Dreams Related To Ball

Balls on a street vehicle

Balls on a hawker vehicle.

This dream visions reflects your your ability to sustain yourself or rely on yourself only during hard times.

Missing a ball and falling off a cliff

Playing catch and I missed the ball. I run after the ball to retrieve the ball and fall off a cliff I did not know was there. I woke up as I started to fall.

Falling off a cliff in the dream world is often associated with the idea of jumping into things too quickly. It means you are probably about to rush into an activity, a decision or a relationship without giving yourself enough time to consider the consequences. This could turn out badly, but you may have enough self-awareness to prevent yourself from failing completely, as is evidenced by the fact that you woke up just as you started to fall. The game of catch in this vision should be considered a warning as to the type of activity you would be tempted to rush into. Specifically, it refers to a less that legal or moral activity that would, if followed through, cause damage to your happiness and self-esteem.

Strange geometric formations in a lucid dream

I saw the most fluid vision that I have ever seen in a dream before. It was all black vision with 6-9-ish brown cogs formed into a ball. They weren't connected perfectly and were rotating and spinning around each other. At the center of each cog was a very defined center point. Like each cog had a meaning different from any other cog. I only was asleep for 10 to 15 minutes and I never slept so hard in my life. When someone tried to wake me up, I could feel their presence, but I know I was still sleeping. I tried to wake up, but It was impossible to open my eyes or even move.

Dreaming about strange shapes, especially with specific geometric or spatial arrangements about the visions, speak of your inability or unwillingness to accept a view or opinion expressed by another person. You could be criticizing or rejecting someone's idea, advice or suggestion just because you feel it is inconvenient, inappropriate, or unacceptable. Conversely, you may have experienced this kind of attitude and rejection toward yourself later when you shared your way of thinking or acting in the presence of other people.