Dreams Related To Attraction

Signs of attraction from an older man

I was at a house party and a married man (much older than me - I'm 24 and he seemed to be in his 40's) came up behind me and rubbed my breasts and rubbed his cheek against mine. It made me both uncomfortable and excited. I am a female.

The older married man in this vision represents someone in your life you are destined to meet, particularly a creative person who would make a strong impression on you, like an artist or teacher. This person may influence or aid in the achievements you are currently working towards. This combines with the symbol of your breasts in the dream quite clearly, as breasts in dreams have often been associated with desire and sexual energy. Dreaming that this man rubbed your breasts and showed you affection suggests both a growth of sexual desire and points towards a yearning for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in the waking world. It is possible that the creative individual you would meet may awaken these carnal desires within you, opening you up to a new world of sexual experiences.