Dreams Related To Ballet

Ballet couple performing a dance

A dream in which you can perceive a couple presenting a ballet dance is symbolic of the treachery and infidelity which would be inflicted upon you by your current lover or better half. This might leave you feeling sad and disoriented.

Ballet performance

A dream in which you see yourself observing a ballet is indicative of your peculiar habit of trying to disgrace or debase yourself. It also signifies that you might be involved in certain circumstances or conditions which might be exasperating and frustrating for you, but which you continue to bear only because you are too anxious or mortified to deal with them.

This dream could also be a forewarning that you are either anxious or disinclined to share your feelings with your partner because you are frightened that doing so might mess up your relationship with this person. However doing so would only serve to cause further dilemmas in your relationship and would lead to the possibility of a breakup because your partner would get the gut feeling that all is not well between the two of you. This eventually would cause rifts and possible termination of your affair.

Dancing in a ballet

Dreaming about performing with the ballet or dancing along with it as a part of a performance group is indicative of some positive changes in your life. It signifies that you are currently going to become involved in a thrilling or stimulating assemblage or a get together which you and your friends would enjoy infinitely.

Dreaming about being a participant in a ballet recital could also signify that your imprudent and slack behavior which is also inconsiderate may have outcomes which are not only disappointing but are also ones which you might regret later on. Therefore it is essential how you approach things in life and must be careful of the way you behave especially during this sensitive time in life.

A premiere of ballet performance

Dreaming about being a part of an audience watching a ballet recital on the opening night has positive connotations. It signifies the attention and consideration which would be shown to you by certain important people. This in turn would help you progress and improve your current campaigns and strategies and help you achieve your goals.

Watching ballet on TV

Dreaming about scrutinizing a ballet performance broadcasted on television has positive connotations. It is symbolic of the arrival of a new person whom you would soon meet and who would turn out to be your soulmate or companion. This particular person would be exactly the one you have been looking for and who would be with you for your entire life.

Being part of audience during ballet

Dreaming about yourself being a spectator at a ballet recital is symbolic of the solace and consolation which would be offered to you by people who are your close or near acquaintances. These people might help you get over the grief or distress which has been inflicted upon you by your life.

Ballet performance going wrong

Dreaming about a ballet performance which is disorganized or the performers seem to keep making the wrong moves has ominous connotations. It is symbolic of the calamity or disaster coming your way. All your plans and ventures would be met with catastrophes. This could be due to the fact that you are not giving adequate time and energy to accomplish these projects.