Dreams Related To Balcony

Daughter falling from a balcony

My child falling from a balcony, my daughter is 4 and I had a dream last night we were lost in a holiday apartment and she had fallen off the balcony which was like 10 stories high.

Witnessing a child falling from a building is a bad omen in dreams. This vision portends a possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child becoming ill in the near future. This outcome could also apply to your own child, so you need to be extra vigilant in making sure your daughter is healthy and has a strong immune system. If it happens to a child you personally know, then you could be asked for moral support and even financial assistance, especially if the parents are not financially stable or struggling to make a living.

Falling off a balcony

Dreaming about falling off a balcony symbolizes separation from your lover which you might suffer because of unavoidable circumstances which life has in store for you. This parting could be due to either work or travel. However, it would be wise to not sever ties with your current lover because you would soon be reunited with them.

Jumping off a balcony

Dreaming about leaping or vaulting off a balcony without suffering any injuries has positive connotations. It signifies that you would be victorious and have a triumphant recovery from circumstances or instances which at some point had caused you great distress and affected you in an nonconstructive way.

Dreams involving jumping off a balcony can also be an indication of extreme self-confidence which you might have and believe a bit too much in your abilities and faculties. This can however be constructive while pursuing life goals and also when trying to get a head start at the workplace or in your personal life.

Someone standing on a balcony

Dreaming about observing a person standing on a balcony could signify that you are about to encounter or bump into someone who will be obliging and accommodating towards you and would be a great help in letting you get your life back on track, which would not be possible for you to do all by yourself.

Looking down the balcony

Dreaming of standing on a balcony while observing people walking below is an indication of a change in your love life. It signifies that you are about to begin a new relationship or an amorous affair with an unknown person or a total stranger.

Climbing a balcony

Dreaming about climbing a balcony in order to break inside a house must be taken as a forewarning. It indicates that you might have to face some serious trials and challenges which might have a profound impact on your life and which must be dealt with accordingly.

A balcony high above

Standing on a balcony which is lofty or elevated, for example like that of a skyscraper or an elongated building is symbolic of fear and uncertainty. This insecurity is a direct result of too much responsibility ladled on your shoulders along with great concerns about your welfare and position in life. It could be due to decreasing confidence in your capabilities while dealing with these responsibilities and undertakings.

Painting or repairing a balcony

Dreaming about painting or restoring a balcony is a sign of positive changes which are about to occur in your life. It signifies the transition which you would make from your otherwise boring job to one which is stimulating and exciting. This profession would make you feel really exhilarated and happy.

A suspicious man on the balcony

In my dream, I saw my grandmother's house, a man is standing in the balcony of the first floor and a woman starts to leave the house while I am entering. We look at each other and she smiles, I have no clue why, the woman leaves and the man in the balcony I feel is hiding inside... I start to walk in without looking up to him, but wishing he is still there looking at me.

Your dream about observing a man standing on a balcony and looking suspicious or as if he was trying to hide something from you means encountering a person (not necessarily a male) who would be willing to help you with something you are unable to undertake or manage on your own. However, their willingness or readiness to help or assist you will come with a price you would have to pay. You would probably be having some animosity or disagreements with this person before they agree to help you. The outcomes of accomplishing your plans or goals are worth going through this initial unpleasant and stressful period in the relationship with this person. The symbolic vision of encountering a woman who was smiling at you in this same dream could indicate soon to be received news or announcement which would lead to the unfolding of these events.

Standing on a balcony with your lover

Dreaming about standing on a balcony with a lover or a partner portends negativity in your relationships. It signifies that there are possible disputes as well as tension between you and your significant other which may lead to a breakup or separation for a while.

Looking at an empty balcony

Dreaming about looking up or glancing at a vacant balcony must be taken as a forewarning. It indicates that your lover or spouse might be disloyal or treacherous towards you. This in turn could result in them trying to break off this relationship by telling you about their adultery.

Balcony belonging to others

Dreaming about observing a balcony which belongs to the house of an acquaintance such as close friends or neighbours is symbolic of the unrest and dissatisfaction which you feel because of your tedious love life. Its an indication that you are looking for ways to perk up or enhance your romantic side.

Standing on a balcony

Dreaming about finding yourself standing on a balcony in solitude is symbolic of your wistful nature. It signifies that you are a dreamer at heart and are often the victim of people's bashfulness because of your naive and credulous attitude. This excessive gullibility might also hinder your progress while working on certain endeavors.

Balcony about to collapse

Dreaming about a balcony on the verge of destruction or collapsing while you standing on it must be considered as a forewarning. It could signify a possibly dangerous situation or disastrous and unfortunate events or circimstances which you might become an unanticipated victim of.

Balcony crumbling under your feet

For a female who dreams about a balcony crumbling on disintegrating beneath her feet this dream must be taken as a forewarning. It indicates that you might get pregnant unexpectedly and it would leave you in a state of being dazed and confused.

Saying goodbye on a balcony

A dream in which you see yourself standing on a balcony with an individual and saying adieu or farewell to them has negative connotations. It could signify that you are about to go through a breakup, a divorce or maybe a separation. Additionally, this dream signifies that you could become the recipient of bad news about friends or acquaintances who might presently be absent or away.

Balcony with glass paneling

Dreaming about standing on a balcony with glass panels or placing glass panels on a balcony is indicative of your own introverted persona. It symbolizes that the attitude which you exhibit makes you look like someone who is reserved, guarded and cautious. In fact, you appear to be more of a self-absorbed person because of these traits which you display.

Balcony of the house you own

Dreaming about having a balcony in your current home, though you might not have one in reality, is a sign of good tidings. It is an indication that you would earn the respect and admiration of other people. This adoration could be a direct result of you being triumphant in completing or achieving your goals. On the other hand it could mean that you are about to be promoted and thus gain reverence of your peers.

A very long balcony

Dreaming about standing on a lengthy or extended balcony could be taken as a negative sign. It indicates that you are the recipient of vacant promises and botched expectations. This would lead you to become despondent and would be a cause of regret and disadvantage for you.

Getting down from a balcony

Dreaming about trying to get down while using a balcony is symbolic of the difficulties and unanticipated events or circumstances which might cause hindrances or obstacles in your path. These impediments might hamper your progress and cause unnecessary delays in your plans.

Sleeping on a balcony

A dream in which you see yourself reclining or dozing off while on a balcony is an indication of the good vibes present in your life. It indicates peace and complete understanding between you and the people in your life.

Sleeping on a balcony, in your own home or possibly a hotel room's balcony, is a positive dream symbol associated with success. Whatever hopes and dreams you may have, you can be rest assured that you would achieve them. Essentially, your future is bright if you hold on to those aspirations and keep making choices and decisions that are in line with your plans for the future. You just need to learn how to prioritize and focus your energy on continuous growth and development instead of solely relying on luck.

Birds and a man on a balcony

I was on a balcony with an elderly man, standing facing out, and the man was seated to my right and facing me. I was watching sparrows at a feeder and the man seemed to be watching me. We weren't speaking but seemed content and I recall wishing that a bird would come to me. Shortly two birds came over, one nudging the other and landed in my cupped hands. I squatted with the birds in front of the man and looked up at him. I was delighted. He smiled and had a bird in his hand as well. I woke up.

Standing on a balcony in a dream is symbolic of your wistful nature. It suggests that you are a dreamer at heart. This tendency to space out and take your wandering mind away from reality extends to the sparrow birds you were watching in the dream. A sparrow symbolically represents loneliness. Sometimes, being overly focused on goals, success or aspirations can be isolating. Consequently, the birds landing in your cupped hands is a favorable sign of your ability to make your dreams a reality. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with loneliness for long because the man in the dream could signify a pivotal and influential figure in your personal journey who shares your dreams. He could be a romantic prospect or a mentor type who would support your ambitions and help you realize your full potential.

Almost falling off the balcony

I was mopping on my balcony, the mop bucket was too full, tried to dump some water out over the side of the balcony. All of a sudden I felt intoxicated and I fell over the railing, but held onto the railing upside down and backwards. I tried to pull myself back up and over, but struggling for a while. I was terrified. Felt myself slipping and about to fall. I don't remember how I got back up and over. I was then inside in my bathroom washing my hands and they were very cut up and bleeding.

Seeing yourself mopping floors has negative connotations. It portends the possibility of an untimely departure of an important person in your waking life. This sudden parting would have a deep impact on you mentally as well as physically. Just as when you lost your balance on the balcony, you may find yourself at a loss in your waking life too. However, the notion of you being back to the safety of your home despite the threat of falling out indicates that albeit all the struggles and problems, you would be able to overcome feelings of desolation and unhappiness. Be prepared and make sure to keep an open mind and heart if you do receive any sort of bad news in the future.