Dreams Related To Balsam

Someone holding a tube of balsam

Dreaming of seeing someone holding in their hands a balsam tube could predict unfavorable changes or outcomes. These negative events would be related to the relationship you have with someone you love or value. You could be about to go through a break-up or a long-lasting separation from this person.

Balsam in general

Dreaming about seeing or handling a balsam usually is a positive sign. Symbolically speaking, a balsam serves a soothing purpose. That is, it could be that you are about to experience some soothing, either in a metaphorical or a literal sense. For example, your current dreams and aspirations could come true. Alternatively, if you currently are sick or suffer from some health condition, you could expect to recover quickly or see your health significantly improved.

Holding balsam in your hands

Dreaming about holding a tube of balsam in your own hands could translate some upcoming negative experiences. In particular, you may be about to make some mistakes in the relationship your have with a current or forthcoming partner or lover, or you may misjudge that person. You would then lose your social status or the respect and admiration of those around you. That is, your own actions would be responsible for these negative experiences.