Dreams Related To Attack

Being attacked

Dreaming that you are being attacked is a warning that you will be deceived by people around you. They are doing things behind your back without your knowledge of it and may be planning something that you disagree with. It can also refer to getting some unexpected piece of news from someone who is close to you.

Attackers and a snake

The dream began during daytime, in my yard. In the dream I was approached by 3 individuals, one in the morning hours, one in the afternoon, and the final one at night. They presented themselves as caring and friendly, but something was not right about them. They attacked me. First two were a struggle, the third one I struck down before he could attack. When I turned from the unconscious person I saw a black snake that looked at me in a curious manner rather than ominous. It moved as I moved as it approached.

Dreams that contain the symbol of being attacked or fighting with an attacker may be considered a warning sign of upcoming danger in reality. This may refer to actual physical violence against your person or just the fear of being harmed emotionally. For example, someone could learn an intimate detail or embarrassing secret and use this information against you. This constant state of wondering what might happen would fill you with anxiety and possibly cause depression. Furthermore, seeing a black snake in a dream vision is also interpreted negatively, as it suggests that you would suffer soon. It tends to be associated with challenges and hardship, likely caused in this case by the person or situation you are worried about. It would be wise to gather a group of individuals who you can trust to help you deal with the problems you are about to face.

Watching an attack

Watching an attack happening right before your eyes is an indication that you will be blamed for doing something shameful and this will cause humiliation to you. Because of this, some people in your circle will doubt your credibility and will be disrespectful to you. If you are currently involved with someone romantically, it could also mean a change in your current relationship.

You attacking

A dream that you are attacking someone symbolizes being faced with a heavy amount of work. You will soon be given a big workload whether at work, in school or elsewhere and you will be expected to do it well, so it is time to focus and pull your resources if you want to succeed.

Being attacked by a man

Being attacked by a random, unrecognizable man during REM sleep may be the result of your subconscious picking up on subtle shifts in the atmosphere around you or the auras of those close to you. You would likely see some changing dynamics with regards to someone you interact with on a usual basis, although whether it is someone in your household or your place of work is unclear based on this symbol alone.

Dogs attacking me

A vision about a dog or dogs attacking you foretells death or illness in reality. You have to carve out some time for self-care if you want to live a long and healthy life. Like surrealism, dream visions show you your mind’s creative potential. They hold meanings that are not necessarily straightforward. In this case, your subconscious is enlightening you about your declining health through an animal attack.

Attacking a mad woman

Beating a mad woman in the dream.

Dreaming about having a physical altercation with a strange woman can indicate a possibility of losing your advantage in an upcoming competition due to your inability to keep secrets, usually your strong points, to yourself. Coming across mentally unstable people, and, in this case, attacking one, could represent an impending conflict that might prove difficult to handle unless you manage not to reveal your wild cards too soon.

Snakes attacking

The image of attacking snakes in the dream realm is often a harbinger of misfortune. This mysterious symbol is often linked to being targeted by those who dislike or are jealous of you in reality. Their aim in attacking you is to either ruin your plans for success or gain an unfair advantage over you in future endeavors. You should tread lightly if you see this symbol in your dreams. Be very cautious with whom you trust your work and share your confidences.

Being attacked by a jealous man

I dreamt that during a dispute over a woman by her jealous man and myself, he started attacking me physically continuously and I picked up a gun off the ground and shoot him with the said firearm, but he wasn't dead the first time. He then attacked me again with a knife during which I shot him several times with the revolver and he subsequently died of his wounds.

Dreaming of being accused of adultery mirrors unfounded accusations you may be facing in reality. Some colleagues may be threatened by your talent and unjustly point fingers at you for mistakes you did not commit. As such, shooting and eventually killing the man in your dream is actually an auspicious message. This vision alludes to the upcoming realizations of your goals and long-time aspirations. You may soon get the chance to reap the rewards of your hard work and determination, or you may finally reach a great conclusion to a project you have been working on.

Snake attack

Dreaming of a snake attack, such as being bitten, can imply a tense or dangerous situation in your waking life. Generally, the bite of the snake is a threat to your sense of safety or security. In a spiritual sense, this reptile can be a symbol of transformation or rebirth. Moreover, it is possible that someone in your life is causing you harm or threatening your well-being. If you were lucid in the dream, then you have the power to confront and overcome this challenge. In essence, you should take action to protect yourself and your life from negative influences.

Being attacked at the workplace

Began by being followed by someone who used to be a friend. Then, wound up at work where I was asked to run errands but one of my work friends whom I have some feelings for wanted to come with me. On the way, we ended up holding hands and joking around. Then, we wound up in the basement of the building which ended up being a dark maze of rooms. We wound up at a dead end. Then we were attacked by a psychotic man with half a face who trapped us in the room. I was the only one who escaped. (Female).

Finding yourself at your place of work while in a dream vision could reflect some internal stress you are under in reality, most likely from your job or your relationship with your co-worker. The affectionate way you held hands and joked with each other could predict an upcoming event or set of circumstances that surprise and shock you. Even if it is a good surprise, however, it could lead to some complications. For example, your co-worker may reveal that they also have feelings for you, which may seem positive in terms of you love life but may cause trouble for your career or working conditions if others find out. Escaping from the psychotic man in the maze could mean you would find a way to overcome these challenges, but you may have to give up something you care about in order to do so.

Being attacked by someone in a cabin

My girlfriend is the main person in the dream. And dreams don't ever really make sense, but in this one, we were in a cabin-like building, but the inside was an office. And we just kinda hung out there and then it was nighttime, and I went to an office next door and some security dude was there and he attacked me. But he wasn't a human. I ran out and started my truck and then ran inside to get my girlfriend, and just told her to get to the truck and don't ask any questions and we were running to the truck and the dude was running towards it too and I took out his legs.

Both images of being inside unfamiliar places and being attacked by a complete stranger point to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business, or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes could be as trivial as shifting the position of things at home, or as grand as kicking a bad habit, like smoking, or changing your sleeping patterns due to a revised work schedule or a completely new job. The notions of running away from the stranger, and if you felt in the dream as if you were able to escape, could also mean avoiding becoming involved in a risky or fraudulent activity which could otherwise undermine your existing relationship either with someone special in your life or within your family circle.

Attacked by a dog with family around

I dreamt of opening our front door and a brown dog jumped on me and I ended up on my back, I could not move to scream and cry for help. The dog was just lying on top of me, no barking, no licking. My late grandma was in the dream, my mom and aunt. I woke up crying. What does that mean?

Since the dog didn't seem to attack you, this scene could be interpreted as a sign of a pleasant surprise you might experience shortly. Your deceased grandmother in the dream symbolizes a safe place or an emotional shelter from problems you may be experiencing in your day to day life. The surprise is quite likely related to something pleasantly unexpected which could help you take your mind off the things presently bothering you or making your life hectic.

Watching someone being attacked

Watching someone else get attacked in a dream vision is often an allusion to becoming victim of gossip and rumors in reality. Just as you have nothing to do with the attack taking place, so do Jungian sources suggest that your suffering is not your fault. If you stepped in to help the injured man or woman, it could mean you would be able to fend off or at least mitigate the damage done against you. However, if you ignored the attack or even joined in, it could mean you would make the problem worse by reacting in a provoking way.

Attacked by a dog

Being attacked by a dog during the course of a dream vision portends trouble and misfortune in wake life. Your enemies may be working against you, plotting ways to make your day to day life difficult. Alternatively, you may meet resistance from parents or other authority figures when you are trying to assert yourself or follow your own path.

Attacked by a politician

I dreamt a politician was obsessively sucking on my left hand and I couldn't get him off. There was excessive saliva, he said "Nice jumper" and then attacked me.

Dreaming of a politician sucking on your hand suggests that those who have power over you are trying to take advantage of their position to get things from you that they normally would not have access to. These could be tangible benefits, like a cut of your salary or use of your items, or they could be intangible, for example, your loyalty or discretion. In either case, you may have difficulty getting back in control of your life, and the situation is likely to only get worse the longer you let it go on.

Animals attacking you

A vision of different types of animals attacking you is a projection of your fears about the world. Your past trauma probably made you cautious about making new friends and your defense mechanism is to distrust others. The type of animals coming after you will give you more specific metaphors about the threats in your life. An angry dog might be a family member, while an aggressive cat could be a female nemesis. In general, however, an animal attack involves society at large. It seems you view the world as a violent and cutthroat world, hence you have to be ruthless to survive.

People dressed in black trying to attack

I'm in the driveway down the road which has a metal building. I was looking for my dogs and they stay down the road at this house (trailer or shop). I was calling my dogs to get into the car with my son. Then I saw 4 guys dressed all in black coming straight toward me, I was trying to get back into the car before they came where I was, and I asked my son to call the police and he said he couldn't because someone had it. They were there right beside me surrounding the car and not saying a word and no faces that I could see. They were forcing me not to get into the car, and then I woke up.

Becoming a victim of some kind of an assault in a dream could be a warning. You presently should be very watchful of your enemies, adversaries, competitors or people who simply dislike you. They could be trying to interfere with your current plans, activities or wishes. The attackers seemed to be faceless. This could be a sign of their feeling of envy and pretense. The attackers did not actually exert any physical violence. Yet, they scared you and forced you into your car, alongside your son. This could suggest that this individual or individuals could about to strike. Alternatively, they could be forcing you to move, for example, into a different house or job, or change your ideas and perspectives about something. These changes could affect your loved ones who are symbolized in your dream by your dogs and your son. You also tried to call the police for help, but you were unable to reach them. This could reveal that no support or help can be offered to you during these difficult times. Alternatively, it could also mean that no one might be available or interested in helping you. For example, you dogs failed to show up in this dream. This reinforces the latter interpretation. Overall, this dream vision translates a fearful and frightened state. You are most likely not quite aware of its source or what could be causing you such anxiety, hence, you subconsciously projected this fear or possible threat to your well-being onto multiple faceless attackers.

Being attacked three times in a row

Three dreams in one month. All three have dilapidated houses that won't keep danger out. In the first dream, I was attacked by hoodlums. Second, I was attacked by wolves. Third, I was attacked by a lion. All three, no person would help me.

The dilapidated houses in your dreams allude to a lack of security in your waking world. You may be emotionally unstable or your life could be characterized by doubts and insecurities in every aspect of it, including your financial situation. Bandits and hoodlums breaching the house represent anticipated financial difficulties. The wolves and the lions represent adversaries and enemies who are out to bring you down. Your dream warns you not to be too trusting and keep your wits about you so that others would not take advantage of you.

Being part of attack force

Being part of an attack force shows you that you will act with assertiveness when it comes to your cheating partner. If you catch your loved one cheating on you, this tells you that you will react proactively and face the problem head on. You will be able to solve whatever is the problem between the two of you and turn the situation favorably to your advantage.

Attacked by a mob and brother giving money

I was homeless and found a nice quiet space to reflect and have peace on a dumpster. Some loud unruly boys came up and I asked them to watch their language. They turned angry and began to attack me. The group kept growing larger and taking turns hitting me. Before I knew it, I was being attacked by a mob of angry black teenagers. In real life, I am a middle-aged black woman over 50. Earlier tonight, I dreamt my brother was giving a green American $80 bill! 2 complete different dreams.

Being homeless in the dream world is normally associated with disappointment in reality. Being near a dumpster normally suggests being the victim of ill gossip or having your friends turn against you, but the quiet, peaceful sensation you felt may point more toward either an honest mistake on the part of your friend or that they are perhaps doing things you disagree with. In either case, the angry mob of unruly boys represents growing anxiety during this period. It seems you are very worried about this individual and what they are doing with their life. Perhaps you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with them to get this situation sorted. This matches perfectly with your other vision of receiving eighty dollars, a symbol associated with having a kind and generous nature. You have a knack for giving of yourself for the benefit of others, and this friend would certainly benefit from your kind aid.

Attacked by naked parents in the bathroom

I dreamed that I was sitting on the toilet and I'm sure that I did lock the door. Then my dad and mom walked in, they were both naked. My dad started to spray "Raid" (ant and roach killer) on my face and body. He kept yelling "There's rats in here!". But I never saw any! He also kept telling me "Hurry up, we want to shower!" I kept yelling "Jose, Jose, Jose" for my husband to come to help me, but he never came to the restroom! Jose woke me up!

Using the toilet in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of trying to rid yourself of other people's misconceptions and perceptions about you. Other people may believe you have not changed over the years, but the truth is that you have become very different and no longer want to be treated the same way. This is further supported by the image of your parents trying to kill bugs around you, which symbolizes other people meddling in your life, perhaps influencing you to be or act a certain way. Calling out for your husband indicates your trust and reliance on your spouse, suggesting that he understands the true you. However, it may take more time and effort to convince those who are not as close to you as your husband.

Followed by men and attacked by lion cubs

I was at my sister's house looking for clothes to go to church. 3 men waiting for me outside. They walked with me. Then I start running, one man runs with me, but he fell from a hill. Then I saw a white lion sitting with its back to me. Then I saw 2 cubs and 1 trying to attack me. I throw sand in his eyes. I woke up then.

Being with an unfamiliar group of men suggests finding yourself in unusual and unexpected circumstances shortly. This has likely been brought about by your own doing, which is seen in the symbol of the white lion and cubs. This particular sign points toward having higher expectations than what you are currently capable of achieving. In essence, you may be surprised to learn that things are not going the way you want to because you have not yet acquired the skills or practical experience necessary to be successful.

Attacked while on the road and giving birth

Was travelling on a gravel road when I was attacked by strange men and the person dreamt that I was giving birth to my son, who is 20 years of age and then died.

Gravel roads, when seen in dream visions, portend the beginning of a new journey or endeavor in your life. This could be the start of a new phase, like moving house or changing jobs, or it may be related to a long-planned project beginning to take off. In either case, the bumpy path created by the gravel suggests your course of action may be challenging, but the reward is likely worth the effort. This is supported by the image of the strange men who attack, which also points toward hardship and adversary. However, the powerful image of giving birth predicts your efforts are to be fruitful and bring happiness and prosperity to your life.

Being attacked by a female stranger

I am sitting in my mom's house, my daughter is there sitting in the dining room in a highchair. Someone rings the doorbell and I think to myself "Turn the highchair around so that her back is facing the door because this person is going to try to kill you". So the doorbell rings and my cousin Melissa answers the door and the person shoots her, I hear the scream, so I grab a knife off the counter. The woman comes to me and says "The name Kenley should sound familiar to you" and tries to stab me. I awake.

Hearing the doorbell ring and knowing someone wants to get inside is an ominous symbol suggesting the development of major difficulties in your life, particularly dangerous situations or events in which the outcome could have seriously negative consequences should you fail. This is also supported by the sounds of the gun firing and your cousin being shot, both images associated with danger and victimization. The knife predicts material loss in addition to feelings of emotional trauma, meaning you should be prepared for the worst in regards to both your physical well-being as well as your state of mind.

Being attacked after taking a shower

What does it mean when you come from the shower and someone jumps through my window and attacks me.

A dream about being attacked by someone has negative connotations. It portends being physically assaulted by an evil individual in wake life, much like you were in the vision. However, the attack could also signify an emotional offense by someone you know. Make sure you stay away from malevolent people and avoid getting into circumstances which could spell trouble for you.

Being attacked by rednecks

Dreaming of getting chased in your sleep by someone is a common symbol of worries you have in the actual world, which are taking a toll on your well-being. Yet, if a specific group of people, such as rednecks or the minority of your nation, are chasing you, this could suggest that you tend to have stereotypes of people. You are likely to compare people to those you see in magazines because of your standards. Because of this, you are missing the most significant aspect of their whole personality.