Dreams Related To Barrack

An abandoned barrack

Dreaming about seeing an abandoned or partially destroyed barrack with no people present inside is a positive symbol. It could foretell the long-waited and desired acquisition of a new house. That is, you could have long searched for or wanted a new house, perhaps to make it a home. After having this dream you might finally manage to own it.

Seeing a barrack

Dreaming about seeing a barrack from a distance could speak of eventful journeys. That t is, you could soon travel to a particular location or take some time for vacation. However, the trip might become rather complicated and full of unusual, unexpected, surprising or bewildering occurrences. Metaphorically speaking, it would be a bumpy ride.

Someone living in an abandoned barrack

Having a dream vision about seeing or stumbling upon someone who is living in an abandoned and partially destroyed barrack portends negative circumstances. This is because it is possible that your life conditions could deteriorate. You might even end up becoming extremely poor and start living in very impoverished and difficult conditions.

An empty barrack

Dreaming about seeing or standing near an empty barrack often is a negative sign. Namely, it could indicate that you would soon lose or be unable to keep something which is significant and valuable to you. You will miss that important item and become saddened by the loss until the item is replaced and your good spirit is rekindled.

A barrack full of people

Dreaming of a barrack packed full of people could symbolize imprisonment. That is, you could soon undergo punishment due to some past or present deed or action. This punishment could involve being arrested, going to jail or be incarcerated. That is, you could be about to be confined to a very small space and be unable to be free for some period of time or even longer.