Dreams Related To Back

Being shot in the back

According to Jungian dream interpretation sources, being shot in the back has a very similar meaning to the phrase being "stabbed in the back". This means you are likely to be betrayed or hurt by someone you thought you could trust. In this case, it seems more likely to be an older person than a friend or peer. For instance, a school counselor may blab your secrets to their colleagues or a boss may let the embarrassing reason you were out sick slip to the rest of your team.

People with backs turned

I dreamed I walked into a room and everybody had their backs turned on me and one person said your in the wrong room.

Walking into a room may point toward a new idea you have had or a new course of action you have set out for yourself. Seeing everyone with their backs to you, then, represents some roadblocks to your success. In particular, this could refer to your inability to gain the support of some important individuals or keep up relations with those who have helped you in the past. While this venture may not be destined for success, trying something new or working from a different angle may yield slightly more promising results.