Dreams Related To Baby shower

A dead baby as a baby shower gift

Had a dream, can't remember all of it at the end of it though I had a dead baby boy that was mine. Someone brought it up to me wrapped as a baby shower gift in a bassinet. They started to pull back the wrapping and only got to the babies knee before I woke up.

The slow revelation of a dead baby boy in your dream refers to the unfolding of a series of unfortunate or troubling events. Things would likely start so slowly that you would hardly notice the dark cloud creeping overhead. But before you know it, things would snowball into a very difficult or challenging situation. The fact that the baby was not totally revealed to you could mean there is a chance you would be able to stall or avoid some of the trouble but how you would be able to do so is unclear.

Your own baby shower

Envisioning that someone is holding a baby shower for you when you are a baby can reflect some recent disappointments with your interactions with friends. You may feel personally attacked or used by someone in your circle of friends, leading you to doubt this individual's true intentions. For instance, a supposed "friend" may give you a backhanded compliment or purposely choose a place to hang out that makes you uncomfortable. Alternatively, this symbol may reflect some past hurt or discord between you and someone else that you are ready to move on from.