Dreams Related To Barbecue

Barbecuing with a girlfriend

I became a boy in my dream and my girl best friend became my girlfriend. My mother gave me hotdogs. And I cooked something together with my best friend outdoor.

For a female, dreaming about becoming a male could allude to some upcoming situation that would be rather unusual or rare. Just as changing genders is a major shift, so does this vision suggest that the event in question would have a profound impact on your way of thinking or your interactions with others. You may not realize the full extent of this until much later, however. The type of situation can be gleaned from the image of you cooking outdoors. This symbol is often associated with the idea of successful romances or beneficial relationships. It is likely, then, that you would meet someone new by chance who would turn out to play a major role in your life.

Barbecuing with deceased wife

I dreamed I was barbecuing Kebab and my deceased wife was with me. Suddenly a bunch of bees attacked the Kebab and ate the whole thing.

Dreaming that you are barbecuing alludes to the need for socialization and leisure activities. Meanwhile, the vision of your deceased wife could mean you are either missing her or longing for her comforting presence. Perhaps you are remembering her because of a current circumstance or predicament. Dreaming of deceased loved ones can often mean that there is a lesson you still have to learn from your shared experience with them which you can apply to your present situation. You may be focusing too much on work so that you are not taking good care of your health and wellness, as indicated by the bees.

Selling barbecued food

Selling freshly cooked BBQ food that I made to other people.

When you dream about freshly cooked or prepared food, it means that you could soon be undergoing some renovations or upgrades on your house or maybe some kind of personal rejuvenation and renewal of your spiritual self. This is most likely something you feel the need to show to other people and that is why you envisioned yourself selling the food instead of eating it by yourself, because whatever happens or whomever you will become is probably closely connected to the perception or opinion people around you have about you.