Dreams Related To Author

Claiming you are the author

To take the challenge of being an author suggests that you are now capable of taking the next step in your career or personal life, these changes are destined to be successful.

Arguing vehemently with an author

An intense argument with an author indicates a very challenging onset for a project that you have just started and a looming possibility of ending this project.

Author has finished and reviewing his work

Dreaming of an author reviewing his finished work is a warning you will encounter obstacles that will delay the completion of an ongoing work or project before it is submitted for approval.

Interviewing an author

Interviewing an author or discussing the authors work in a dream is a warning to be aware of someone trying to create conflict or disagreement in order to sidetrack your career path.

Actively defending your rights as an author

Arguing about your rights of authorship means that you will be engaging in a critical conflict with your business competitors.

Observing author working frantically

To dream of an author frantically working on writing portends you will encounter disappointments or regrets with your artistic endeavors or creative projects.

Author's work being rejected

If you witness an author's book or other type of work being rejected, then your work will be accepted and approved because you had little doubt or refused straightforwardly to have second thoughts about or to question the quality of your work.