Dreams Related To Bat

Receiving a bat as a gift

Hello! I'm a 24 y/o girl. I dreamt that my best friend (also a girl) gave me a baby bat as a gift and I accepted it openly and kept it as a pet. What does it mean?

As a dream symbol, bats represent conflict, severing ties or ending a relationship with someone close to you. Receiving a baby bat from your best friend then could be interpreted in two possible ways. On one hand, she could be slowly drifting away from you because she has found some other interests or opportunities to establish new connections. On the other hand, she could be knowingly or inadvertently sabotaging certain aspects of your relationship with her which soon will result in both of you going your separate paths.

Drawing bats

Last night I saw in my dream that I drew a sketch of twin bats and a girl snatched it and erased the face of bats and in place of it she drew two faces of girls with red lipstick. What does this mean?

Bats represent minor annoyances or sources of stress in your life. By sketching the bats, you are trying to communicate to others what aggravates you, possibly so they would not add to your irritation. As such, when the girl replaced the faces with the images of girls wearing red lipstick, it means your rants or your honesty could backfire on you. Instead of being sympathized or listened to, you could end up being accused of duplicity and insincerity. It also means that you need to think about your words carefully or you risk being misunderstood or inadvertently hurting somebody.