others that they have not seen before. You may tell friends a secret you have been holding in your heart for a long time or you could finally break out of your shell and become more outgoing. Your friends and family would likely be surprised at the change but happy that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself around them.

Someone shaving their beard

In a dream vision where the image of someone shaving their beard or facial hair was particularly memorable or important, Freud and other proponents of psychoanalysis suggest that this means your personal plans are going to change in some minor way or aspect. While it is not clear if this change would be positive, negative or completely neutral, the interpretation of this symbol does suggest that some other power is at play, affecting the activity around you or the course of various scenarios in your life.