Dreams Related To Bar

Spending too much time in a bar

Dreaming about spending a lot of time in a bar or having multiple dreams about the same bar both indicate loneliness or solitude. This kind of dream symbolism may serve as a warning that you are spending too much time apart from others, particularly those you are close to. Dream visions where you spend a lot of time in a bar could also reveal a subconscious desire to be more social, perhaps by meeting new people or by becoming romantically attached to someone.

Being at a bar with someone

Dreaming about going to a bar to relax with someone, whether they are an acquaintance or a close friend, represents needing to get a burden off your shoulders. Going to a bar with someone is a social activity, and experiencing such a vision in a dream shows subconscious representation of being concerned about some matter of great importance, but possibly having trouble finding the right person to talk to. By sharing your thoughts with someone else, you may lighten your load as well as gain a new point of view from your companion.

Sitting at a bar

Dreaming of sitting at a bar, whether it is empty or brimming with customers, is symbolic of either a sudden or emerging need to rely on government services in the near future. If the bar room is poorly lit and hazy with the smoke of cigarettes, it could mean that the timing of your requests is poor, possibly resulting in your issues taking a long time to be cleared up. This could be due to a lot of red tape or simply because there are many others in this very same situation. On the other hand, if the bar was bright and airy, it predicts a swift and successful process of solving your problems.

A bar at a nightclub

Dreaming about spending time at a bar within a nightclub is a negative symbol associated with rejection. Envisioning socializing or drinking at a nightclub bar indicates that you have ideas for a new or current work-related project. However, when you introduce and present these plans to your co-workers or team members, they may not share the same vision for the future of the task.

Being at a bar and finding money at workplace

I was asked by my wife to go to the pub and get her orange juice and then cook some beans for our 26-year-old daughter. When I was in the pub, 4 people I knew came in and we started drinking. After 2 hours I suddenly remembered the drink the wife had asked about, but instead of going home, I went to work. When I got to work I went up the stairs only to find they were blocked off. So I ran down the stairs and went to the lift. I went inside the lift and saw money all over the floor. I started to pick it up when somebody saw me and said they were going to report me.

Having a dream about drinking in a bar is symbolic of nonconformity. This type of dream tends to reflect a deep-seated frustration with the status quo and the inability or unwillingness to adhere to societal pressures and traditional values and beliefs that you may be forced to accept. Being inside a lift indicates that you are someone who should listen to other people's advice (including your wife's) about how to improve yourself. While you may be self-confident in your abilities, sometimes others may have some wisdom that you should listen to. The money that you find in the lift is a very positive image that indicates that your life is about to take a turn for the better if you manage to make compromises when such a need arises.

Eating or drinking at a bar

Having a dream vision of eating or drinking at a bar is symbolic of nonconformity. This type of dream tends to reflect a deep-seated frustration with the status quo and the inability to conform to societal pressures and traditional values and beliefs you could be pressured to accept. Your specific reactions to being confronted with these norms in real life may be more pronounced if you had a negative reaction to the food or drink presented to you within the dream.

Having fun at a bar

Dreaming about having fun at a bar, be it a private party or a larger gathering, is indicative of becoming more social in the near future. This could mean being invited to a large, exciting party or organizing some event where you will invite and entertain others. Enjoyment of bars in a dream is also associated with brief, possibly passionate, romantic affairs. However, should news about this rendezvous spread, it could lead to wide disapproval or condemnation from others for becoming involved with this person.

A pub as a bar

Dreaming about being in a bar but suddenly realizing that the bar is actually a pub is a negative sign symbolic of being plotted against. This type of dream is often associated with strong signals you could be receiving that adversaries or rivals, be they recognized or unknown, are working to interfere with your activities or plans for the future. It would be wise to carefully plan your next steps in order to avoid disruption or sabotage of your hard work.

Drinking alone at a bar

Drinking alone at a bar in a dream represents the current dullness of your everyday life. Trying to drink away the monotony in a dream represents your desire to go out and experience something new, be it traveling to a foreign country or meeting new friends. This type of dream indicates frustration with the humdrum routine of life and may be a warning to break free before it is too late.

Drinking cocktails at a bar

Dreaming about drinking cocktails at a bar, such as a martini or gin and tonic, usually indicates the pursuit of dreams or being ambitious. While these goals or plans may be of great importance to you or your loved ones, this type of dream is primarily associated with negative results in these endeavors, such as incomplete realization or outright failure.

Being cold at a bar

Hi, I dreamt that I (a young woman) was in a bar with friends and I was cold as I had a blanket around me and I was cuddling into an older woman who I used to be friends with... What does this mean????

Dreaming about sitting at a bar contains prediction of the need to soon contact social services or a government agency for some reason. This urgency could be caused by your inability to handle things on your own or because of the magnitude of the issue you would be facing. Most likely, these proceeding could take some time before getting resolved. Being cold in a dream means that you can always count on help and support of people whom you know closely. However, the image of an older woman you were clinging to in order to warm up is somewhat concerning because it could mean that, if there is indeed an issue you are struggling with at the moment, it could be deeply rooted in your past and therefore difficult to solve or overcome, even with the help of others.

A teahouse as a bar

Dreaming of being in a bar but suddenly realizing that the bar is really a teahouse is symbolic of being unobservant. This type of dream is often interpreted as being a warning to pay closer attention to your physical health and well-being. If your dream vision includes such a sign, it would be wise to visit your doctor for a physical or to have other, more specific tests done.

A mini bar in your room

Dreaming about using a mini bar, such as one available in a hotel room or within a home, is generally a negative symbol to experience as a dream vision. Indicating potential overindulgence, partaking in consuming drinks from a mini bar represents spending gratuitous amounts of time and money satisfying your every whim and desire to the possible detriment of other areas in your life. This could be illness from over consumption, loss of productivity due to slothful behavior, or loneliness from not maintaining relationships that were once important to you.

People acting strange at a bar

I went into a local bar I know, sat down with a male friend holding a baby and then he began breastfeeding the baby. Then I got up, went to the restroom, 3 ladies barged in and one of them started playing with my urine and drank some.

First of all, going to a bar in the dream world represents your desire to get a burden off your shoulders. You could be feeling stressed out or overwhelmed in the waking world, so you are looking for ways to relax and loosen up. The presence of a male friend breastfeeding in this bar alludes to your need for love, satisfaction and care. Seeing this image in your dream likely stems from feeling neglected or lonely in the real world. Similarly, since urine is generally a metaphor for negative feelings or repressed thoughts, having these women drinking your urine is an allusion to your yearning for acceptance. Maybe you have been getting more and more frustrated in trying to meet the expectations of others. You want to be appreciated for who you are, flaws and all, instead of being expected to act according to society's standards all the time.