Dreams Related To Aunt

Dead aunt walking and talking

I dreamed of my late aunt Janice after she died, family was all together, even Janice's husband Dave. Janice was dead and walked real stiff like a corpse, she even said it was hard to get back in her dead body. She talked to her son Michael, then she told us if we only knew the truth. She scowled at Dave (husband), she said they only let her out that one time to communicate. They caught her talking and put her back in prison for dead people. If only she had known she said.

Dreaming about your deceased relatives is usually a reminder about some unanswered or unfulfilled aspect regarding your relationship with them. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about not providing enough attention or support when she needed it. Maybe there are also sides to her personality you disliked or did not fully accept. The dream therefore advises to make amends to how you treat others, not necessarily the members of your close family circle, because one day you could find yourself in the same situation or circumstance as your now deceased aunt.

A deceased aunt

I was in my aunt's house, who passed away 8 yrs ago. She was downstairs calling my name. Saying we have to go, everyone is waiting on us. And for some reason I couldn't get dressed.

Struggling to get dressed means you are stressed out in reality. Someone in particular could be the cause of all the pressure you are feeling, likely your boss or a colleague. So the presence of your deceased aunt means you need some advice and guidance from more experienced and wiser people in your life. In addition, being told that everyone is waiting means you need to face your responsibilities and deal with the main cause of your stress rather than avoid it and continue to suffer in silence.

Real life aunt

Seeing your real aunt in the dream world is an auspicious symbol associated with being on the receiving end of a small but pleasant surprise. For example, you may soon receive a gift or favor from someone you are close to in wake life. This symbol also should encourage you to reciprocate the good deed, though you do not necessarily need to give something of monetary value. You could prepare this individual a plate of your favorite baked goods or even write a simple thank you card to show your appreciation.

Aunt for young women

For young women, dreaming of your aunt signifies an imminent struggle against gossip. Your past indiscretions and transgressions will be used against you as orchestrated by your enemies.

Talking to your aunt

Talking to your aunt during the course of a dream vision is a negative symbol associated with conflict and discord among family members. Those who share a dwelling with you may be more on edge than usual and prone to angry outbursts. It would be wise to avoid pointing out any blunders and instead hold your tongue in order to preserve the peace.

Your aunt happy and smiling

Seeing your aunt happy and smiling portends upcoming reconciliation with your loved ones. Recent disagreements and conflict will soon be resolved and replaced with mutual understanding, peace and happiness for all involved.

Deceased aunt helping get ready for wedding

I had a dream, my aunt who passed away almost 2 years ago, was there in a white shirt, helping me get ready for my wedding day. I am not engaged or getting married anytime soon, but she was there clear as could be, helping me do my hair.

Interacting with a relative who has passed away is usually a warning to use wisdom and be logical when making an important choice regarding the goals you are trying to achieve at the moment. Coincidentally, dreaming of your own wedding portends a situation arising in the near future that could force you to make a life-altering decision, one that could have long-term ramifications. Heed what the dream is trying to tell you and be sure that you know how to handle what is to happen, have all the information analyzed in detail before committing to making an important choice.

Sexual intentions toward aunt

Last night I dreamt I was French-kissing my aunt on her lips and also playing with her clitoris.

Dreams containing images of having sexual contact with your immediate family members or relatives are indicative of your hesitations, apprehensions or doubts in regards to things you need to accomplish at the moment. You could be in a situation when other people are preventing you from moving ahead, either intentionally or unknowingly. This dream vision advises to carefully assess your options before you make any major decisions or decide to devote your time and resources on things that matter to you.

Having an aunt who does not exist

Dreaming of an aunt who does not exist in reality suggests unscrupulous personalities working their way into your life to control and manipulate you. Their biggest weapon into gaining your trust will be charm and eloquence.

Arguing with your aunt

Arguing with your aunt in the dream realm is synonymous with conflict and scandal in reality. Your family unit may soon become the center of some unwanted attention due to some members' behaviors. Your aunt may or may not have a part in this drama. If you do not want to be dragged into the mess, it would be wise to spend a little time apart from those of your relatives whose actions are less than admirable.

A living aunt perceived dead

I have an aunt who is living. In my dream, she dies. Family is attending her funeral, and all of a sudden she starts to move in her coffin. Then she comes back to life. In life, this aunt has caused me a lot of grief as a result of her being extremely jealous of me. But in this dream, she will not stay dead and keeps getting out of her coffin. What does this mean?

Envisioning your relatives, in this case, your aunt, deceased or dying, means that your relationship with this person is gradually going downhill because of either your or her inability to reconcile the differences or reach an agreement on certain things. The second part of this dream, namely, her return to life and getting out of the coffin, is most likely a reflection of your irritation in regards to frequently crossing paths with her, despite your protests, and, based on this dream vision, this unwelcome presence is unlikely to go away, no matter how much you try to eliminate it from your life.

Husband interested in an aunt

Dreamt of a husband flirting and making sexual comments to wife's aunt.

Dreaming that someone's husband is flirting with someone else reveals your suspicions about your friends in reality. There is a particular individual in your social circle who you sense is disingenuous, perhaps even engaged in illicit activities.This is troubling your subconscious because this dubious personality is somewhat respected or trusted in your circle. You feel the need to expose this individual to stop them from taking advantage of your friends.

A deceased aunt with a baby and baggage

I dreamed my aunt who passed away 2 months ago with maybe a 5 months old baby, a very beautiful baby. I asked to carry her baby, she gave her to me, but that baby was heavy. Right after handing me the baby she took her baggage as if she was going on a trip and left the house.

This dream vision predicts soon being blessed with an opportunity to increase your material wealth or improve some aspects of your current lifestyle. When you envision others giving a cute baby to you, it means in reality someone will offer you a chance to succeed. However, the presence of your deceased aunt means you also need some advice and guidance from more experienced and wiser people present in your life. So, the symbolism of her lifting up the baggage in the dream means once you receive this piece of advice or knowledge, you will be able to manage your life better and succeed more either on your own or together with your loved ones.

Dead aunt smiling

The image of your deceased aunt smiling at you or something else shows a peace or contentment that is reached when a purpose has been fulfilled. In many cases, this may be your own accomplishment that you subconsciously feel would receive her blessing. Alternatively, you may have succeeded in an area she was unable to for various reasons, ending a cycle of hardship and sadness.