Dreams Related To Bag

Buying a bag

If you dream about buying a bag, expect to go through hard times in your life. You could be living on a tight budget while saving up for the future, but then your family's immediate needs at this time might be weighing you down. You would be compelled to prioritize these needs in your household even if it means veering a little bit off your set goals and future plans at least for the time being. This would be a test of your resourcefulness and industry.

Carrying a bag

Seeing yourself or someone carrying a bag in a dream is a sign that you would be embarking on a business-related trip that would turn out to be successful and financially rewarding. How successful and financially rewarding that trip might be is directly proportional to the weight and size of the bag you are carrying in your dream. That is, the heavier and bigger the bag, the greater the buck. The brand does not count.

A bag being stolen

Having a dream about a bag being stolen from you by someone is reflective of your hopes, dreams and aspirations that have not materialized for some reason or other, and you are forced to face the harsh realities of life. This could be an opportunity for you to take a step back and examine your life from a completely different angle in order to find the meaning and reason for your existence.

A bag in general

A bag full of contents when seen in a dream is a sign of blessing in many forms. It could represent your good health and emotional well-being, material riches or the happiness that comes from being in a good company of friends and family, or even inner peace. On the downside, dreaming about seeing or carrying empty bags portends more bad luck to befall you, which would make your life miserable or destitute.

Seeing or carrying an empty bag in your dream symbolizes your growing desire to receive material possessions or monetary rewards through inheritance. This desire might be eating up your thoughts so much that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get it. On the other hand, seeing or carrying a bag filled with items could indicate that in the past you might have tried obtaining a substantial inheritance from a close family member. However, all factors seemed to play against you and you failed in your attempts to take possession of some valuable items, much to your frustration.

Selling an empty bag

Selling an empty bag.

Dream visions about selling an empty bag or purse mean you are getting tired of feeling helpless and you are ready to pursue opportunities to achieve financial security. Perhaps a new skill or ability to act faster than others will help you achieve a new status or secure a better position in life.

A designer bag

Dreaming about seeing or carrying a designer bag is a symbol of your ingenuity. You may not have realized it up until you had this vision in your dream, but you are endowed with talent and creativity and you could use this gift to express your bold ideas and realize your dreams. Turning your thoughts into tangible projects or activities will make you realize what you can actually accomplish once you give it a green light.

A lost bag for a female

If you are a woman and experienced a dream about losing a bag or a purse, you are in for a long period of loneliness, isolation, grief and depression. You could be going through a very difficult time in your relationship or married life, or suffering from a recent breakup or serious misunderstanding with a loved one. Whatever the case, the pain seems more so when touching on matters of the heart.

A bag handle cut off

What does it mean if you dream that someone mistakenly cut the handle of your bag?

Dreaming that someone has cut the handle of your bag off signifies the sudden and tragic end of that relationship. As this appears to be an accident in the vision, it is possible that the one who hurts you would not do so knowingly. However, the damage would be too deep and painful for you to forgive them. An example may be a close friend expressing a political or religious view that is so contrary to your own ideas that it is impossible to understand. While you may not want to directly fight them on the matter, you would likely feel a strong need to avoid them in the future.

A heavy bag

If you dream about carrying or walking with a heavy bag on your shoulder, it could be a symbol of the duties and responsibilities entrusted to you that you find rather taxing and physically draining as it requires your utmost commitment. On a ligher note, if you drop the bag or leave it behind in the same dream, it could indicate that you have successfully performed what was expected of you or have been able to delegate your duties and responsibilities to those who are not only as competent as you but are more than willing to take them.

A bag for a female

If you are a woman and you dream about seeing or toting a bag, your wild, swashbuckling days may be over. It is only a matter of time before your husband or partner gets wind of your extramarital affair, and you could be caught in a compromising situation, say while in the throes of passion or under any other embarrassing circumstance. As they say, the cat will soon be out of the bag no matter how hard you try to hide it.

Stealing a bag

If you dream that you are in the process of stealing or snatching a bag from someone's hands, it portends a possible act of indiscretion on your part. You might make an unwise decision that could cost you dearly, such as losing considerable amounts of money, assets or property. This is a strong reminder that you need to exercise prudence where prudence is called for.

A travel bag

Seeing or carrying a travel bag in your dream is a positive sign of a forthcoming travel. Whether far or near, on vacation or on a business trip, this highly anticipated event would prove to be immensely pleasurable in addition to being a valuable learning experience. These circumstances could even be beneficial to you in terms of acquiring material possessions or earning a lot of money.

A bag filled with grains

Dreaming about seeing or carrying a bag full of grains is a sign that your success and material wealth could be the envy of the people around you, and what the dream is trying to convey to you could be a lesson in humility and modesty amidst the trappings of success. In other words, lasting success and wealth hinges not so much on worldly possessions as on good character.

Someone carrying a heavy bag

If you see someone carrying a large and heavy bag in your dream, luck could be against you. It is an ominous sign that you or your company or business could incur huge losses and recovery could be agonizingly slow if not far-fetched. The dream also forewarns that you could experience extreme loneliness and isolation as a result of past unfortunate events, such as significant financial or material losses.

Discovering money inside a bag

If you dream about opening a bag with paper bills inside, it is a positive sign that you will be rewarded in a grand way for your hard work and dedication to whatever it is you are currently sinking your teeth into. However, if you happen to find coins in the bag, it is an indication that you might have failed to achieve your major goals because you were too busy solving minute and negligible issues along the way and left out those that really mattered.

Inspecting an empty bag

Dreaming that you are meticulously inspecting a bag inside and out is symbolic of your discontentment with your financial status when you might begin to wonder whether you are getting a lot of work or income-generating projects, or whether you are working hard enough. Consequently, you would tend to grab every opportunity to earn more money without regard to the nature of the job or the negative effects of these excessive work loads on your health.

Sewing a bag

Making or sewing a bag in your dream symbolizes hard work and perseverance as a formula for prosperity. It reminds you that economic success with your current project or undertaking would come quite literally with your own blood, sweat and tears. This would require you to do back-breaking and physically-draining hard labor, but with relentless persistence, the rewards would be worth all your effort.

Packing a bag

A dream in which you are packing a bag, say in preparation for a vacation or business trip, is a symbol that you could be on the threshold of undergoing some big changes in your life. These changes may take a lot of getting used to at first, but if you have an open mind and choose to embrace them despite the initial apprehensions and inconveniences, you could turn them into opportunities and become a successful person, if you are not already one.

Stuffing a bag

When you dream about stuffing a bag with personal items, it is a sign that you would receive protection and good favors from a person or a group of people that wields great power and influence in the community, and this could give you a sense of security and a feeling of self-importance. On a different note, holding or carrying a bag stuffed to the brim is a symbol of your excessive frugality. This type of behavior could border on greediness and indifference to the needs of others.

A bag filled with vegetables

A bag full of vegetables in a dream is bad luck. It is a stern warning that you could suffer enormous setbacks in your finances courtesy of a string of unfortunate events or bad business decisions that would decimate your wealth and put you at risk of bankruptcy, so be careful.

Carrying a lot of bags

If you dream that you are carrying several bags at once, it is a symbol of new beginnings. It indicates that you would soon be moving to a new place, either to leave behind or expunge unpleasant memories associated with your former residence, or to make a fresh start or pursue your plans and aspirations, which would require a change of address.

Loading heavy bags

Dreaming that you are in the middle of loading heavy bags into a vehicle connotes your positive attitude towards the problems and issues that you are currently facing. Where it would be easy to break down or lose your cool, this dream indicates that you would handle the issues calmly and with due diligence, thereby making it easy for you to get out of an otherwise difficult situation. In other words, you are the epitome of grace under pressure.

A dream in which you are loading heavy bags into the trunk of a car or the back of a truck is a positive sign of utmost sexual contentment. All your sexual fantasies and carnal desires would be fulfilled beyond your expectations. Besides your partner, you would have yourself to thank for usually making the first move to arouse the senses and guarantee a period of indescribable euphoria that would always end in a literal blast, leaving you wanting for more. If you are a young man, this dream is a positive sign that you would soon be getting hitched or getting married.

Unable to lift a bag

If you dream that you are struggling to lift a bag off the ground, it is an indication that your haughtiness and idealistic tendencies could be working against you because such ostentatious displays of intellect are more likely turning people off than impressing them. As a result, you would have a hard time maintaining old relations with friends and acquaintances, much less building new ones.

A bag filled with tobacco

Dreaming about seeing a bag or bags filled with tobacco tells you that luck is on your side. It is a positive sign that you would earn more money, increase your income, get more work, grow your business, multiply your wealth, or all of the above. As a consequence, you and your family could lead a life of prosperity and abundance.

A coworker searching through a bag

I dreamt of my co-worker searching my bag, turning it up and down and talking everything out one by one.

A co-worker searching through your bag and scattering its contents about suggests someone close to you in reality may be purposely or inadvertently causing you to spend too much money. In the first case, a friend may try to get you involved in their MLM scheme or recommend a service that provides them with some sort of kickback. In the second case, you may just be hanging out with someone who makes more money than you. As a result, they like to go out to eat or shop at expensive places more often than your current budget allows for. You need to be conscious of your spending decisions or it could lead to trouble very soon.

Helping someone to carry a bag

Dreaming about lending a hand to someone who is carrying a heavy bag is an indication that you might soon need assistance from a friend or family member or someone close to you. The need for help may have stemmed from a problematic event in the past that you wanted to rectify or may be called for by a future event that would pose some challenge.

Black bag

A dream where you are seeing or carrying a black bag signifies troubles and dreadful situations. You need to be prepared for any consequences that will result from your reckless actions. As a result, this will affect your emotional state for the worse. Yet, if this is an expensive black bag, then it is an omen that this problem will not persist for a long time. You will soon see light at the end of the tunnel with the people around you.

Repairing a bag

A dream in which you are repairing a worn and torn bag symbolizes the insults and emotional hurts inflicted upon you by people in your distant past but which are still clinging to you like fresh wounds in your mind. This may be a sign that you are a vengeful person who does not easily forgive or forget, and it could take a long time for you to finally accept that the pains that people have caused you are water under the bridge and it is time to move on.

A person inside a bag

Dreaming about seeing or discovering a person inside a bag symbolizes that you may have been made privy to a secret or undisclosed information. Perhaps because it is a sensitive or delicate piece of information, you may have qualms and misgivings about your personal knowledge of it, and dealing with it at the moment could give you a lot of discomfort instead of a sense of assurance, like carrying a heavy, burdensome load on your back instead of wearing a badge of honor pinned to your chest. This dream could also indicate that you might be going through an inner turmoil and facing a future full of uncertainties while figuring out what you should do next.

Remembering about a bag left behind

I was riding a bus going home together with my friends. Suddenly I realized I left my red bag in the house.

Dreaming about objects or items red in color and which for some reason caught your attention could serve as a hint that you rely excessively on your feelings and emotions when making decisions or communicating with others. People who have to deal with you on a regular basis try to point that out to you, but seemingly they remain unsuccessful in their attempts. The notion of leaving the bag behind also reveals your perhaps obvious to others focus and preoccupation with material possessions. There might have been times in your recent past when you had chosen to acquire an item or a valuable material possession by stepping over your close friends which could have complicated your relationship with them and distanced them from you in some way.

Trying to open a bag

If you dream about unzipping or untying a bag, it is an indication that there would be obstacles and hindrances getting in your way while you are in the middle of carrying out an important project, and dealing with these issues could be a tricky and daunting task. It would take a herculean effort on your part to overcome these challenges and be able to finish what you started.

Covering your body with a bag

Having a dream in which you are using a bag to keep you from getting soaked in the rain is a sign that you may be harboring a skeleton in your closet, that is, hiding a shameful secret. This could also indicate that you are on the lam or evading justice from some crime committed in the past. Moreover, it may also be a warning that you are about to engage in fraudulent or illegal acts.

Finding a bag

If you happen to find a bag in a dream, it is a forewarning that you would go through a difficult part in your current undertaking that could hamper your progress towards achieving a major goal. You could also find yourself in situations that limit, if not completely suppress, your freedom and you would be forced to act and make decisions against your will, leaving you feeling frustrated and utterly helpless.

If you find yourself lifting the bag in the same dream, it is symbolic of serious troubles and problems being thrown in your path as you try to go about your daily routine. These disruptions in your otherwise peaceful existence could seriously affect the way you would normally do things, unless you address the issues at once. Back to the same dream, should you find yourself dropping the unopened bag in the next scene, this would indicate that, despite your daily troubles, your vigilance and coping mechanisms would keep you in control every time.

A bag with a hole

Dreaming about seeing or handling a bag with a hole in it is symbolic of situations when you could become a hapless victim of theft, robbery, burglary, scams, schemes, or anything that has to do with you being ripped off. Conversely, it could be you engaging in shady deals and fraudulent activities. On yet another note, dreaming about placing an item in a torn bag and trying to carry it could symbolize your dishonesty and lack of integrity when dealing with your competitors. In your effort to gain unfair advantage over your rivals, the tables could be turned against you and your shrewdness could be your own undoing.

A bag stolen while driving

I disembarked from a vehicle to urinate and the driver ran away with my bag.

A stolen bag in dreams usually alludes to disappointments and failures in reality. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations may have not materialized for some reason or other, forcing you to face the harsh realities of life. Perhaps in the process of trying to clean up your act, someone would take advantage of your weakness. The good news is that this could be an opportunity for you to reflect on your actions, viewing them from a more rational and completely different angle, in order to find the meaning and reason for your existence.

Taking a bag from someone

Having a vision of you taking or grabbing someone's bag is an ominous sign that you would go through a period of dire need in your life during which you would experience a feeling of helplessness and of being completely on your own. However, you would have a way to turn your misfortunes around by asking for support from family and friends. You would be surprised to know that you are not alone and that a lot of people wish for your well-being and are ready to help.

A wrong bag

Dreaming about leaving your house or apartment and realizing you have inadvertently taken the wrong bag with you is a stern warning that something terrible could happen anytime during the day immediately after having this dream. Therefore, you should be extra cautious and extremely careful in all your actions on that day in order to at least control or mitigate the possible damage, if not to prevent it from happening.

Dropping contents of a bag

When you dream of dropping or scattering the contents of a bag all over the place, be warned. You could be going on spending sprees, squandering your hard-earned dough like there is no tomorrow, or start binge-shopping for unnecessary items that you know all too well would only gather dust in some dark corner in your place. So check your finances, and put that wallet away, before it is too late.

For a different interpretation, this dream is a hunch that a member of your social circle could be spreading nasty rumors about you when your back is turned away. Regardless of the veracity of the rumors, you should know how to defend yourself by taking measures to put a stop to them, for instance, by confronting the concerned person or consulting the proper authority for appropriate action. Otherwise, your inaction or quiet resignation could mean silent admission, thereby putting your reputation on the line.

A case instead of a bag

If you dream that you are toting a leather case instead of your usual everyday handbag, you are in luck. Throughout the day following your dream, all of the efforts you put in your projects or undertakings would pay off and you would reap the benefits right away. But your luck could just be starting. This dream also suggests that you are likely to meet a very influential person who could provide you with an opportunity to move forward with your current undertaking, serve as an aide in achieving your aspirations or make you an offer that could change your life forever.

Unable to find something inside a bag

If you dream about rummaging through the contents of a bag but being unable to find what you are looking for, it is a symbol that you could be going through a phase of disorientation and great confusion as a result of problems and issues encountered recently. Making sound judgments could be quite a challenge to you, and daily decision-making tasks that are otherwise commonplace could overwhelm you. Fortunately, confiding to someone you completely trust, say a teacher, a parent or a friend, could help you out of your troubles.

Shoulder bag

A dream where you see a shoulder bag or handbag represents a major change that will soon happen in your life. An opportunity will open its door to you, which will help your financial state. Having this vision could also be related to your ability of keeping secrets. Perhaps you need to keep some boundaries within yourself and what you reveal to others. It could also be a symbol of the tumultuous events as you journey in life. You might need to take a pause and reorganize some aspects of your reality that need prioritization.

A student's bag

Dreaming about seeing or carrying a student's bag signifies that you are going through a period of boredom and depression in your life. You could be in a situation where you have lost all interest in doing anything worthwhile and you do not find any meaning in things that were once important to you. This could lead to more serious mental problems, so you should monitor your condition and seek professional help as soon as needed.

Dragging a full bag against the ground

Dreaming about dragging a stuffed bag against the ground signifies a possible loss of personal property. You could become a victim of robbery or theft, or just plain forgetfulness. This untoward incident is more likely to happen if you are currently planning on taking a vacation or visiting someone in a distant place and going to be away for a while.

A bag over your head

Dreaming of a bag placed over your head is an indication that you would have to deal with many shortcomings in life unaided and completely on your own. With no one to share your deepest thoughts and inner struggles, you would have only yourself to try to come to terms with your inadequacies and failings, particularly in terms of your relationships with loved ones who could be gradually turning their backs on you.

Running with a full bag

If you see yourself in a dream running with a bag full of items along some deserted road, be warned of the hurdles and stumbling blocks that may riddle your path and stop you in your tracks several times in your long journey. You would most likely have to deal with these obstacles alone, so use those moments of respite during the journey to gain back lost strength and come up with a better solution to reach your destination.

A bag with a handle broken off

If you dream of seeing or trying to carry a bag with broken handles, it is an ominous sign that you would lose the support of or get no help from a very important person in your life, perhaps a family member, a friend or a colleague. You may have seen it coming too. This person might have needed help in the past, and you ignored it, whether unintentionally or on purpose. In any case, this dream indicates you would get the same treatment. So much for the biblical verse - what you sow is what you reap.

A collection of bags

I had a dream in which I was looking for a bag to take with me for traveling and while I was looking through my collection of bags I found a really pretty designer bag. I was very surprised and happy in my dream to find the bag. What does this dream mean?

The dream vision you had about rummaging through your stuff for the right bag among those you have in your collection could serve as a reflection of the current situation in your waking life when you could be feeling lonely, isolated or not given enough attention by the opposite gender or by people in general. It is also possible that you are not happy with where you are right now with someone you are seeing or dating (indicated by an array of bags in your possession and going through them in order to find the one you need as seen in this dream). The designer bag signifies your firm belief in your own talent, resilience and creativity, which could be important factors when trying to boost your self-esteem and confidence, if this is the case.

A beautiful bag with various flowers inside

I had a dream of a vivid deep blue bag with a drawstring at the top. The bag had a bouquet with an assortment of colors in it. I noticed the flowers were of the smaller variety, but many. They were in the purse like they were in a vase. The flowers came through the top of the purse without the drawstring being tightened. When I looked at the purse I felt like I could make this purse, and felt peaceful when l realized it had not been sewn together, it was beautiful, rustic and simple.

This vivid vision of a bouquet inside a purse is highly symbolic and possibly important to your future. The bouquet itself represents meeting someone very important, not necessarily famous or well-respected. Rather, this person carries within some special knowledge, information or experience, which is likely vital to your future success. This could be some direct advice or practical knowledge which can be used to your benefit, or it may be some passing comment that sparks an idea worth its weight in gold.

Unwilling to sell a custom-made bag

Recurring dream about the reluctant sale of a white pack. The bag was made for me custom.

Backpacks can be interpreted as something that is weighing you down, such as emotional baggage or unwanted responsibilities. You could be carrying too much load and feel the need to let go of a few things or relationships, whether or not you are ready to do so. However, selling the whole custom-made white pack indicates more than just unburdening yourself of some stuff, but an entire lifestyle change. Perhaps you are now entering a new phase in your life and a new pack, so to speak, is needed for a smoother journey going forward.

Acquiring leather bags

I was leaving a store holding two (2) leather bags. I chose them from among several bags, though I don't remember paying for them. I remember feeling good because I knew they were really good leather bags.

Coming into possession of leather bags during the course of a dream vision suggests you may find yourself in a desperate situation in the near future, such as being unable to meet basic necessities or being far behind on a task that could have grave consequences if left unfinished. However, recognizing these bags as being high quality could be the manifestation of your creative thinking and skills which could come in handy when you are under pressure.

Taking bags out after an argument

In my dream I was arguing with someone I'm sleeping with and I used an old co-worker's luggage to get my stuff out of his house he grabbed the bag, not aggressively, but because it was heavy. Also, I carried a small bag. He tried to carry them for me, but I grabbed the small bag.

This dream is your subconscious mind's attempt to weigh the pros and cons of staying with or leaving your lover. The heavy bag or luggage represents all the moments and experiences you shared with him. Packing them up means you are willing to treat all those things you shared with him as part of the past or a closed chapter. The small bag, on the other hand, is your innermost secrets, dreams, and aspects of your own identity. Staying would mean opening up that most intimate part of yourself and sharing it with him, both the good and the bad. Yet you grabbed the small bag, which seems to reflect your reluctance to fully commit to him.

Being asked to distribute items in a bag

I was given a bag of something. I don't know what was inside and was asked to go distribute it to people at the beach, but while going with a friend, our car stops working and while we were trying to push it to start, a lady came to me and asked for the bag, collected it and said that the mission was changed and she will be the one to go share the stuff in the bag. And in another scene, I saw her sharing the stuff in the bag and I wasn't happy about it.

Being asked to deliver or distribute objects of some sort could mean that you are being given new responsibilities. This could be related to a job promotion or a new project you are being asked to handle. Unfortunately, someone else may be hankering for this promotion or project and trying to take away what is supposed to be yours. This individual may be taking credit for your success and stealing the limelight from you. When the car stopped working, pointing to possible burnout or minor hiccups in your career, your competitor could likely swoop in and make himself or herself look better. It is wise to keep your cool and maintain grace under pressure.

Buying empty travel bags

In my dream my husband buys a lot of empty travel bags from his friend and brings these in our home. What does this mean?

Travel bags are symbols of mobility and opportunity. Seeing them in dreams denotes rich experiences and learning. However, since the bags your husband brought home in your dream were empty, it is possible that some friends or colleagues may be taking advantage of your husband's trusting nature by offering him ventures or promising profit from business ideas that are essentially not practical investments. Perhaps, too, he is working himself to the ground without getting the benefit or fulfillment he craves.

Trying to burn a bag in the office

Someone dreamt about me, that a light-skinned lady was standing around the office that I and my boyfriend currently work in, telling her in the dream that I am carrying a bag that the lady gave to me and that I was about to burn it. And if I do, she wouldn't give me another bag again.

Purses and bags are often linked with the ideas of sensitive information or secrets, so your friend's vision that someone thought you were about to burn a bag could be the manifestation of their concern that you would reveal some important information you previously shared with them. Being refused another bag, then, would suggest that your friend's mind is made up and that if you betray their trust, they would not share anything else with you ever again.

Looking for a bag in a dorm room

In my dream, I left my bag in my room where I lived in university. I wear a large scrub with car key in the hand, waiting for my roommate to see a director. But nobody comes out, I went into the room, they slept and I searched for my bag. My friend pointed to me my bag and my shoes were on the table. I find them and wake up.

Looking for a missing bag in a dream alludes to being lost and hopeless. You may be going through a period of boredom and depression in your waking life and could be in a situation where you have lost all interest in doing anything worthwhile and you do not find any meaning in things that were once important to you. Perhaps the shoes and bag represent your purpose in life and you are currently trying to find it. This extends, for example, to not just the search for work after studies, but a deeper need to find your true calling.

Filling bags with rice and spilling it

My aunt and my cousin were throwing rice over from bags to fill other bags in her shop. My cousin leaves, so my aunt asks me to continue, so I was filling up bags with rice, but 1 of the bags was burst and while throwing over, some of the rice went on the ground.

Grains of rice generally allude to wealth, happiness, and stability. As such, filling bags or sacks with rice to full capacity denotes your hard work and industry in trying to achieve your dreams. Once you put your heart and mind into reaching your goals, positive and agreeable circumstances would be your reward. Interestingly, the bag that burst and the rice falling on the ground could be a metaphorical representation of the opportunities you have missed out on. Perhaps in focusing your mind on one thing, your passion for your dreams would start to dwindle, and you could end up wasting or disregarding valuable lessons that may help you succeed later on.

A colostomy bag

I'm a female, and I dreamt about a colostomy bag attached to a body.

The colostomy bag in your dream may reveal your desire to get rid of some negative emotions that have been piling up inside of you. Perhaps you have not found an outlet for your anger and frustrations yet, hence you are being filled with a lot of unwanted vibes. This vision is also an allusion to your toxic environment which may be influencing your own thoughts and attitude about the world around you. Either way, you seem to be keen on retaining your optimism, which is why you are trying to find a way of letting off steam to avoid a possible outburst.

Brown bag

Seeing a brown bag in the dream realm symbolizes the baggage you carry in your life. The bag may have belonged to someone else, representing the influence of others on your journey. Furthermore, if the bag is made of leather, it suggests a fortunate and prosperous path ahead. However, if it's made of paper, it indicates a need to be more mindful of the fragile aspects of life. If you see a person carrying the bag, it may represent someone who requires your attention or who has an important role to play in your life. The dream is a reminder for you to evaluate the baggage you carry and be more aware of the people who can help or hinder your progress.