Dreams Related To Bathtub

Drowning in the bathtub

I saw myself start the bath, get into the bath, then I saw myself leaving the bathroom. When I came back into the bathroom I saw myself drowning in the bathtub. I tried to get my arms around myself to pull myself out of the tub and I could not do it and then I told myself I better wake up or I'm going to drown. I remember screaming out my name "Robin don't die on me please, don't die on me" and then I woke up.

Finding yourself inside a bathroom is usually a symbol for bad luck. This symbol has to do with a negative turn of events that would send you spiraling into depression. Specifically, drowning in the bathtub means you are overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities. Not only do you have to deal with your own problems, your loved ones also rely on you to take the lead during difficult times. As a result, your physical and mental well-being is severely compromised. This is the time when you need to look out for yourself first. After all, you cannot help others adequately if you are subjected to your own suffering and neglect.

Colorful bathtubs

Many colorful bathtubs

Bathtubs and showers are generally considered to be auspicious symbols in the realm of dreams. They usually point toward growing strength of mind and body, and in some cases they can refer to improved health or increased knowledge. However, the multicolored bathtubs you saw in your vision may also be a reminder that great strength comes with great responsibility. Because you are able to do more, you should be able to give more of yourself unto others.

Bathtub filled with blood

A bathtub filled with blood instead of water speaks of overwhelming trauma. Your family has dark secrets which will soon be revealed. This revelation will forever change your familial relationships as well as how you view yourself. A central figure of your family could be secretly involved in fraudulent activities or they may have committed an unspeakable crime. The time for justice is catching up with the parties involved and you will be part of the collateral damage.

Bathtub overflowing

The image of a bathtub overflowing in the dream realm is a metaphor for being so full of emotions that they just come spilling out without rhyme or reason. Your conscious and subconscious mind may not be in alignment, leading to mood swings and impaired decision control. While it may not necessarily be your fault, others may see your outbursts as childish or overbearing. For your own comfort and peace of mind, you should find a space where you can have an outlet for everything that you are feeling, whether that is having coffee with a friend, seeing a counselor or just brain-dumping your thoughts and feelings into a journal.