Dreams Related To Bald

Going bald

Envisioning yourself going bald, such as from stress or an autoimmune disease, means you are losing confidence in yourself. You may find yourself unattractive because of getting rejected by a romantic prospect. In addition, your could be concerned about your own mortality and the mystery surrounding what comes after death. This keen awareness of your age and getting older could be tied to your self-esteem issues. You do not feel as invincible or brash as when you were younger. On the other hand, this symbol could also point to spiritual growth. Your heightened awareness about our ephemeral existence may push you to abandon worldly pursuits and work on faith and spirituality.

Hair growing on my bald head

To see hair growing on your bald head suggests you will gain back the trust and respect of the people around you. You may have committed mistakes in the past or humiliated yourself because of lapses in your decisions or hasty judgement, but you will be able to regain your dignity with each respectable step that you take. It may be slow, but the life of a person is constantly being written and re-written depending on the path they take. If you keep up your good track record, those past mistakes will not even seem relevant in the future.

Ex-boyfriend being bald

This dream vision could symbolize that someone you know very closely is in some sort of trouble or having some problems in real life. He or she needs to be comforted and told that everything is going to be okay. You are probably the only person who can make them at ease and make the troubles go away. This could also serve as a hint for you to be more mindful about your past or present relationships. If you experience this symbol in a dream vision, you should look deeper into you heart to determine what you really want and need from other people present in your life.

Bald spot on head

Bald spots often refer to areas in your life where you are not so confident or skilled. You may see this symbol before having to do a task you are not comfortable with, such as giving a speech or performing in front of a crowd. It is also sometimes seen before certain major life events, like proposing or having children, reflecting the dreamer's uncertainties about the coming changes.

Seeing a bald woman

A woman with a bald head reveals that you are a strong person with a good sense of self. For women, this symbol specifically reflects understanding your own traits or the strength of your femininity. For a man though, this portent means he knows what he is looking for in a partner and will soon find the one who he is going to marry.