Dreams Related To Bandit

A bandit entering your house

Dreaming about witnessing a bandit entering your house could be an unwelcomed intrusion symbol. For example, some financial difficulties may unwelcomely enter your life or the live of someone close to you. These problems could damage the financial health of your household or your own. Alternatively, someone might invade your personal life with the intention of creating every sort of difficulties and problems.

Captured by bandits

Dreaming about being captured by a group of bandits signifies losses and disappointments. These would mainly affect your romantic and intimate life. If you further became a hostage of the group of bandits, the dream speaks of questionable requests. In particular, the person with whom you are intimately and sexually involved may make some impossible demand. They would want you to do something that stands agains your moral principles and beliefs.

Being attacked by a bandit

Dreaming about being attacked by a bandit could be a danger sign. You might currently or soon live in a state of fear and anxiety. You would constantly expect to be suddenly attacked by a mean and ill-intended character. You might also soon be physically assaulted or robbed. The experience would make you fear for your life. Finally, such assault might also represent an emotional assault. For example, someone could have access to some personal and intimate information related to you or unwelcomely force their presence into your life. You might soon learn about the events, be unsure of how to deal with them and fear their possible outcomes.

Peacefully talking to bandits

Dreaming about having a peaceful conversation with a bandit or a group of bandits is a negative sign. You may have a kind, gullible and trusting personality. As a consequence, you may unknowingly become involved in a questionable situation or with non-trustable people. During this event or interaction, you would be insulted, offended or see yourself being involved in ethically-questionable dealings.

A present-day bandit

Having a dream about encountering a bandit or a group of bandits whose appearance resembles nowadays bandits rather than fairytales ones could represent superficial interests. You may tend to believe or trust everyone’s gossip and enter into irrelevant and superficial disputes and conversations. Such excessive focus on superficial details, alongside your possible proneness to take them as facts may have negative consequences. For example, you could be wasting time or be shaping your life in accordance with dubious and misleading information.

Being assaulted by bandits for females

For those of the feminine gender, having a dream about being assaulted by a bandit or a group of bandits is a symbol for upcoming problems. You may soon experience some severe complications affecting your daily or personal life.

Freeing hostages captured by bandits

Seeing yourself freeing and releasing hostages who were captured by a group of bandits could mean success. You may be able to favorably deal with your enemies, opponents or competitors. This would involve being able to see through their actions and knowing their plans in advance. You would make use of this ability to your advantage.

Being friends with bandits

Dreaming about observing yourself befriending a bandit or a group of bandits could reveal legality concerns. You may have been worried about the lawfulness or ethical correctness of some of your or someone else’s actions or projects. You might be afraid of commiting some illegality and threatened by possible upcoming punishment.

A group of bandits

Having a dream about encountering a group of bandits could indicate the necessity of making a decision. You may currently or soon be involved in a situation that involves ethically questionable opponents. You would have to firmly and assertively decide upon the course of action. Alternatively, you would have to decide whether to join the bad guys or sustain a morally-acceptable path.

Chasing a bandit to a public place

Dreaming about chasing a bandit and being able to get him to some open public place, such as a street market or public square, could indicate upcoming success. You will completely and effectively manage your way out of a complicated situation. This positive outcome would involve an active avoidance or prevention of the many problems associated that situation. These adverse circumstances might come about in the near future.

Being a bandit

Dreaming about being a bandit yourself is a favorable symbol. For one, you may feel deeply and sexually toward someone. You would be able to manifest your wishes to the desired person. Secondly, the dream could reveal how committed you are to a particular objective. It further suggests that you could successfully attain that goal or make a wish come true.

Stumbling upon a bandit unexpectedly

Dreaming about unexpectedly stumbling upon a bandit, for example in ambush on the road, could translate new relational opportunities. It is possible that you would soon make new, valuable and helpful friends. It is also possible that you would soon come across the chance of acquiring new allies. These new supporters would have your back in your endeavors. Either way, you would meet new people who would be present whenever you needed them.

Someone you know as a bandit

Having a dream about seeing someone you know in a role of a bandit could foretell relationship problems. Your relationship with that person may go through a rough patch. Moreover, such relationship problems would come suddenly and be utterly unexpected. Note that the person in the dream is not necessarily the one with whom you would have relational issues. It could simply be someone that is very similar to that person. For example, the dream could be about an ex-boyfriend and the issues arising soon.