Dreams Related To Basketball

Playing basketball

Playing basketball while dreaming in REM sleep is often thought to allude to the rhythm of life, particularly your current lifestyle. If you found playing to be easy, enjoyable or boring, you may be relaxing too much. This could point toward a need to challenge yourself more and up your game. Alternatively, being out of breath or struggling to play suggests you are working too hard and may be on the cusp of a burnout, even for a project you feel strongly about. Perhaps you need to take a break or ask for more help in this case.

Playing basketball and causing an accident

I was walking out of somewhere with my friends in Nigeria and I saw some boys playing basketball, the basketball was big, so it fell from the sky as they played and I had to dodge my head. After I crossed the gate, I started playing with them. My basketball went into the road and a motorcyclist stopped while his motorcycle touched the ball a little. The ball turned into a tire and caught fire. I got a bucket of water as everyone was panicking and ended the fire with one pour of water.

Being in a familiar place in a dream vision usually points toward feelings of nostalgia or wanting to return to a comfortable place, either because it makes you happy or because your current situation makes you worried or scared. Playing basketball in an enclosed area with friends further supports this idea, suggesting that you are partial to the way you were raised and the rhythm of your childhood life. This means you tend to look back at the lessons you learned in your home as the most beneficial and practical rather than those you learned from your formal schooling. The fire and your subsequent dousing of it suggest, however, that your life is about to be flipped upside down (which you may already be aware of). While you may like the old way, it could be beneficial to go with the flow rather than being a stick in the mud.