Dreams Related To Barge

Being on floating barge

Finding yourself on a barge or other freight-carrying boat in a dream vision indicates reconnecting with someone you have not seen for a long time, either because you have fallen out of each other's lives or because you have purposely removed yourself from association with them. Meeting this person again is likely to stir up feelings of agitation or distress, especially if the cause of your separation was related to them treating you badly in the past, including instances of bullying or harassment. However, once they depart, you may be able to return to your peaceful existence.

Upon meeting this person, you may experience some hesitation about how to greet or interact with him or her. The best course of action, in this case, is to avoid showing weakness and fear. If you exude confidence and command respect using your body language, the other person can recognize that you are not the same as you were before and is less likely to interfere with you in a negative way. While not being intimidated is important, it would also be a good idea to turn the other cheek and be neutral about your past experiences with each other, while being careful to conceal any animosity you might still hold for this person.

A slowly-moving loaded barge

Seeing a loaded barge or cargo ship traveling down a river or across some other large body of water in a dream represents your tendency to not give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when you have just met. In particular, envisioning a barge on the water suggests thinking negatively of or unfairly assigning inferiority to people you do not know well. This dream vision can therefore be interpreted as a message from the subconscious meaning that you should learn more about others before coming to a conclusion about their character and personality. You may even make a new friend.

A docked barge

Envisioning a barge or other large cargo ship docked in a harbor is normally interpreted as a sign that you have lost your previously high position in someone's life. In essence, this means that someone you still consider to be a good friend does not actually think the same of you anymore. A barge inside a port indicates that they have replaced you with someone else and prefer this other person’s presence to yours. You may want to reconsider your relationship with this person or try to find out why this has happened so you can rectify the situation.

An emtpy barge

Seeing a barge or other large cargo ship which is empty or was recently unloaded predicts experiencing feelings of isolation or loneliness in the near future. Particularly, this dream points toward a fight with or separation from someone whom you were once close to and relied on heavily for support. This dream vision suggests that the cause of this disagreement and split, as represented by the empty cargo hull, is your tendency to jump to conclusions without having all the information. However, this period of sadness is not likely to last, and you may be able to reconcile with this person rather quickly if you can admit your fault and express remorse.

A barge transporting goods

Seeing a barge that is carrying commercial products in a dream vision is an auspicious sign predicting receiving help and support from others in a time of need. The image of the cargo ship transporting trade goods, such as foreign food items, electronic goods, and textiles, does suggest some trying times affecting you in the near future. However, with the aid of these people, you are not likely to go through real difficulties and hardships. In addition, this symbol is often associated with fulfilling your goals. You may be concerned or agonizing over the details of your plans now, but this vision indicates success is within your grasp.