Dreams Related To Bartender

A clumsy bartender

Finding yourself in a dream where you are being waited on or served by a clumsy, unskilled bartender has very different meanings depending on the gender of the dreamer. For men who happened to experience this vision, it predicts having an unpleasant interaction or a fight, especially with a member of the opposite sex. In the case of a married man, this opponent would most likely be the mother-in-law. For women, dreaming about a poorly-trained or incapable bartender suggests she is about to find a passionate lover or take part in a brief, but intense affair.

A female bartender for women

Being served or waited on by a female bartender, for a woman, suggests that another female is soon to enter into her life. The new woman is likely to be a rival, especially in regards to relationships and love. She is likely to use every means at her disposal, including promiscuous behavior, ill rumors, and other mischief, to get what she wants, which is whatever man you've set your eyes on. You may have to work hard to keep your man to yourself and not allow her to hit her target.

A bartender in general

Having a dream where you interact with or are served by a bartender is usually interpreted as a sign that you will experience some change in appearance in the near future. For example, you may change your hair color, gain or lose weight, or have a makeover. If your communication with the bartender left you feeling happy or satisfied, it predicts admiration from others and praise for the new you. However, if your meeting left you annoyed or bitter, it could mean that these changes do not serve to improve your looks. This could include health-related changes as well. Finally, seeing a bartender in a dream vision can also indicate that a previous friend or acquaintance is out to get you due to some grievance they have against you.

A handy bartender

Having a dream where you are waited on by a very skilled, knowledgeable bartender indicates that you have a tendency to only look skin deep. In particular, interaction with a professional bartender in a dream vision means you value looks and appearance more than internal qualities, like kindness or generosity. This may be a warning to look beyond the surface lest you miss something important or lose out on a chance to improve your relationship with someone.

A friendly and cheerful barthender

Dreaming about a cheerful, pleasant bartender is usually a reflection of this quality within your own personality. You may already have a very upbeat and sparkling demeanor which others find to be very warm and inviting. If you do not consider yourself this way, this may be a sign that you should try to express these traits a bit more. Withdrawing yourself from the company of others and being dour does not help when trying to make friends.

Working as a bartender for young women

Seeing yourself working as a bartender, for a young, unmarried woman, is usually interpreted as a negative sign associated with bad behavior. In particular, this vision suggests becoming mixed up with the wrong crowd and getting involved with immoral or illegal activities, such as drugs or petty theft. If you have experienced this dream vision, you should carefully evaluate whom you associate with and take pains to remove yourself from tempting situations before things get out of control.

Electrocuting a bartender in a pool

I'm female. I was at an outside circular bar located inside a pool. Meaning the bartender was in the water also. I was moving around the bar when I accidentally knocked an electric griddle into the water near the bartender and he was electrocuted. I realize immediately the impact and scream for help, but others around the bar don't seem to realize what's happening until it's to late.

The combination of electricity and water in dreams, especially with lethal outcomes such as the one you had caused to the bartender, is usually a manifestation of some episode of anger, mistreatment or humiliation you may have recently experienced in a social setting. These visions could be subconscious projections of your regrets about how you had acted or how different the situation would have been if you could go through it again. Alternatively, you may have witnessed similar scenarios taking place among others, as a side observer, and could now be feeling guilty for not being able to help and prevent them from happening when they occurred.

Working as a bartender for men

For a man, dreaming of being employed or working as a bartender at a club or restaurant suggests you like to partake in a variety of sexual activities with a variety of partners. This may even include random strangers you meet on a night out or one-night stands. The vision of having a job as a bartender reflects this frivolous attitude toward romance. In addition, the dream may also indicate receiving a special chance or opportunity to drastically improve your current financial situation.

A female bartender for men

Seeing and interacting with a female bartender, for a man, is a reflection of your internal desire to have a more satisfying sex life. In particular, this vision suggests you wish to have more than one partner or try various sexual activities that may normally be considered taboo or questionable. Female bartenders tend to represent focusing on physical pleasure and satisfying carnal desires, with little to no regard for the moral or ethical implications of your actions. While you should not repress yourself, this dream may also warn that you should not go overboard at the risk of hurting someone or getting hurt yourself.

Watching a bartender at work

Dreaming about watching a bartender as he goes about his work making drinks and serving customers is a negative symbol suggesting you may be tempted by available, but possibly illegal, means to experience pleasure in your life. Specifically, this means you tend to find enjoyment in activities that are morally and ethically corrupt, which may jeopardize your happiness later in life if you get involved with anything too risky in its nature. If you have experienced this dream vision, it may be a warning to reevaluate your actions and consider trying to find a more safe, peaceful ways of satisfying your needs and desires.

Yourself as a bartender in a fancy bar

Envisioning yourself as a bartender in an upscale, trendy bar or dining establishment is a positive sign meaning you are capable of overcoming the challenges and difficulties that may have arisen in your path. In particular, the vision suggests that the issues you are currently facing are due to the actions (or lack thereof) of other people. Despite having caused such trouble, seeing yourself in the role of a bartender contains the prediction that success and fantastic results are within your reach. Additionally, dreams of this nature can also represent starting on a new career path or getting a new job, particularly one that is completely different from your current occupation.

Your boyfriend as a bartender

For a lady or young woman, seeing your boyfriend or partner in the role of a bartender, particularly if he is in the process of working, is a positive sign associated with relationships. Specifically, this dream indicates obtaining prior knowledge of or anticipating the moves of jealous rivals who wish to ruin your relationship. This may be the interception of some potentially dangerous gossip or an outright confrontation over this envious person's use of underhanded ways. In either case, success in preventing these problems is predicted, allowing your relationship with your significant other to continue without any issues.