Dreams Related To Bank

Opening a bank account

Dreaming that you are opening a bank account means the exact opposite of what the image shows. It actually refers to undergoing serious financial difficulties or shortage, possibly even bankruptcy. You have used your money excessively because of a need that arose unexpectedly. Maybe it is due to medical reasons or a house repair that needs to be addressed. This vision can also be a warning that some issues of critical nature are about to surface in your relationship with your partner or significant other.

Waiting in line inside a bank

Having a vision that you are waiting in line inside a bank building is a warning. Someone or a group of people is targetting you to become a victim of a scam or a fraudulent activity. You could be waiting to receive profits as the image suggests, but in reality, these people are out there to get your money. If you experience this dream, be more wary about where you invest your money and whom you entrust your savings to.

Giving valuables to the bank for safekeeping

Dreaming that you are giving valuables to the bank for safekeeping, such as gold or money or your jewelry, symbolizes having a lack of diligence as well as carelessness and simple-mindedness. Maybe you are being unmindful about your life because you feel that there will be someone else who will watch out for you, as the image suggests. It could also mean that you tend to take things lightly, even when the situation already requires a more careful thought and consideration from you. Maybe it is time to be more responsible and take charge of your life.

Entering a bank

Experiencing a dream that you are entering a bank is a prediction that you will undergo a period of worry and stress. As this dream vision implies, you are about to enter a new chapter in life that will be lengthy and will take a lot of your time and energy. This new period in your life will be worrisome for you and will bring much undue stress. Maybe you or a loved one might become ill which would require long treatment. Or maybe there could be a serious conflict in your family that might entail long mediation to amend. Whatever it is, prepare yourself when you experience this vision in your dream.

Receiving valuables from the bank

Receiving valuables from the bank or dreaming of earning assets from money that you have invested is a sign of prosperity. As the image literally tells you, wealth and success will come to your life some time in the future. This could be the result of your hard work and dedication to achieving your goals in life.

Calling a bank

Having a dream of calling a bank or having a vision that you are having a conversation with a bank associate indicates disappointment. You could soon face very disheartening situations in the near future, maybe a failed relationship, performing poorly at your job or somebody betraying your trust. It can also mean that you might have deep regrets about something that you have done recently, so much so that you might fall into a state of depression.

A bank building in general

Having a vision of a bank building in general or seeing this structure from a distance could refer to severe losses in your finances. You could soon lose a substantial amount of money while gambling or placing bets. Or it can happen due to bad financial decisions or a situation which would require you to spend excessively. However it will happen, brace yourself for such possibility when you experience this vision in your dream. Try to think ahead of how you can protect yourself from such misery.

Witnessing bank robbery

Experiencing a dream that you are witnessing bank robbery warns of separation from your family. You might be forced to spend time away from your home and loved ones because of certain obligations or commitments that you need to fulfill. Maybe there is something that went on at your job that needs to be taken cared of, a legal matter that needs to be solved or a dispute that requires settlement. It is something that you possibly do not look forward to doing but will be obliged to do.

Being a bank employee

Dreaming that you are being a bank employee or that you are a worker at a bank is a warning about your younger child or a younger family member. Something could arise concernng your younger son or daughter, if you are a parent to more than one child.Or it can be a younger sibling if you do not have kids yet. Such matter will require immediate attention and consistent follow-ups. It can be something about health, behavior or maybe his or her academic performance. This could cause you a certain amount of stress and worries.

This vision can also mean that you are the breadwinner in your family and your loved ones, such as your children, relatives and other family members, who depend on you for financial support. You generously give yourself to the responsibility of providing for them and in the process, you tend to sacrifice your health and well-being. You worry about not being able to tend for their needs so you might be concerned about your own health. If you see this image in your dream, maybe it is time to also think about yourself and not dedicate your entire life to working hard for others. You need to devote time to caring for your needs as well.

Mopping floors at a bank

Mopping floors at a bank or being employed as a janitor in a bank is an vision that could be indicative of financial troubles. You could soon experience serious financial problems as your excessive spending catch up on you. You might lose a significant amount of money which could in turn bring you to severe difficulties and even bankruptcy if you are not careful about it. When you have this dream, try to be more cautious about how you spend your money and try to save more.

Being a banker at a bank

Dreaming of being a banker at a bank indicates being taken advantage of. Somebody whom you possibly trust is playing on your kindness and gullibility. This person is actually abusing your kindness to pursue his or her personal interests. If you have this vision in your dream, think twice about the people around you and be more careful about whom you trust.

Cashing a check at a bank

Cashing a check at a bank is a symbol of bad news. You could receive some disturbing news in the near future which will greatly upset you. Maybe a relative or loved one will become severely ill. Maybe your business will be in bad shape after suffering great losses in sales. Or somebody you care about will have an accident. Whatever it is, be prepared for the worst when you experience this vision in your dream.

Business negotiations with bank executives

Dreaming of having business negotiations with bank executives is a warning about being victimized. The people you are trying to negotiate with, as the image is telling you, are actually scammers and frauds who are trying to ploy you into investing money with them. They are taking advantage of your naivete and kindness in order to get money from you. If you are about to enter into a financial investment with a group of people and you had this dream, think again. These people may not be who they appear to be.

A bank during downtime

Banking during downtime or having a dream that you visited the bank during slow hours, where you see images of bored and lazy tellers, predicts financial losses. Your business could soon suffer some major serious losses. Maybe an error in judgement could have caused this and so your sales may be down. This can also mean that you could soon be placed in a situation where you will be more alert and worried.

Robbing banks as a recurrent dream

Witnessing a bank robbery refers to separation from your family. Therefore, if you are the one committing the robbery, then it means you are cannot wait to earn your freedom and move out of your family home. Since this is a recurring theme in your dreams, there is probably a bit of hesitation on your part. Perhaps you are not confident that you will be able to survive on your own because of your finances and a general lack of skills in dealing with the real world. You have to trust in yourself that you will be able to handle the responsibilities that come with independence.

Having money in your bank account

Having money in your bank account in the dream realm symbolizes a sense of financial balance and security in your waking life. This indicates that you feel fortunate to have achieved a monetary goal and that you value the sense of stability and safety that money can provide. If you have not achieved what you strived for, then stop worrying as new opportunities and blessings are coming your way. Furthermore, It is possible that you're exploring new places or expanding your horizons in some way that requires financial resources. Comprehensively, this dream is a positive reflection of your economic situation and your sense of financial value.

Silver and banknotes in the bank

Having a dream of seeing silver and banknotes in the bank, especially of large quantities, symbolizes gaining wealth and fortune. Luck will be on your side as you prosper in life financially. Alongside this wealth is the high esteem that you will receive from your peers as well as the highly respected position that you will be placed in within your social circle.

Closing a bank account

Closing a bank acccount or having an image of yourself withdrawing money and closing your account in the process predicts financial losses. As the image shows, you might lose a substantial amount of money, to the point where you could even go into bankruptcy. This dire financial situation will be due to your excessive spending. If you experience this dream vision, think thoroughly about your financial decisions.

Accepting a job with a bank

Experiencing a dream vision of accepting a job at a bank is a promising sign. As the image suggests, you might be about to receive financial gains and your life will change for the better. Your social status in life could improve dramatically and you could be placed in a whole new circle in society. This will bring you much fulfillment and satisfaction and people will regard you highly.

A bank becoming bankrupt

I dreamed a bank got sued and everyone took their money out.

Seeing a bank in the process of losing all its business is a highly ominous sign in regards to your own finances. Specifically, it predicts serious monetary losses, especially for business endeavors and projects which you have invested or planning on putting money in. You may want to get out while you are ahead of the game, if things have not turned completely south yet.

Withdrawing money from bank

Dreaming of withdrawing money from a bank or ATM machine signifies a desire to feel financially secure or independent. In general, this dream indicates that you are aware of the state of the economy and the importance of having cash on hand. It is possible that you might be looking for ways to make more cash to support yourself. Also, this dream could also be related to your family and their financial well-being. Overall, this dream is a reflection of your current financial situation and your desire for financial stability to fill up the missing pieces of your economic puzzle.