Dreams Related To Bamboo

Bamboo shoots

Dreaming about seeing bamboo shoots growing right in front of you is a very positive sign. Bamboos usually symbolize luck, flexibility and resistance. Therefore, it is possible that you could experience some fortunate event. Such happening would lead you to re-evaluate your life, your principles and your plans as well as allow you to come up with some new exciting ideas. Moreover, it is possible that someone would travel a great distance to join you. This person would have a determinant role in the creation of those new ideas or in your self-discovery and enlightenment.

An isolated bamboo plant

Dreaming about observing a single or isolated bamboo plant, or one single growing bamboo shoot may be a sign of upcoming difficulties. That is, you could be about to experience some misunderstanding or communication problems with those that are close to you. Such poor communication could make you feel alone or misunderstood.

Furniture made of bamboo

Dreaming of seeing or using bamboo-made furniture is a very positive sign. You may be about to have a very honest, truth-revealing and intimate conversation with someone whom you really admire and like. Alternatively, you may be about to spend some quality and pleasurable time with your friends, your relatives or with some long-time and cherished acquaintances.

Being surrounded by bamboo

Dreaming about making your way through bamboo plants or being surrounded by them may translate existing carefulness. That is, your current or upcoming cautious and thoughtful plans, established before the implementation of your projects, could end up working to your advantage. These would help you to surpass some challenging situations or support some difficult decision-making process.

A bamboo cane

Dreaming about being in possession or making a cane often is a positive sign. It could be that you will be capable of avoiding or getting out of a very complicated and difficult situation. This positive outcome would be the result of your own creative, ingenious and skillful negotiation abilities.

Cutting bamboo plants

Dreaming about cutting or breaking freshly grown bamboo shoots often is a cautious warning. It could be that you are overly impulsive, precipitated or imprudent. This personal quality would negatively affect your projects, aspirations or plans. That is, it could become more difficult to be successful at something that you pursue. You could benefit from being more cautious.

Planting bamboo

Having a dream about planting bamboo shoots often is a negative sign. It could reveal that your current perspective, opinion or discourse about something is not coming across clearly and as intended. That is, it could be that your thoughts are not being clearly expressed, received and understood. Such mismatch between your intention and your expression means it could be used against you or to your disadvantage.

Making something using bamboo

Dreaming about using bamboo as a construction material may signify misunderstandings. It is possible that there could be some poor communication amongst you, your friends and your acquaintances. Such communication failure would lead to several misunderstandings and hinder the accomplishment of some existing collective goal or project.

Pulling bamboo and talking to an actor

I was pulling a long row of bamboo, it was only that row of bamboo present. Then I was eating, I'm guessing lunch, in a car in a park, with Jim Carey. I asked him what his favorite kind of movies was. I can't remember his response about movies, but I then asked him "So, you mainly love comedy?". He answered with a firm "Yes, absolutely".

This vision contains two very auspicious symbols which predict unexpected but welcome changes taking place in your life. The first is the image of bamboo, which usually represents luck and fortune. This means you are likely to observe a marked increase in the positive things in your life. This is followed by discussing movies with a famous actor, a sign which points toward one particular event which, though it comes out of nowhere, puts you on a completely different path and changes your perspectives for the better.