Dreams Related To Ballast

Getting rid of ballast

Dreaming that you are trying to keep your flight under control by dropping off ballast may symbolize the finding of a solution. This is so regardless of the flying means utilized in the dream. That is, you could be inside an air balloon, or a plane, or even a flying carpet. The important matter here is the use of the ballast for stabilization purposes. Then, it is possible that you could be experiencing some difficulties and insecurity about how to solve a particular problem or issue. This dream would then suggest that you could discover what the best solution is and how to proceed. The resolution of such intimate or professional issue could allow you to move forward with your life.

Increasing ballast

Having a dream about increasing the volumes of ballast materials which are hampering your ability to travel by air or water usually translates a possibly upcoming negative experience. That is, you could be about to apply the exactly opposite solution to what was needed to further your aspirations. This hindering action could lead to committing a dishonest or disgraceful act, or an error of judgment, or a serious mistake.

Looking at ballast during flight

Dreaming about looking at ballast of, for example, an air balloon or a boat does not usually bear a positive meaning. This is because it is possible that the dream foretells forthcoming difficulties, obstacles or limitations related to your intimate relationships, or your love affairs, or your friendships, or your relationship to someone with whom you wish to build a more romantic relationship. Alternatively, this dream may be revealing of the existence of professional, or work or business-related hardships. That is, such problems could affect your professional or love dealings by hindering their progress in the right direction.