Dreams Related To Baby

A baby in general

Dreams that include babies are positive signs. Dreaming about interacting with a baby or simply seeing a baby in a dream can mean that pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences are about to occur in your life. This dream doesn't specify what, but something unexpectedly good is on your horizon.

Bathing a baby

Dreams about bathing a baby are indicative of future creative problem solving. You might invent an innovative answer to a difficult circumstance you could currently be suffering from. If you are not currently suffering from any problems, then you may conceive a solution to a problem you could be facing in the near future.

Giving birth to a baby

Dreaming of giving birth to a baby is a positive sign which predicts that you would have a fruitful future. This sign foreshadows that wealth and prosperity will come to you and your kin in times yet to come.

Kissing a baby

Dreaming of kissing a baby symbolizes lasting physical beauty. This sign indicates that your youthful and attractive countenance will remain alluring for years to come, possibly well into your golden years.

Naked, dirty, or ugly baby

Seeing in your dream a naked, ugly, or dirty baby you need to change means that unwarranted matters will come into your life and they will need to be overcome or dealt with in a step-by-step manner.

A baby for young females

If you are a young woman, dreaming of nursing or holding a baby indicates that you may soon be harshly judged by those around you. They may accuse you of having poor or improper conduct or blame you for polluting your social circle through your immoral actions. You may want to mull over your previous actions and attempt to correct any improper behavior.

Looking at a baby

Looking at a baby in a dream is a positive sign. It signifies that you will be able to secure a joyous and fruitful life. But, only if you believe in your capabilities and trust in your instincts and judgement when trying to reach your goals.

An unfamiliar baby

Having a dream in which you see or look after a baby that is unfamiliar to you symbolizes that you may need to stop and consider the needs of the people close to you, such as your own children or your friends. They may need comfort or encouragement from you in order to succeed in their own goals or triumph over their own problems.

Carrying a baby around

Dreaming of carrying a baby around or attempting to rock a baby to complacency symbolizes that you may be searching for a solution to a difficult situation you are involved in. However, if you dropped the baby in the dream, you may want to put extra effort into solving the difficult issue. If you do not, it could have severe negative consequences.

Feeding a baby

Dreaming of breast-feeding a baby or feeding a baby infant food is a sign of good news. This sign symbolizes that you may soon receive a message that could bring great joy and satisfaction to your life. One should keep aware, as it is unspecified where this news would come from.

A laughing baby

Dreaming of a baby laughing loudly and gleefully represents that you will soon receive positive news. The news would make you happier, or it may encourage you to do something good.This news should come from a distant place and be something you may not necessarily expect.

Holding a baby

Holding a baby in the dream world is often considered a positive symbol. In most cases, this sign represents success and good fortune, especially in risky or uncertain situations. If the baby was crying at the same time, however, it could mean avoiding some troublesome situations or unpleasant encounters.

Seriously sick or dead baby

In the realm of dreams, the presence of a seriously sick or deceased baby can hold profound significance, offering valuable insights into the path your life may take. Such dreams may symbolize an upcoming sequence of significant letdowns, encounters with challenging individuals, or unfavorable circumstances that could infiltrate your daily existence. Unveiling the hidden meanings behind these visions can shed light on your subconscious thoughts and emotions, providing a gateway to understanding the potential obstacles that lie ahead. By exploring the interpretations of dreams featuring ailing or deceased infants, you can harness valuable knowledge to navigate the future with greater awareness and preparedness.

Nursing a baby

Dreaming of yourself nursing a baby is a negative sign. It warns of upcoming betrayal or deception from someone you know well and trust dearly. If you experienced this vision you may want to monitor your inner circle and attempt to be more conscious and perceptive of the things they tell you.

Baby boy

Baby boys are often symbolic of easy, uncomplicated births for pregnant women. A woman who is soon to deliver, whether it be to a male or female child, would give birth under better circumstances or in better care than the average woman. For a man, this symbol could predict a partner's birth experience or be extrapolated to mean the birth of a concept or the creation of a project or deal.

Your own baby

Dreaming about a baby you are presently parenting represents that you will experience the positive aspects of parenting. The joys of fatherhood or motherhood may soon be triggered by something pleasant involving your child, such as them achieving a goal or them starting a new chapter in their lives.

A baby taking first steps

A dream in which you witness a baby attempting to walk or take first steps is a positive sign symbolizing your independence. This sign represents that you can rely on your own abilities and skills when attempting to accomplish your goals. If you perceive this sign, you may want to try to be more autonomous and utilize your own skills more instead of asking others for help.

Having a baby

When you dream about having a baby, it holds a captivating and meaningful symbolism. This vision serves as a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity not just for yourself, but also for your close family members. Embrace this dream as an auspicious sign, indicating the potential for abundance and blessings to enter your life. It signifies the birth of new opportunities, growth, and financial stability. Prepare yourself for the arrival of positive changes and the potential for increased prosperity and well-being. As you nurture and care for the symbolic baby in your dream, remember to foster a similar mindset in your waking life. Cultivate gratitude, seize opportunities, and make wise financial decisions to maximize the potential for wealth and prosperity. Let this dream serve as a reminder to cherish the blessings that come your way and to share the abundance with your loved ones. By embracing the symbolism of this dream and channelling your energy towards positive outcomes, you can manifest wealth and prosperity for yourself and those closest to you.

A baby left alone

Dreaming of a lone baby can be indicative of a current feeling of loneliness. It can symbolize that you may feel left out or unwanted while in the company of others. It can also mean that you feel a sense of isolation through separating yourself purposefully, even if you enjoy the independence it gives you.

Breastfeeding a baby

The act of breastfeeding a baby in the dream realm usually has positive connotations according to the Freudian sources. It suggests good health and wellness. As such, you are able to give of yourself to others by nurturing them in their time of need. This could include physical aid, like fixing a leaky pipe or carrying heavy bags, or emotional support, like lending an ear to someone who needs to unburden themselves.

Crippled or disfigured baby

Dreaming of crippled or disfigured baby can serve as a symbolic reflection of your own harmful habits and behaviors negatively impacting the well-being of those around you. The disfigurement of the babies may represent the distorted consequences of your actions on others, highlighting the potential harm and pain caused by your choices. This dream serves as a warning to be mindful of how your behavior and habits can affect the people in your life. It prompts you to take a closer look at your actions and consider how you can make positive changes to create a healthier and more supportive environment for yourself and those you care about.

A baby crying hysterically

If you dream of attempting to pacify or quiet a hysterically crying baby, then you have received a warning that your image could be in jeopardy. This sign indicates that you may be placed into a situation where your reputation could be threatened by rumors and gossip and restoring that lost reputation will be difficult. It may be in your best interest to keep watching over your inner circle if you receive this sign.

A baby for elderly women

If you are an elderly woman and experienced a vision of a baby in your dream, your future mortality could be in question. This dream symbolizes that you could soon go through a period of extended sickness or even pass away.

A black baby

Dreaming about a black baby, whether you are black or not, is a highly auspicious symbol associated with happiness and good fortune. You may soon hear some surprising news that brightens your day or hit a stroke of good luck. If you have been patiently waiting for a reply to a query, the answer would probably be what you were hoping to hear.

Trying to find a lost baby

Dreaming of trying to locate a lost baby and not being able to find him or her indicates that you may be pursuing pointless goals. This dream portends that an aspiration or plan that you have may end up fruitless and waste more time than it is worth. You should try and take stock of their objectives and decide whether they are ultimately worthy of the effort that they take.

However if you were able to find the baby then the dream represents the opposite of its previous incarnation. Your goal or pursuit may now have a good possibility of coming true and could end up being worthwhile in the end after all. One may still want to take stock of their goals, but now it may be better to consider persevering instead of bowing out.

Many babies in one place

The presence of many babies in one place in your dream signifies dedicating a significant amount of time to simple yet repetitive tasks in order to achieve a larger life goal. This intriguing vision suggests that you are investing your efforts and energy into the necessary steps to reach a greater purpose. It serves as a reminder that success often requires persistence, patience, and commitment to the smaller, everyday actions. Embrace the process and find fulfillment in the journey toward your ultimate objective. Recognize that each task contributes to the overall fulfillment of your life goal. Stay focused, motivated, and organized as you navigate through the repetitive tasks, knowing that they are leading you closer to your desired outcome.

A dead baby becoming alive

Having a nightmare in which you see a baby you know in real life lying on a table dead and naked and coming back to life is an ominous sign concerning this little person's mortality. This sign is a forewarning that this baby may pass away in reality.

A baby for females

If you are a female, dreaming of a baby could be a sign of your desire or longing to bear a child. This sign symbolizes that you may be entering the reproductive stage of your life, and that you should realistically consider the option of becoming a mother.

Taking care of a baby

Based on Biblical symbols, a baby represents blessings as well as new beginnings. So, taking care of a baby is an allusion to stewardship or being a caretaker of an important undertaking. You could be tasked to start a social movement that will improve the quality of life for other people. Alternatively, you could become a mentor for a brilliant person with the capability to make a huge difference in your field. Your guidance and wisdom will be valuable in the coming weeks or months.

Baby falling from a great height and surviving

Dream - my baby was falling, my mom caught her buy the shirt but then her head slipped through and she continued to fall. I got down to where she fell, asking if she died and she survived. But then I kept thinking, maybe they switched my baby because I couldn't believe she would survive a fall of 200 feet.

This dream about your baby falling from a great height could serve as a prediction of soon receiving some unexpected but surprisingly pleasant news. The detailed vision of this incident (falling through the shirt and your mother catching the baby) are also signs of your utter anticipation and impatience because you could already be instinctively sensing something good is coming your way. Questioning yourself whether this was your baby or someone else's in this dream could also indicate that there are individuals in your social circle who could be sharing this pleasant surprise or news you are about to receive.

Holding a baby in my arms

In folklore, a dream where you are holding or rocking a baby to sleep in your arms portends good tidings brought about by change in your social relationships. For instance, your sibling could propose an idea for a family business and you will become business partners. Perhaps your significant other may propose and you will begin your life as husband and wife. Whatever happens, this prediction will be favorable for you.

Taking a baby for a walk

Dreaming of taking a baby for a walk to a park or street symbolizes pleasurable travel. This symbol predicts that you may have a relaxing trip in the near future, such as sightseeing, backpacking or a cruise.

A plump and well-nourished baby

Having a dream of having or taking care of a well-nourished baby represents that you might soon participate in rewarding activities. According to this sign, your future endeavors should be fulfilling and creative, and any projects would be satisfying to your goals and ambitions. Upon receiving this sign, it may be in one's best interest to consider continuing an abandoned project or beginning a new one.

Holding a sleeping baby

Carrying a sleeping baby is a metaphor for your responsibilities and obligations that you may have previously ignored. Dreaming of this image suggests avoiding doing the same thing in the present time, for people involved might be greatly disappointed in you. Conversely, this also indicates your desire to address past issues but struggling in doing so.

Cute babies

In the realm of dreams, the delightful presence of adorable infants signifies a profound significance - the planting of virtuous seeds that hold the key to a prosperous, joyous, and plentiful existence. These cherished visions herald the arrival of auspicious opportunities and the potential for triumph, as they pave the way for a journey filled with triumph, contentment, and abundance. Embracing the symbolism of these cute dream babies fuels an unwavering determination to sow the seeds of success, ultimately reaping the bountiful rewards life has to offer.

Being asked to revive baby boys

I was sleeping on my bed awoken and sat up, saw a black fog on the ground with yellow eyes, I felt scared then it turned to the left. I have dreamt it twice. Then a few weeks later I dreamed a baby boy died in his crib and someone wanted me to do CPR but I told them he has been gone a long time now. Last night I dreamt again about a baby boy and he stopped breathing. No, I cannot have anymore children. I am way past the age. I just need to know the significance of the dreams please. They haunt me.

Dreaming about a child when you are in a state of advanced age or can no longer have children of your own could be a sign that you are thinking about your own mortality. In a sense, the baby and his death are literal manifestations of your concern for what will happen when it is your time to pass. You may be concerned about the afterlife, or you may feel anxiety because your final wishes or legal arrangements are not yet figured out. The death of a young child is a very powerful symbol, and seeing it multiple times speaks of how much this worry is weighing down on your subconscious. You may need to talk about your concerns with a trusted friend or family member to help you feel better. Also, if you have not made preparations for future events you may be anticipating, taking care of those things may give you more peace of mind knowing that things would not be left half-finished.

Cuddling or holding a crying baby

Cuddling a crying baby in your dream, particularly when the crying seems incessant, can symbolize impending emotional distress or significant sadness that might lead to a prolonged period of tears and inner turmoil. This dream may serve as a subconscious signal, urging you to prepare for challenging emotional situations or offering an opportunity for self-reflection and emotional processing. While dream interpretations can vary based on individual experiences and emotions, this dream may encourage you to reach out for support, practice self-care, and seek healthy outlets for processing your feelings when faced with emotional difficulties.

Crying baby

Dreaming of a crying or fussing baby, whether seen or heard, is often considered a negative omen. It can symbolize impending challenges or difficulties in your life, and the crying baby may be a metaphor for distress or problems that are on the horizon. In some interpretations, it could be associated with health issues, indicating potential health challenges for either yourself or someone close to you. If you have concerns about your health or well-being, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

A baby for males

If you are a male, dreams containing scenarios involving babies could represent insecure feelings towards the prospect of you paternity, especially if you are sexually active. This dream can be a reflection of insecurities you have towards the idea or suggestion of fatherhood. You may be reluctant to have a baby or afraid that you may make an unfit father for your unborn little one.

Having a newborn baby

Having a newborn baby in dreams usually alludes to new beginnings, fresh ideas and emerging opportunities. It can also symbolize innocence and purity. As such, depending on the behavior and appearance of the baby, it can be interpreted in both positive and negative ways. For instance, if the baby was laughing or smiling, then it means you would soon receive unexpected yet positive news. On the other hand, a crying baby is an allusion to tarnished reputation. Somebody could concoct a rumor or gossip about you which could destroy your credibility.

Saving a baby who is a boy

I dreamed me and my boyfriend had a baby that turned blue and couldn't breathe. He rushed me to the hospital, but I was in a metal wash bin tub being pulled by him with a truck. When we got to the hospital the baby came back to life and it was a boy.

Babies generally represent new beginnings and opportunities. Dreaming that you had a baby which turned blue, however, negates the possibility of getting a fresh, new start. There may come a time when it could become difficult for you to see any developments or progress taking place. It is also possible that you are already under stress due to the problems you are facing in wake life. Despite this, the fact that the baby is alive and well when it is treated could show that this turbulent time would soon pass and everything would return to normal.

Carrying a baby in my arms

Carrying a baby in your arms, to calm them down or put to sleep, means you are actively seeking answers to your questions. This may be about how to keep your business afloat or finding a resolution to marital conflict. Christian values often associate babies with new beginnings, hence you are hopeful that you will solve your problems in order to have a fresh start. On the other hand, this could also symbolize reincarnation. Your subconscious is reminding you that this life is your chance to redeem yourself from past transgressions.

Playing or romping with a baby

Playing or romping with a baby in your dream holds significant meaning, as it signifies the potential for achieving goals in various areas of your life, whether it be in your business endeavors or personal relationships. This captivating vision serves as a positive sign, indicating that you are on the path to success and fulfillment. Just as playing with a baby represents joy, innocence, and growth, this dream suggests that you are experiencing a period of fruitful progress and accomplishment. It signifies that your efforts and actions are aligned with your aspirations, leading to positive outcomes and advancements. Embrace this dream as an auspicious indication that your hard work and dedication will bear fruit in various aspects of your life.

A newborn baby

I saw a new born baby.

Dreams about newborn babies are usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news you are about to experience. You may be delighted and astonished by the events or developments which are about to take place in the nearest future.

A baby for a poor person

Dreaming of a baby if you consider yourself poor or financially destitute could be a sign of future financial success. This dream symbolizes that you may soon have hope of gaining a more firm footing financially and being relieved of your financial hardships, at least temporarily.

Baby boy or girl

A baby, whether it is a male or female child, is often considered an auspicious symbol in the world of dreams. They are often thought to represent upcoming surprises of a positive nature or beneficial turns of events that bring happiness and good fortune to your life.

A baby with two teeth

I dreamed that I had a baby and when I looked at the newborn baby for the first time, he had two teeth in his mouth.

Dreaming about having a newborn child could predict some upcoming events that would surprise and delight you. While you may be taken off-guard by what occurs or what you learn, it is sure to bring happiness to your life. Your focus on teeth in the newborn's mouth suggests these surprises may at first come disguised as burdens or inconveniences. It would be wise to not judge books by their covers and let things develop fully before you make any decisions.

A baby clutching on a breast

Dreaming of a baby clutching tightly and not letting go of a mother's breast during breast-feeding could represent future financial problems. This sign portends that poverty and not easily solvable financial problems may soon plague your life.

Feeling like being a mother again

I saw my ex as he was walking with a dog and I was with my girls. He saw me and came to say hi. He talked to everyone but I saw that he wanted to come to me and his dog (Jack Russell Terrier) just wanted always to come to me and was dancing and touched me. Dog was on the leash to my ex and he came to me. When i started playing with the dog, the baby carriage appeared with a baby in it. I thought it was his baby from other woman and it was cool, but baby cried and asked for mom. I took him and it felt like it was my baby. Baby calmed down and I said mom is here and woke up feeling like a mother or this mother feeling was so real.

Talking with your ex-boyfriend in a dream is usually a negative sign associated with communication issues in your current romantic relationship or with other people you are close to. Flirtatious behavior between the two of you also suggests not having the complete picture about an issue that is important to you, possibly related to some minor trouble with your friends or family. These two negative signs are balanced, however, with the image of the baby. Taking care of an infant or small child within a dream vision represents finding solutions to your problems and coming to a resolution which greatly pleases and satisfies you in multiple ways. The strength of this positive ending is reflected in the powerful maternal instincts you felt at the end of the dream.

Breastfeeding a baby for childless

I had a dream of breastfeeding my baby, and the milk was coming through my shirt. It was a happy dream. I don't have kids. What does it mean?

A dream which involves breastfeeding a baby is a positive symbol of good health and well-being. This is especially true if you have been suffering from an illness, either minor or chronic. You would soon recover from your health issues after the cause of your sickness is uncovered and treated accordingly. On the other had, if you do not suffer from any illness, then this dream may signify the possibility of worsening health and your subconscious mind may be warning you so that you can kick unhealthy habits before you get sick.

Someone you know as a baby

Seeing someone you know in real life as a baby in a dream forewarns that your future actions may be seen as incorrect. This sign symbolizes that something you might do in the future could result in you being held in contempt by those affected by or involved in the act. It may be prudent to discuss any actions that may affect those around you with someone you trust.

Baby boy and girl

The presence of both a baby boy and a baby girl in the same dream vision predicts meeting someone new in the near future. In some cases, this individual may turn out to be a new and important love interest, someone who plays a role in completely changing the way you think about love. On the other hand, this symbol could also represent the arrival of a new family member either through birth or adoption, bringing your family much joy and peace.

Baby falling on floor

A baby falling to floor from a couch or maybe your arms is often thought to be a symbol that precedes receiving unexpected news. While the news may be generally positive or helpful, your initial reaction may be to feel confused or unsure. It would be wise to try and keep your reactions in check until you are sure how you feel.

Saving a suffocating baby, chickens and dedication

1) Saving a suffocating baby. 2) Four roosters or hens in water 3) Dedication.

Dreaming about saving a suffocating baby could be symbolic of your recent encounter with someone who became very interested in you either in general or romantically. Since then, this person has been thinking of you and remembering time you spent together in a very emotional and profound way. The vision of chickens in the water in your dream could be an indication of soon becoming busy with preparations and arrangements before someone's visit to your home. The water in this dream indicates a possibility of tears or emotional breakdown because of either happiness of such reunion or something you would be greatly disappointed by as a result of this meeting. The third dream about dedication, if you meant being devoted to doing or accomplishing something important, is a reflection of the dreamer's determination and enthusiasm to pursue his or her current task or goal, however there could be a chance that some unforeseen circumstances or obstacles stand in the way of getting things done, so this focus to continue and prevail becomes the central image of the dream.

Looking for a baby

Looking for a baby means that in your attempts to solve your current trials and tribulations, you will be faced with obstacles that will demand your immediate attention but will ultimately lead you to the solution to all your problems.

Funeral of a baby

Similar to such an event in reality, the death and burial of a baby in the dream realm is a highly ominous symbol to perceive. It portends soon becoming disappointed or discouraged, either by certain events in your life of the presence of certain individuals. For example, an overbearing, bossy relative may try to put you down in front of other members of your family, causing you embarrassment and distress. Alternatively, you could find yourself in the middle of an online fight between friends in wake life over political, religious or artistic views.

Bringing a baby back to life

I've got this bizarre dream this morning. There was a dead baby whose eyes blink, but the baby is dead. The mother and father were from our place dressed in white and were holding the baby. What's bizarre about it is they are in front of our house and so many people were also in front of our house from crossing to crossing, all dressed in white. And I was there and I stared at the baby and I made a sign of the cross on the forehead of the baby and the baby started crying and became alive. Just remember the sign of the cross on the forehead of a baby is done at baptism. Goosebumps... Tears...

Babies in dreams represent new beginnings, opportunities, favorable developments and hope. The dream that begins with a dead baby symbolizes feelings of hopelessness. You may soon face, or maybe currently dealing with, a loss or a failure and would have to cope with an abrupt end of an opportunity or things that once looked promising to you. However, your faith could be your saving grace throughout this period of negativity. Baptism connotes a renewal of life. This rite of passage which breathed life into the baby could mean a renewal of faith, a new perspective and a fresh approach to life. The baptism of the child implies a new beginning in which lessons from your previous experiences will help you forge a new path ahead. The blessing of the child with the sign of the cross signifies your resolve to get back up and keep on moving forward.

A dying black baby

I was traveling with my friends to their hometown, they were searching or looking for something as a part of their family traditional game. I found a healthy black baby boy and cared for him along with us, as we were going through many rooms the baby's size started decreasing and he could fit in my hand. I took him into a room and started bathing him in a small bathtub and found he was dead and disappeared leaving green poop behind in the tub.

Traveling to your friends' hometown represents an eye-opening experience. Living in your personal bubble means you rarely meet new people and hardly ever immerse yourself in situations outside your comfort zone, so this journey will open up your mind and expand your worldview. More specifically, the shrinking black baby boy means an opportunity will fall on your lap. Unfortunately, instead of using your logical and rational side in deciding to invest your time and money, your emotions will get the better of you. Ultimately, this lapse of judgment will cost you a lot of pain and suffering. The green poop signifies loss and self-doubt which will linger on after your bad decisions. This opportunity could either be a business venture or potential romance with an unlikely person.

Tissue thrown in the face by a baby

I am a woman. I dreamt about a baby boy throwing tissues in my face.

Dreaming about a baby boy alludes to a serious discussion about to take place soon with someone close to you. The tissue means that the conversation could be an awkward or unpleasant one. Perhaps this individual would ask a favor from you, possibly about taking care of a baby or looking after something or someone while those in charge take care of their other affairs. You may initially hesitate to extend a helping hand, but would eventually agree.

Giving birth to a big baby

Giving birth to a baby that is above average in terms of size or weight could predict some large-scale or life-changing experience that would greatly improve your current circumstances. You may feel great relief and satisfaction, especially if this period takes place after some dark or difficult times.

Giving birth to a bloody dead baby

Giving birth to a dead, bloody baby during the course of a dream vision reveals disappointment in relation to monetary endeavors. You have probably invested some money in a project or scheme in the hopes of improving your financial situation or getting rich quick. You may have even bought in to the lottery. However, these rely on luck, and luck is not on your side. The money you have spent on these things that are too good to be true is unlikely to be returned or recouped.

Pacifying a vomiting baby

A baby was crying, I pick it up and rubbed his back, he vomited on my face and stopped crying. When I touched my face it was clean.

Caring for a baby, especially rocking, feeding, or pacifying, is symbolic of an unexpected turn that your life is about to take soon. The fact that the baby vomited on your face could mean that this change may affect your body, your health, and overall well-being. The symbolic image of vomit is traditionally closely related to gynecological problems or reproductive health. And even though the vomit had disappeared at the end of the dream, the possibility of these adverse effects occurring calls for taking all steps and measures necessary to prevent or eliminate potential complications in the future.

Seeing baby walk

A vivid sight of a baby walking in your dream points to your attempt to take your path to independence in real life. You are now depending on your skills and potential in achieving your goals. This dream is a good sign of your increased self-reliance or that you are now trying to be more self-sufficient in the real world.

Saving a baby from an abusive mother

I dreamed i found a baby and a woman had pierced the right side of both the baby girl's lips with a safety pin. The baby was crying and I was taking it to a doctor and keeping her as my own. To keep her safe from the woman.

Babies oftentimes represent new beginnings and fresh ideas. In that sense, the baby in your dream could be a metaphor for an idea, a project or an opportunity which you want to pursue. The woman who pierced the baby's lips may represent a naysayer or pessimist in your professional or social circle possibly dissuading you from or preventing the development and implementation of your ideas. Perhaps this dream is trying to tell you to take matters in your own hands if you want your projects and endeavors to succeed.

A baby floating by in a tub

Hello... My boyfriend keeps having a dream that we are swimming at the lake and a crying baby floats by in a metal tub. He is the only one that can comfort the baby and no one else is paying attention to it... Help please :)

Swimming in a large lake can be interpreted as a sign of finding the answer to a problem or fixing something that was broken without the help or input of others. While this sounds like a good meaning, the rest of this vision suggests that not listening to what other people have to say could have bad effects on your boyfriend's future. This is because crying babies are often symbolic of upcoming disappointments, and because your boyfriend was the only one to take care of the baby, it means that serious misfortune may befall him as a result of acting on his own. Additionally, other people's ignorance or indifference to the baby's suffering may indicate that the people in your boyfriend's life, such as your or his parents, are either unable or unwilling to assist him in these times of trouble.

A baby injured after falling down

A baby fell from the stairs and had a cut in her ears and chest.

Envisioning a baby falling down the stairs predicts receiving unexpected but pleasant news. Considering the cuts to the baby's ears and chest, it seems that this good news may be related to a past relationship that fell apart or a problem that has haunted you for many months or even years. You would probably find a good solution to this situation or learn that there is a new opportunity to make things right once and for all. This would bring you great satisfaction and peace of mind.

Dropping a baby

Dropping my nephew who is a baby.

Dreaming about newborn babies is usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news. You could be delighted and astonished by the events or news that you might experience in the nearest future. Dropping a baby could be a reflection of your anxiousness and anticipation related to events or news you think are about to happen in your life and change it for better. It could also represent a sudden change or turn in your current plans or actions which could otherwise lead to this positive outcome in your life.

Being told of having a baby

I went to the hospital and they told me I was having a baby. I told them that it was a lie and they gave me an ultrasound of a baby girl. I never had a dream like this before, help?

It is unclear from this description whether you are pregnant in real life or not, but, in general, being pregnant in a dream is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with problems with a lover, partner, or spouse. This person may be acting in a way which upsets you and causes issues in your everyday life, meaning prolonging the relationship may have negative effects on your future. Finding out that the baby is a girl is symbolic of change in your life, either pertaining to the current relationship or outside of it, which is brought on by the actions of someone close to you, like a friend or family member.

A deformed baby

Deformed baby. Walking like a crab with a deformity.

Dreaming about encountering or looking at a disfigured or deformed baby is a sign that you may want to consider putting more effort into repairing your damaged relationships. This sign portends one or more of these relationships could turn into a serious conflict or worse, an open confrontation. This dream vision can also be indicative of your health suffering from your bad habits or addictions. This may inadvertently affect and ultimately destroy the relationships you have with the people close to you.

Having a baby with someone

Having a baby with someone in the dream realm is often considered a positive symbol. It is associated with wealth and prosperity both for you and your immediate family. However, this vision can take on alternative meanings depending on your relationship with the other person in the vision. Having a baby with a boyfriend could predict an upcoming challenge that would result in inner growth. For married people, having a baby with a spouse during a dream could portend becoming pregnant in reality.

Caring for a baby in various situations

I dreamt that I was holding a small baby and then I found my boyfriend holding the same baby. Then I dreamt my boyfriend is driving the car and I am next to him carrying the baby.

This dream vision portends a marked progression in your relationship or even a completely new direction. The baby represents opportunities which are about to come your way, be it in the professional or personal spheres. Since your boyfriend is the one behind the wheel, this alludes to his influence over you and maybe a tendency to make the most important decisions without your input or consent. Try to anticipate any upcoming changes or hints at new dynamics in your relationship to learn your next moves in your journey together.

Finding a baby on the road

I dreamt that I found a baby on the road and I took her to my home, was not able to take care of her properly. She was crying because she was hungry, so I fed her milk from the shop and I was looking for hospital to admit her.

A baby generally symbolizes fortuitous events and good tidings. However, an abandoned baby as a dream symbol means things are about to take a negative turn. For instance, if you are enjoying a relatively peaceful and happy existence, then expect certain aspects of your life to become problematic and stressful. The baby crying in your dream further indicates your upcoming problems to be related to a threat to your reputation. People could gossip about you and spread malicious rumors based on half truths and speculations. Your attempt to feed the baby refers to your efforts at clearing your name. Unfortunately, your failure at pacifying the baby reflects the futility of your attempts in reality.

A baby for a rich person

Dreaming of babies if you consider yourself financially well-off can be a forewarning of a threat to your fortune. This dream represents that someone or something may attempt to steal your fortune from you. It may be in your best interest to consider keeping a close watch on your assets if you experienced this vision.

Having a second baby

Dreaming of having a second baby is usually associated with the realization of your full potential. Since babies are symbols of opportunities and new beginnings, the second baby points to achievements and accomplishments you would achieve as a result of your diligence and hard work. Consequently, you would find yourself offered unique opportunities to challenge yourself even more, such as getting promoted or handling a bigger project at work.

Having a large baby

Giving birth to an especially large baby in the dream world carries a highly auspicious message. This symbol predicts that you would receive many blessings in the near future. In many cases, this symbol refers to an increase in material wealth and prosperity, although occasionally it can mean spiritual growth or a period of time filled with great joy. No matter the situation, you would feel much happiness and contentment for some time to come.

Forgotten baby

Finding a baby that has been forgotten or abandoned reveals that you would soon discover a major problem, trouble or roadblock in wake life. Although it may cause you some immediate inconvenience, you would ultimately be able to fix things quickly. You would be pleased to have everything taken care of before things become more complicated.

An abandoned baby that disappears

A baby is left abandoned at my door and I can find the mum. While searching for her, the baby disappears. I am unsure where the baby goes, but I'm left anxious about it in real life. This is a recurring dream.

You do not mention the gender of the child, but, in general, finding a baby who has been abandoned by his or her mother indicates things are about to take a turn for the worse in your life. You may suddenly be in a worse financial situation or some plan you made may be canceled without warning. The image of the baby disappearing and your continuing anxiety into wake life means this is more likely the absence of something in your life, rather than an excess. You may want to take precautions to avoid not having enough of what you need when you need it.

Being at a baby shower

I dreamed I was at a baby shower.

Being at a baby shower within a dream vision indicates two different, but interconnected meanings. The first one is that you may have recently been to or are about to attend such an event in wake life. You probably have many friends or family members who are in the process of establishing or adding to their families. The second idea is that despite being a part of other people's focusing on their family lives, you manage to maintain a perfect balance between personal and outside affairs, which means you often reach out to your friends but keep your own life in check. While it may be difficult to arrange and carry on with your events versus catching up with everything else that's going on around you, you somehow manage to make it work and remain satisfied.

Mother and newborn at a hospital

Mother and newborn baby with red hair. Both smiling as I enter the hospital room to visit them.

Dreams about newborn babies portend transitional events about to happen. These events could come as a surprise to you, fortunately, they carry consequences that would transform your existence in a positive way. To get to this favorable period, the transformation begins with you. Red, as a hair color, is symbolic of passion and energy, so you may find yourself brimming with creativity and zest for life. This newfound enthusiasm could be the catalyst for attracting opportunities and ideas that could get you to the level of success you have always been dreaming of.

Giving birth to a dressed baby

I dreamt of my younger sister giving birth to a fully dressed baby girl. I named the baby Nonina meaning mommie's daughter.

Your sister's pregnancy and giving birth could reveal your disappointments caused by a lost opportunity or an aversion to change. Baby girls are often connected with the idea of potential and opportunity, so seeing someone else give birth to one could mean you have missed out due to your lack of ambition or direction. Giving your niece a name in this vision means you have identified the problem whatever it is. While the source of the problem could be unrelated, it seems possible that you have some unresolved issues with either your sister or your own mother. You may need to address those aspects of your relationship with them before you can grow as a person.

Deceased husband holding a black baby

My recently deceased husband was holding a black baby. Nothing was said, and I was awake and aware of him being there. I am female.

Seeing your deceased husband while dreaming could mean that your presence in some social circumstances is becoming insufficient. You may be avoiding your family members and friends or not paying enough attention to them compared to how much they expect from you. However, the other crucial symbol of your vision, the black baby, is an extremely promising sign. It indicates that you will experience joy and good luck soon. The fact that your husband was holding the baby means you may soon learn some unexpected news which will encourage you to become more sociable or available to others. In case you have been expecting a response from someone, these signs indicate that you would receive a positive answer shortly.

Being pregnant and losing the baby

Jungian sources suggests that if you are pregnant at the moment and dream about losing your baby, it means you need a major break from the outside nuisance, to the good of your child. Try looking for some quiet time and space like mother octopus does hiding on the bottom of the ocean, stay out of everyone's problems and avoid getting involved even if they beg you for help. Alternatively, if you are not pregnant but dream of losing your baby, make sure you eliminate stress factors from your life, do not work too late, have a "girls only" time or soak in the bathtub.

Forgetting to feed a baby

I suddenly remember that I have a baby in the wardrobe that I've forgotten to feed. Every time I dream it the baby is thinner. I start to mix up formula but never get to feed the baby.

Dreaming about forgetting to feed a baby is symbolic of a task, obligation, plan or needs within a relationship that you are forgetting about, failing to pay attention to or unable to complete. Your subconscious mind is reminding you that you need to resolve those in order to reach a certain goal or accomplishment in life. Also, you had a vision about this baby getting thinner. This could suggest you are currently preoccupied with solving too many tasks at once and failing at the one that means the most to you. That is, there may be something standing in your way and preventing you from addressing this important issue. By showing you the thinning baby, the dream is reminding you that the unaccomplished affair will not wait forever. Time could be running out. It is therefore important to try to understand what that neglected task is and give it the required attention.

Baby disappearing from a changing table

I saw my new baby grandson on the changing table, then turned around for a second. I turned back around and there was fire surrounding the table and the baby just disappeared with no remains. I went screaming into the other room to try and explain what happened. The rest of the family remained calm. Thank you.

Dreaming of your grandson reveals your hopes and dreams not only for him, but also for yourself. He represents optimism and opportunities. In that context, the fire can either symbolize destruction or transformation. Sometimes both interpretations are applicable. In your case, the fire surrounding your grandson may be a representation of your family's overwhelming love and affection for him. While this is a good thing, focusing excessively on his well-being may eventually have negative repercussions. Smothering him with too much love and attention could cause tensions between yourself and your grandson's parents, especially when you have clashing opinions on how to raise him.

Baby flying

Seeing a flying baby in your dream vision is often considered to be very auspicious. It means something good or lucky would happen to you soon. This is especially true if you were not particularly expecting anything special to happen. You would feel very fortunate and blessed in this situation, and you would likely desire to find a way to share the love and fortune with those around you.

A baby with the legs of a grown-up

Seen my infant baby with long grown up legs.

Dreaming about your baby having grown-up legs is an indication of your concerns and hope to provide the best environment and possibilities for this child to succeed. Legs are the symbol of support, they were present in your dream as an exaggerated symbol, which means you are genuinely concerned about this child's future and if you provide all of the necessary support and guidance, he or she will benefit immensely and achieve a lot in life.

A baby developing inside an arm

I had a dream I was pregnant, but instead of the baby growing in my belly it was in my right arm. I could see the baby moving and when it kicked my arm I could see the footprint.

Dreaming of metamorphosis which involves your own body is not a positive sign, it could indicate the presence of developing malignancies or adverse health conditions. The kicking of the baby tells you that you were previously informed about the issue, but remained oblivious to the fact or paid little attention to it. The right arm signifies your dexterity and vigor to handle everyday things, so be sure to check on your health as soon as you can so you can prevent any undesirable outcomes down the road.

A tiny baby inside an egg

I had a dream the other night that my boyfriend and I were walking and I found a chicken egg and picked it up realizing it had a hole in it. When I looked at the hole, the yolk was still in place, but instead of a chicken inside it was a tiny baby curled up in a ball with its eyes closed, as if sleeping inside a mother's womb. And the rest of the dream I just stood there admiring it in awe, watching it quietly breathing and sleeping inside its egg womb completely unaware of anything outside of it. What does it mean?

Dreaming about keeping an eye on an egg and waiting for it to hatch, even with a baby sleeping inside, could symbolize your current efforts which are going to waste. Your dreams and aspirations may remain distant despite the sacrifices you have made and the amount of time you have spent, possibly leaving you feeling greatly disappointed. You may also feel that something is missing out of your relationships, including the one with your boyfriend. If this is the case, it may need some readjustment.

A baby killed in a garbage disposal

My baby was taking a bath in the kitchen sink and I blacked out for a second on the floor where there was a second baby playing. When I came to, the baby in the sink went down the garbage disposal. I saw only his arm. I pulled him out and he was dead with his arm almost severed at the shoulder. A complete loss of blood.

Dreaming about bathing a baby signifies that you are about to start working out your problems in waking life. It's an implication that you may develop creative problem-solving skills which would help you overcome the obstacles which you are facing or could face in the near future. The notion of the baby going down the drain has negative connotations. It's an indication that despite your best efforts to overcome troubles you might be stuck in a rut. There are certain individuals who could be trying to hinder your progress, so it would be better to stay alert and keep away from people or circumstances which spell trouble.

Ex playing with an unborn baby

My ex (father of my child) playing with my unborn baby. I am a female.

Dreaming of your ex playing with your unborn baby means you are contemplating getting back together with him. It is also possible that you are apprehensive about raising your child alone. A baby, which is often used to represent an idea, can also symbolize a burgeoning plan. So, this symbol in combination with the presence of your ex can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you felt during the situation. If the mood was happy and light, then you are optimistic that his presence in your life will add value to your future plans. Otherwise, you want to cut off your relationship and move forward on your own.

Yourself as a baby

A dream in which you are a baby signifies that your life may soon enter into a state of transition. This could occur due to the end of an old journey, such as a relationship, or the beginning of a new one, such as becoming a parent. You may want to take stock of your current situation and ready yourself for any changes that may unexpectedly occur.

Having an ugly red head baby

Just like the "red-headed step-child" joke, having a baby with red hair that you perceive to be ugly usually represents being the butt of jokes or treated poorly by those around you. While the baby symbolizes your situation, your reaction to the baby gives more details about your reaction. For example, if you were angry and horrified, it may suggest acting out against your tormentor. However, if you seemed to quietly accept this fact, you could be in denial or not ready to assert yourself in front of others.

Having a ten pound baby

Giving birth to a ten pound baby is a highly auspicious symbol. It means you are about to experience a major life-changing event that would have a great positive impact on your current circumstances. Reactions to this sudden blessing could range from joy and excitement to great relief and peace of mind, especially if this change occurs after a series of misfortunes or troubles.

Giving birth to an out of wedlock baby

Giving birth to a child who was conceived out of wedlock usually reveals the dreamer's guilt or feelings of shame. You may have committed something you are not proud of and you are afraid that others would find out and judge you harshly. You could also be worried that the negative repercussions of a previous mistake or wrongdoing would come back to haunt you and you would have to pay for them.

Having a baby unexpectedly

An unexpected pregnancy or birthing a baby unexpectedly is an auspicious omen of a bountiful and fulfilling future. In the short term, you will learn mindfulness and living in the present instead of worrying over things that are out of your control. Your aura will also improve because of your positive lifestyle choices. These short term choices will lead to a huge blessing in your future. For example, because of channeling positive energy and projecting messages of love and kindness, a kindred soul will reward you with riches as karma for your generosity and openness. Your own mind may also grant you a brilliant idea for a lasting legacy, be it a social enterprise or a movement which will resonate around the world.

Dogs taking care of a baby

I saw that I am holding someone's baby and am taking care of the baby and giving her milk feeder. And as soon as I stop taking care of the baby, some street dogs try to sniff the baby and I came back and pick up the baby and start taking care of the baby.

The scenario of this dream suggests an unexpected turn for the worse in the plans you may have. It could also mean being deceived or betrayed by a friend or a close acquaintance. The notion of later returning to taking care of the baby signifies the fact that you may be successful in resolving this situation to your advantage. Feeding a baby in your dream can also be a sign of being occupied by a difficult or time-consuming activity which, when completed, can bring personal satisfaction, both emotionally and materially.

Rocking a cradle with a baby

I keep having a recurring dream that I am rocking a newborn baby boy outside of a brick house on a large porch looking out into a large field at sunrise. I have been having it off and on for over 10 years. And in the dream, I feel so calm and happy, but it is disturbing me when I am awake because it feels so real.

Two symbols in your dream evoke themes of masculinity and maleness, the baby boy and the sunrise. Both signs also pertain to new beginnings, renewal of life and nascent opportunities. This recurring dream is an indication of good things to come and a new phase in your life. The masculine aspect means that you are given opportunities to demonstrate characteristics often associated with males, such as aggressiveness and social dominance. These natural competitive and assertive traits are key to the changes and achievements in your life that could bring you wealth, security and happiness.

Saving a baby from dying at a hospital

I dreamed I was in this hospital with people all around. I couldn't see or really hear, all I could see was the baby. Someone had left it in the bath and it was dying of hypothermia on this cold metal counter and it looked dead, then it moved its eyes and I rushed forward and brought it to my chest and saved it.

Dreaming of a dying baby could mean you are losing your childlike wonder, optimism and joy. Growing up and facing all sorts of challenges can sometimes turn individuals into cynics. Perhaps you are sensing your transformation into being jaded, as illustrated by the hypothermia. You could be losing your warm personality and in its place you find yourself feeling numb or having difficulty showing compassion to others. Fortunately, your self-awareness could save you from becoming bitter and despondent.

Deceased baby crying

I am a female. My significant other and I have had 7 pregnancies, 2 births and we have 1 daughter. Our second daughter died 3 months ago of a genetic defect. I have reoccurring dreams about her. I wake up in my dream to her crying in her nursery and I put my ear to the door, so I can hear her soft cries. Not how a baby normally cries, but how she cried in the hospital. It sounds soft but painful and exhausting. I open the door to hold her. Her crib is empty. I cry next to it, it all goes dark, her cry stops and I fall in darkness.

In general, a crying or fussing baby is an ominous symbol that predicts major health problems. They can also portend an unexpected event or tragedy. In your case, the tragedy being alluded to has already happened. Perhaps you are still reeling from the passing of your daughter, which suggests that the grief from her loss is now manifesting in your dreams. There may also be complications that seem to be beyond your control. Hence, the empty crib represents the void you may be experiencing due to this situation. Babies also represent hope and new beginnings, so there could be some internal conflict between your need to hold onto her memory and your desire to let go and move on. This could be your mind's way of allowing you to confront such tragic events as part of the natural healing process.

Putting a baby to sleep

Dreaming of making a baby to sleep.

Making a baby to go to sleep in a dream could reveal your desire to find some peace of mind and emotional stability in waking life. Alternatively, this vision may represent your soothing and calming nature. Perhaps you are a source of comfort for many of your friends and loved ones.

Someone trying to take the baby away

Someone trying to take my toddler away as he doesn't say proper words.

Dreaming that someone is trying to get your kid away from you, or kidnap him, likely reveals your fears about raising your own child. Maybe you feel unsure about your decisions sometimes and your subconscious is projecting these apprehensions into your dream. Alternatively, it could also mean that you have a tendency to be controlling. You may be imposing your own standards and expectations on your son which can make him feel pressured and unable to open up to you out of fear of being reprimanded. His speech problems in the dream vision could be another indication of how you see your toddler. Sometimes being a perfectionist can make you fixate on details and forget to look at the bigger picture.

Saving a baby from a cold stream

I heard news that my gran who is in the hospital is not doing so well yesterday. So last night I go to bed and dreamed that there is a raging flood below a bridge that I am standing on and I save or pull out a baby who is about just under 1 years old from drowning and he is covered in ice from the flooding water. And in my dream I have opened up my gown and stuck him in there so my body warmth can warm him up. And I am just sitting there cuddling and rocking him the whole time.

Your position on the bridge over a flood that is raging below can be interpreted as a metaphor for the upheaval you are going through in reality. While it seems to have been triggered by your gran's admittance to the hospital, it is likely that this is not the only aspect of your life in fluctuation. Pulling the baby boy from the cold flood waters represents your attempts to return to normalcy in this situation. Even though baby boys are more commonly associated with uncomplicated pregnancies, in this case it seems to point towards uncomplicated and simple resolutions. You cannot control some events in your life, but if you can take some time for yourself to either clean your place, do a hobby you love or practice self care, you may be able to alleviate some of the stress you are feeling.

A baby cutting its tongue

A baby falling off a bed and cutting his tongue, but he did not have teeth.

This dream about a baby falling from a bed could serve as a prediction that you would soon receive some unexpected but surprisingly pleasant news. In a sense, the falling baby is literally good news being dropped in your lap. The source of your fortune seems to be related to the symbol of the cut tongue. Tongue often represent words in the dream realm, so it is possible that you would say something harsh but that it would have a beneficial or good effect. While we often hold our tongues to avoid embarrassing or hurting those we love, sometimes tough love and frank assessments could do them some good.

Injuring a baby in the kitchen

Female, 55. Me in my kitchen, pulled a stainless steel cookie sheet out, lost grip of it, it flew over my shoulder and landed across the kitchen. My sister's baby in a carrier, the cookie sheet landed, baby's head was cut open, you could see inside top and in back. No blood. The ears were cut on top, I held baby's head together. I struggled to know which hospital would be best to take the baby, who to call. Couldn't find a cell phone. No one was helping. Someone else had baby's head opened up in half between something.

To see a baby's head get cut open means you have a business idea or project which is keeping you preoccupied. Certain parts of this undertaking is giving you difficulty, so this symbolism in your dream is a reflection of your struggle to implement your ideas. Even the kitchen reveals your frustrations. It symbolizes hindrances to your plans and bothersome details in your upcoming future. Unfortunately, this nuisance will also affect your loved ones negatively. You could drag them into your own affairs even though they want nothing to do with it. To avoid getting into this predicament, you could benefit from seeking professional help and prepare yourself adequately before taking on a big responsibility or venture.

Caring for a baby and a celebrity present

In the morning, at about 9.15am I dreamt that I am breastfeeding a sleepy baby. I squeezed my nipple to check if I still have milk and found the milk is oozing out of the breast. Happily, I feed the baby who due to sleep is not able to take as much as it could have otherwise. It was all a mixed dream. Then I saw late Mr Vinod Khanna in my dream, he looked handsome and young and in my dream I wished he married me. BTW I am going thru a tough marriage at the moment. Please help?

Dreaming about feeding a baby could mean that some exciting event or occurrence is coming your way. It is likely something that would make you feel full of life and hope again, just like a new mother feels with her child. Because you mentioned you are going through a rough patch in your marriage, this could either refer to finding a new person to love or realizing a shift in your husband's behavior that would greatly improve your relationship with him. The man you wanted to marry in your vision could be the manifestation of what you consider to be an ideal husband and what you hope your current husband could become or what you desire your future partner to be like.

A baby dropped off at the house

I dreamed someone sneaked into my house, left a little baby in a walker with thong shoes on (purple), but later they came back still sneaking in to get her back but I did see who it was as they were driving away in a Mercedes Benz Van.

Dreaming about someone leaving behind an abandoned baby to stay with you and then taking it back from you could mean that there is some sort of chance or opportunity in your waking life that has been or will be snatched from you, possibly by people with a superior standing or social status. You should remain vigilant about the role others are playing in your life and whether you have someone in your social circle who could be plotting to take away your future career or personal plans.

Holding a baby for males

I dreamed that I was in a maternity ward. I looked at one baby, I knew he wasn't mine, and held him. He seemed to change into the size of a toddler. He seemed to be very attached to me. Then his mother showed up and took him from me. The baby called me father and then they both left.

Generally, babies symbolize hope and potential. A baby in dreams can also represent opportunities, new ideas or a fresh start. In your case, holding a baby which you know is not yours means you could soon be working on a project or venture that would become very important to you. Maybe because you will be involved in the inception and development of this venture, you would end up feeling protective of it. Unfortunately, time would come when the rightful owner, as symbolized by the mother, would change the direction of this venture and you would not have the authority to take control of it or steer it to the direction you want. In the worst case scenario, you could even lose your job because of becoming too attached or controlling.

A baby with burnt feet

My baby was crawling and she burnt her feet on top, her shoe was not burnt only her feet and I nursed the wound.

The image of burnt feet in dreams usually means a lack of independence and stability. You are probably worried that your child would have problems navigating the real world without your help. So, when you nursed her feet to treat the wound, this indicates you commitment to raising your child into a strong and self-sufficient adult. It is possible that you are afraid you are not prepared to be a mother with all the intricacies and complexities of parenthood.

My baby while pregnant

Dreaming of your baby while you are still pregnant reveals you optimism about the future. Using the power of imitativeness, your positive outlook will attract good energy and allow you to have a brighter future with your family. You could be blessed with a healthy baby or perhaps motherhood will also open up new opportunities for you. This symbol also points to reincarnation. In your past life you have accumulated good karma, hence you will reap the rewards in this lifetime.

Beating a baby and getting beaten up

I dreamt that I was beating a baby with a pole, and then I was getting beaten up with a pole (don't know who was holding the pole), but my screams woke me up and I was in tears when I awoke.

Babies represent innocence and hope, so to dream that you are beating up a baby could indicate a need to purge yourself of naivete and vulnerability. Maybe you are trying to get over your helplessness. This is closely associated with getting beaten up in the dream yourself, as being beaten is indicative of the desire to change certain things about your character. The violence manifested in the dream reveals your great need to consciously re-evaluate and transform yourself in the process. On the other hand, these visions could also signify that an individual in the real world is forcing his or her ideas and opinions on you, which you are trying to actively reject.

Having a baby that looks different from parents

In the dream, my boyfriend and I have a three-month old baby boy. My boyfriend and I are both black, but he has lighter skin. The baby has his skin color. The baby has really smooth and full hair that was straight. My boyfriend told me to take care of it, so it won't end up kinky like ours. I don't think it would it was so straight. We were both tickling the baby, making him laugh. In real life, my bf said his father's hair is really straight, and smooth and also has very light skin.

Babies are often symbolic of wealth and prosperity, so the little baby you had with your boyfriend may show the strength and happiness present in your union. The fact that this child was male and seemed to resemble the grandfather may reveal some traits that you see in your boyfriend being passed onto your future child. This would be further reinforced by your realization of such characteristics in your boyfriend being linked to his father. Your efforts to make the child happy can predict continued joy in your partnership and portend more good luck in the future with other endeavors related to your boyfriend.

Saving a baby from a tree fall

Dreams about catching a baby who is falling down from a tree. Baby is my relative's son. I am a 34-year old man.

When you dream about a baby falling from a great height, such as a tree, and then surviving, it could mean you may soon be receiving some unexpected but good news. The news could be related to your family, since the baby is your relative's son, and so perhaps whatever happens, it will benefit your family and loved ones. When you catch a baby falling, it means some fragile or sensitive matter is at stake, so maybe the good news you are about to receive would have to be more emotional in nature, rather than simply material.

A factory filled with babies

My ex stepped out of a factory overflowing with baby girls and I keep asking why he left me.

Dreaming about your ex exiting a place filled with babies could be a metaphor for what you have imagined happening in your future and what it would be like living together. You may have been hoping having a child, a baby girl in particular, with him and you think his life is much better after he had left you. Those are your own feelings of inadequacy preying on you by providing you with such an embellished scenario, while in reality you could be better off being without him.

Taking the baby hanging on a tree

I'm a female. I dreamed about a beautiful baby girl hanging from an autumn tree branch. The baby was not crying while hanging from the tree. I grabbed her from the branch. She was as happy as she could be. Smiling as I held her in my arms. In the dream I told my fiance what happened and he was shocked. The baby was hanging by her umbilical cord. She was alive and well, very happy. The baby was not me.

Babies generally convey positive messages in dreams. They symbolize good luck, nascent ideas and potential. As such, the baby girl hanging on the tree branch could be an allusion to strengthening familial bonds and repairing troubled relationships. The baby, therefore, represents an opportunity to start fresh in areas of your existence which may have been previously damaged or needed fixing. In addition, the umbilical cord symbolizes your family ties, which means your happiness and stability may be connected to your relationship with your loved ones. You could be facing a perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. You would also find the necessary support you have been seeking in relation to pursuing your aspirations and the kind of existence you want to lead.

A baby transferred from another pregnant woman

I'm a female, in my dream I was with my partner and a pregnant lady who was about to give birth in three days. On the same day this unborn baby was going to be transferred to my womb for me to give birth to him or her. The voice said I'm supposed to be the one who gives birth to this child.

Seeing an unfamiliar pregnant woman in a dream vision represents an upcoming period of distress. A series of problems or unfortunate events would put a gray cloud over your daily life as you struggle to deal with the issues. The presence of your partner implies a great strain on your relationship as a result. Since the unborn baby was supposed to be transferred to your own womb, this dream symbol is telling you that you have the strength and fortitude required to carry this burden and bring something positive out of this ordeal. Financial setbacks and piling bills may unlock your creativity and open up innovative ways for you to earn and survive during this challenging period.

A dead baby resurrecting

Baby in a white casket wearing all white coming back to life.

A dead baby is generally associated with disappointment and, more specifically, with dealing with unwanted and troublesome individuals. Watching this baby in white come back to life is symbolic of having that bothersome individual or individuals come to visit. In order to appease them and make their tenure at your location as smooth as possible, you would need to do a lot of preparation. You may need to clean your place from top to bottom or buy a different type of food that they prefer. While this would be terribly inconvenient and perhaps expensive for you, the alternative is to deal with difficult guests for an undetermined amount of time.

An injured bird turning into a baby

Female. Dreamt of finding an oil-covered bird on the edge of a creek bed, went to wash off the oil to uncover a baby. When the baby was taken by the foster care system I went mad and claimed the baby as my own. There was an altercation but unclear who it was with.

Metaphysical interpretations of the three principal symbols reveal a need to make amends for something in the past before you can move on in the future. The oil spill in the creek bed represents a specific misdeed from your past that is literally polluting the waters of your present self. You may try to wash it away, but until the source is dealt with it would be impossible to escape. The bird caught in the oil that you tried to clean suggests that this is probably not a surprise to you, as you have been suffering with the sadness and guilt for some time. Finally, revealing a baby but not necessarily being responsible for it alludes to the judgement of others. They may be harsh in their criticisms of you, especially if you have waited a long time to address this issue.

A baby close to mother's breast

Dreaming of a mother cradling a baby close to her breast is indeed often interpreted as a positive and auspicious sign for the future. This dream symbolizes nurturance, care, and emotional fulfillment. It suggests that you may experience a prosperous future and a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Embrace the positive energy of this dream, as it may signify upcoming periods of happiness, success, and a strong sense of emotional well-being in your life.

Holding baby's little hand

Holding or shaking the small hand of a baby in a dream is a symbol of triumph. It represents that you may already have or soon will successfully complete a high-risk venture, such as a business project or life goal. If you are currently in the midst of a difficult task, you should consider this sign a representation of your success.

A baby on father's shoulders

If a prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of a baby placed onto a father's shoulder, then this sign is indicative of the new baby's gender. This dream symbolizes that the new addition to their family tree may be a healthy baby boy.

A baby on mother's shoulders

If prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of a baby placed onto a mother's shoulder, then this sign indicates the baby's gender. This vision predicts that the new addition to their family should take the form of a healthy baby girl.

Having a stranger's baby

In the context of a dream vision, having a stranger's baby is usually considered a positive symbol. Whether you do not recognize the baby's father in the vision or you are acting as a surrogate for some unknown couple, this symbol predicts good things coming from surprising situations. For example, you may experience a loss that turns out to be a gain, or you may discover something life-changing during the course of a difficult or unfortunate series of events.

A strange baby wrapped in a blanket

My boyfriend and I went to a church-type building, the people were getting ready for a party, there was a bed on the floor and I heard noises and lifted the blanket and this deformed child baby thing says "What are you doing? I hurt people. Cover me back up", so I did and went to the front door of a house of people I didn't know and they were in cop uniforms and changed to regular clothes, there were people there and a baby in a net type crib sleeping. My boyfriend was waiting to pick the baby up and fell on the baby.

Dreaming about entering a building that you feel is a church represents being in a safe place in your life. You have probably not been out of your comfort zone for a long time, possibly due to several reasons. The image of the deformed child in the bed symbolizes your selfish, childish ambitions that you cannot make reach their fruition. Your ideals or goals from the past have become corrupted with time, yet you are unable to let them go and find something new to work toward. In addition to this, seeing people in police uniforms suggests that this unreasonable fear of the new is deep-rooted, perhaps in your childhood, which is why you cannot move past this point.

Having a baby and moving in with an ex

A friend had a dream that I had a baby and moved back with my ex-boyfriend.

Your friend's dream about you starting a family, forming a relationship and having a baby is a positive portent both for you and your friend. Such a dream points to a strengthening of the bond between you and the person that had the dream. Something shortly, whether good or not so, may force you to rely on each other and thus, grow closer as friends.

Being over-excited seeing a baby

I am a female and I had a dream that I was in the kitchen of my house with the ex that I haven't seen in several months. There was a toddler, I was looking at and fawning over and it looked almost exactly like him. In the dream, I knew it was our baby and I became somewhat emotional in a happy way like when you see a cute baby or a puppy.

Dreaming of an ex suggests unresolved issues and a lack of proper closure. Perhaps you are still hoping to get back together with him or there are lingering feelings in existence. The kitchen represents your yearning for healing and nurturing. Maybe you are looking to settle down and build your own family, and you miss the feeling of being with someone special to start a family with. Your ex may not necessarily be the one you want to try doing this again, but someone he represents and the feelings that came along with that previous chapter in your life.

Being an abandoned baby

I am a naked crying baby on the ground in a storm.

This vision carries a highly ominous prediction and should not be taken lightly. Envisioning yourself as a baby in the context of a dream vision predicts going through a transition in your life, like a change in lifestyle or physical space. Both crying and the storm, however, suggest troubling times ahead, especially for your health. You may want to take precautions, such as early screenings for diseases that run in your family. Additionally, you should consider other measures, including a will or final message, in case the worst befalls you.

Holding someone else's baby

Holding a baby that's not mine and the mother of the baby starts to cry.

The unfamiliar baby that you are holding in the dream represents the needs of others that you may have neglected in the past. The crying mother could be interpreted as a specific person who could need some assistance coming personally from you. This individual may be one of your close friends, a relative or perhaps a coworker.

An ugly baby

Dreaming about giving birth to an ugly baby.

Giving birth to an ugly baby in a dream suggests undesirable and unwarranted events about to transpire in the waking world. You may need to be systematic and organized in the way that you tackle and resolve this problematic affair. Keeping your head clear would help a great deal in swiftly dealing with this issue.

Princess Diana snatching a baby

I was laying on a sofa in my mum's lounge, with my baby on my chest and Princess Diana floated towards the window in a white dress, pregnant. She leaned through the closed window and shouted "My baby!" and took him!

Lying on a sofa with the baby in your arms denotes contentment and satisfaction. And yet, the appearance of the late Princess Diana who took the baby from you perhaps also hints at your insecurities. You may be feeling inadequate at times in the delicate art of parenting. Perhaps Princess Diana is your idea of a picture-perfect mom effortlessly raising kids without losing poise. Outwardly, of course, that is the image she projects, yet she still is a very troubled individual. Perhaps you see parts of yourself in her and you are afraid that in trying to become this idealized person, you are in fact compromising the proper attention your child needs.

Turning an ugly baby into a beautiful one

I dreamt that I and my boyfriend were outside hanging clothes and he kept kissing me happy and smiling. He told me "Let's go inside with our baby boy". I was confused because I'm only 17 and I knew I didn't have a baby. I went inside and my mom was lying on the bed with the baby lying close to her, gently playing with his hand and so was my boyfriend. The baby had an ugly face and it was reaching for me, smiling, wanting me to grab him. I didn't want to, but I did. I gave him a kiss and the baby turned beautiful with big sparkling eyes.

Being a young woman, this dream involving nursing or holding a baby means you may soon be harshly judged by those around you. They may accuse you of having poor or improper conduct or blame you for polluting your social circle through your immoral actions. Similarly, the act of hanging clothes alludes to cleaning your own mess or dealing with your personal issues. You and your boyfriend may be involved in shady dealings or inappropriate acts which you may be regretting or perhaps just ashamed to admit. The baby, therefore, is the representation of this shameful secret. The transformation of the baby after you kissed him represents the kind of freedom and relief you would feel if you own up to your mistakes and finally come clean. You may want to mull over your previous actions and attempt to correct any improper behavior.

Molding a baby's hand

My cousin is a 4-year old male baby. I just took him and did something, then the shape of his right hand changed, like a wax I molded. His hand become shorter than before and looked like a fetus hand (so small).

Depending on your type of bond with your cousin, seeing him in your dream could either suggest love and affection or reveal jealousy and resentment. However, in combination with the act of molding his hand, possibly through crushing or putting pressure on it, your dream vision may lean more towards rivalry and jealousy. In particular, the right hand often alludes to one's ability to triumph over adversity, so deforming the right hand could refer to your ill intentions towards your cousin. Perhaps a part of you, whether you are aware of it or not, sees your cousin as a rival in terms of attention and affection from your family members and relatives. Your subconscious may be revealing this negative aspect of your character so that you can be more self-aware. Knowing the darker aspects of your personality is often the first step in becoming more compassionate and a better human being in general.

A baby being cut out of the body

Dreams of baby being cut out of you and handed to someone else, and finding it afterwards and being returned home.

Dreaming that a baby has been cut out or violently snatched from your womb means somebody is going to take your brilliant idea and pass it off as their own. A business plan you have been developing could be stolen by someone you know, even a potential business partner, to try and profit off it on their own. Fortunately, you may get the last laugh since you find the baby in the dream vision. You could sue and win or the thief's project could fail while you successfully implement your vision with huge returns. This can also refer to the birthing pains of startups. You face a lot of difficulties at the beginning, then you would eventually find your rhythm.

A detached bloody baby foot

I had a dream where a bloody baby foot went on to the window next to the front door at night with no visible body attached to it.

The surrealism of this dream means you are still grappling with a bizarre situation that you are currently experiencing. The bloody foot of a baby symbolizes a lack of mobility and freedom in general. The fact that this foot appears with the symbol of a window means you feel that the energy and potential for youthfulness is wasted by stringent restrictions. This could be an allegory of our existence now with the lockdowns and numerous limitations to movement. While mostly necessary for safety, it is inevitable that feelings of restlessness and perhaps even hopelessness will be triggered. With this dream, your subconscious is showing you your fragile state of mind and the need to find comfort and satisfaction where you can.

Taking care of someone else's baby

If you take care of another person's baby, especially if you know what you are doing, it means you are competent at work and you take the responsibility seriously. In general, you may be tackling a challenging project represented by the baby, and this is your subconscious preparing you for the kind of effort you need to expend to make this project successful. Perhaps you would need other people's help, especially on days when you are not in a good place and would need someone else to pick up the slack. Alternatively, this can be a positive portent of happy feelings coming your way. Whatever desire you might have, you are sure to achieve them with faith and perseverance.

A baby's head falling off

The image of a baby's head falling off from its body is highly ominous. It is suggestive of a rollercoaster of emotions, often after a great loss or change. At some points you might feel crushing depression due to the upheaval in your life. At other times, there may be a sense of exhilaration brought on by the new options available to you, even if they seem to be a bit overwhelming at the moment. In the short term, you would probably feel like you are on a wild ride, but if you hold on long enough things would begin to settle down and you would find a new normal.

Baby falling off bed

The image of a baby rolling off a bed and onto the floor is a positive symbol associated with good health and a long life. While you might feel surprised that this shocking image has a good meaning, but the reason it carries this interpretation has more to do with the positive symbolism surrounding babies than the act of falling.

Baby kicking inside me

Feeling your unborn child kicking inside your womb is a very fortunate omen to perceive. The belly or stomach is often thought to represent centering ourselves as individuals. As such, movement in that area is often thought to predict periods of creativity or unusual ideas that improve different aspects of our lives.

Seeing baby feet in stomach

Seeing your baby's foot from inside the womb, such as during an ultrasound or when it is pushing against the skin of a your pregnant belly, represents your hopes and ambitions for the future. You may have that weird, "butterflies in the stomach" feeling, or you may be constantly moving, unable to sit still. No matter the case, this symbol alludes to how you express your excitement and your anticipation of all the good that is to come.

Baby coming out of belly

A baby coming directly out of your belly, such as during a c-section or some horror movie-style ripping open of the stomach, suggests you are the type of person who always needs to be on the move. You cannot be held back by details, rules or anything otherwise you would feel trapped or suffocated. Using this as the basis of the decoding, it can be seen that you are actually represented by the baby trying to exit its mother's body.