Dreams Related To Banquet

A banquet in general

Dreaming of attending or viewing a banquet or feast in progress symbolizes success and popularity. This adulation might come from people whom you deal with on a regular basis, such as coworkers, relatives or family members.

Throwing a banquet

Dreaming of preparing, organizing, or being the head of a banquet or a feast is a negative sign of coming dissension. This sign portends that you could have a part in an upcoming conflict, disagreement or misunderstanding with your colleagues or workplace counterparts. One could attempt to humiliate you in public or begin annoying you to gain a reaction.

Being invited to a banquet

Experiencing a dream of being invited to a banquet is a positive symbol. This dream symbolizes that you are about to receive financial incentive or aid from a well-known or totally unexpected source of such allowance.

Aftermath of a banquet

Envisioning yourself in the aftermath of a banquet with no guests around and empty, dirty tables symbolizes forthcoming disagreements or conflicts. These conflicts might start occurring between you and people who are close to you such as family members, close friends or acquaintances. These conflicts could also cause you a great deal of misery and disappointment.

A loud and noisy banquet

A dream in which you attend a noisy and rambunctious banquet and have a conversation with the other guests can symbolize an upcoming social event or surprising gift. This dream can also symbolize that you do not have enough fun in your everyday routine and are suffering due to the lack of social interactions. You might want to reach out and participate in social activities in order to have a better quality of life and experience more joy.

A banquet with small number of guests

Dreaming of attending a banquet in which there are a small number of guests serves as a sign that you may wish to reassess your relationship with your friends. You may be doing something wrong or trying to hide or disguise something from them which may cause your relationship to decay. Avoiding or ignoring this dream's message may cause irreparable damage to your relationship with these people, so you may wish to act sooner rather than later.

This dream may also be an indication that you have done something mean, selfish, or insincere in a relationship with a close friend or acquaintance. It could be best to discuss matters with this person as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage and hurt feelings. This dreaming experience is usually advising the dreamer to act as soon as possible if they know something went wrong in their relationships with other people.

A fancy banquet

Dreaming of finding yourself at an expensive-looking and well-organized banquet with plentiful food and posh, interesting guests around is a favorable sign of luck and fortune. This dream predicts that you will have good fortune in whatever your endeavors are. This sign can also serve as a positive indication of happiness and lasting joy for you and the people in your social circle.

A poorly-organized banquet

Dreaming of attending a poorly-organized banquet where the tables are not served to your taste and the attendees show aversion or open hostility towards you represents that you may soon experience a rough patch in your life. During this rough patch your daily life could be filled with uncertainties, disagreements with others, and crushing disappointment.